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SMD Photonics Asia

SMD Photonics Asia are specialized in LED Lighting Solutions with strong customer project reference profile in Malaysia. We offer a Complete Range of LED Lights Products to cater for any Household, Commercial and Industrial Lightings, such as Led Tube T8/T5 Light, Led Panel Light, Led Bulb, Led Down Light, Led Surface Light, Led Track Light, Led Wall Light, Led Strip Light, Led Staircase Light, Led Garden Light, Led Ground/Floor Light, Led Flood Light, Led High Bay Light, Led Street Light, and Led Bollard Light. Customization of Led Lights options are also available with Terms and Conditions applies. You may visit our Website or Contact Us directly for more information and assistance. Thank You.

Ebroad Media Sdn Bhd

We are LED Lighting manufacturer whom produce high quality LED product with wide ranging from Bulb, Downlight, Tube series, Highbay, Floodlight etc. We also provide LED Display board and printing signboard with strategied location for commercial advertising.

Era Intan Resources

Evolux Asia Sdn Bhd

Specialized in LED Lightings ranging from LED Bulbs, LED Downlights, LED Candle Light, LED Corn Bulbs, LED Spotlights, LED Flood Lights, LED High Bay Lights, LED Street Lamps, LED Motion Sensor Lights and etc.

Hibikii Global Sdn Bhd.

Hibikii had presence in Malaysia since the late 2009. The business activities on Hibikii Global Group of companies start with audio products. Music is one of the hallmarks of being-human. Without music, life would be a mistake. Hibikii's essence is to deliver music -anywhere, anywhere via a highly distinctive and exclusive range of audio products that combines technological excellence with fashion. Let the beauty of HIBIKII seduce you, and let yourself be mesmerized by the outstanding technology on which HIBIKII products are based. Driving the GREEN effort further HIBIKII have founded LED lighting products for environmental friendly use since early 2010. As lighting play an important role to everyone in this world which it will affect peopl...

ItraMAS Technology Sdn Bhd

Q-RAY™ LED lighting products bring you high performance lighting that is energy efficient, cost saving and environment friendly. Whether it is for home, office, retail, industrial or outdoor use, Q-RAY™ is simply a brilliant choice. Range of LED lighting products : LED Bulb, LED Downlight, LED MR-16 Bulb, LED T8 Tube, LED Desk Lamp, LED Street Light

Labyrinth Network

LED Manufacturer, LED Wholesale Supplier, Energy Saving Solution, Compact Remote System (CRS) via Power line & GSM/GPRS

LED Vision Sdn Bhd

We at LedVision have been practising our knowledge in the semiconductor and LED industry for the past 13 years. Our projects have went through all the phases of LED since 2000. We keep upgrading our products and knowledge through partnerships with the industry leaders. We also provide consultations on LED technology applications for retail outlets, consumer stores, shopping malls, street lighting, display applications, decorative lighting and also illumination design for residential units.

Lighthouse Solar & Lighting Sdn Bhd

LIGHTHOUSE SOLAR & LIGTHING Sdn Bhd specialized in Light-Energy-Engineering. We help home owners, retail oulet owners, interior designers, developers, contractors, facility managers by providing them SMART, COOL, TRENDY, yet ENERGY EFFICIENT, ECO-FRIENDLY solutions through enabling technologies such as LED Lighting, Energy Efficient Lighting, Special effect lighting, Mood Lighting, Energy Saving Solution, Solar Energy Solutions, Smart Home Solutions, CCTV & Security Solutions. Let's latest technologies enhance your home, your retail shops, your business.

Muhibah Konsortium Holdings

Hi, I'm Kash from Muhibah Konsortium Holdings snd bhd. Local road safety manufacturer. Please feel free to call us to quote for best price 0123214779. We locally manufacture solar amber light, solar double arrow, solar chevron, solar bridge panel, solar single arrow, solar guardrail delineator (new in market-own innovative product). We playing role as manufacture and providing traffic management as well including planning and implementation. other safety products can refer to our website at please call me for special price at 0123214779. thanks, Prakash

NexusLED Green Technology Sdn Bhd

Design and manufacture of LED lighting products such as LED Street Lights, LED Low Bay Lights, LED Flood Lights Solar Powered LED Street Lights, LED Tube Lights and LED light modules for signage

Pentalight Technology Sdn Bhd

We are the manufacturer in patented LED lighting system, i. e. T8 light tubes, smart T8 light tubes, MR16, PAR30, PAR38, smart LED light bulbs etc, with the highest unmatchable performance and safety standards that meet local and international certifications. Our patented smart technology is guaranteed to provide up to 85% from fluorescent based lighting and 92% from incandescent based lighting system. Our philosophy is simple: The cheapest best technology from tomorrow is delivered to you today. We provide consultation and project financing to expedite the lighting project. Please contact us for further details.

PFG Ventures Resources (M) Sdn Bhd

LED manufacturer and expertise in providing energy saving solutions & consultation services

Radiant Trade Sdn Bhd

Manufacturer of LED Lighting, Wholesaler LED Lighting (T8, Bulb, Downlight, Highbay, Flood Light, Street Light, Smart Home Lighting. . . )

Retro Wizard Sdn Bhd

Seventech Global sdn bhd

Seventech is the group company of Lights 7, our Hq is based in Hong Kong and manufacturing plant is in Shenzhen. We are specialize in LED product such as Spotlight, Downlight, Decor Light, Street Lights, Tunnel Lights & Flood Lights. Our lights are CE and ROHS compliance to provide international standard and Quality Assured. Lights 7 only used genuine and reliable LED chip from top Semiconductor Manufacturer in World such as CREE Chip form US, EDISON Chip from Taiwan & SSC Chip from Korea. Beside that we are also looking for Local distributor or business partner or any other business to business opporturnities. Lights 7 bring life for hopes.


TQLEDS. com is a 1-Stop Comprehensive LED Lighting Solutions Provider in Malaysia to serve not only the local market but caters for global demand too . TQLEDS. com offers an ideal online shopping mall where our members can choose from a long list of product selection right from the comfort and convenience of their locations at anytime, anyplace and anywhere. Our goal is to build a long term relationship as your LED Lighting Solutions Preferred Supplier by providing top quality products and service that exceeds your expectations. We serve a broad range of customers and applications for Train Stations, Airports, Bus Stations, Underground Tunnels, Underground Waters, Shopping Malls, Transports & Logistics, Factories, Commercial Buildings, etc

Apex Opto Technology

Hutec Sdn Bhd

LED Products

Jenson Signage

My Sign Enterprise Sdn Bhd

NY BrighTech Technology

Polyled Sdn Bhd

Powermicro Technology Sdn Bhd

Synergy Gallery

Technica Systems

Top Ledtronics

Vivo De Light Trading Sdn Bhd

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