Renewable Energy Site Survey and Assessment Businesses in Nepal

Ecoprise Bio Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - Energy Study Centre [ESC] - Gham Power Nepal Private Limited - Kathmandu Power Company Pvt Ltd. - Krishna Grill & Engineering Works (Pvt. ) Ltd. - Mirlung Electro-Mech Concern (MEC) - SunShine Energy Private Limited - AG Power Company Pvt. Limited - Green Energy Nepal - Parasnath Traders -

Ecoprise Bio Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

ECOPRISE is a national leader in clean energy services and energy efficient technologies. We make available clean energy and energy efficient technologies to homeowners, businesses, non-profits and government organizations at affordable cost. We are DIFFERENT Founded in 2010, ECOPRISE has hundreds of customers in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Kavre and Chitwan. We are a for-profit social enterprise registered with Government of Nepal (GoN) under Company Act 1991. ECOPRISE simultaneously fulfills public duties and develop commercial market activities to generate economic, environmental and social impact through products and services that are sustainability-focused. Our model is designed around the scaled distribution of services and techno...

Energy Study Centre [ESC]

ESC is an Forum of Engineers and Experts for Research, Test, Development of Wind Turbines. We have successfully completed number of projects. With straight focus on Wind Energy Technology. Our relationship with our clients is based on hard work, friendly environment & time value. Our service/project includes Wind Turbine System, Project Reporting & Technical Analysis. Our mission is to implement Sustainable Power Generation that benefits directly to Remote villages, Cities & the Environment of Nepal. We want to explore Wind Energy to aid the government for Reducing Carbon-dioxide(climate change) & Energy Crisis in Nepal. Turbines are Coming!

Gham Power Nepal Private Limited

World's #1-ranked solar technology now available in Nepal to tackle load-shedding. Gham Power Solar PV systems run lights, tv, computer, and even heavier appliances like water pump and fridge.

Kathmandu Power Company Pvt Ltd.

Krishna Grill & Engineering Works (Pvt. ) Ltd.

Mirlung Electro-Mech Concern (MEC)

Mirlung Electro-Mech Concern (MEC) is a Nepalâ s pioneer and fastest growing wind-solar power company. MEC has developed to meet the increasing demand of wind-solar power, its study, research, products and solutions. MEC has been giving continuous effort for this sector by providing commitment to the customers to develop into a market leader in providing wind energy solutions and solar energy works. MEC has carried out various studies, designing, preparing bid and tender documents, providing construction supervision, installation large no's of wind turbines & wind mast towers in Nepal. MEC has build more than 100's of pure solar powered backup system in Nepal. MEC with its in-house and pool of professional engineers, administrators, econo...

SunShine Energy Private Limited

1. Solar Home Systems for remote villages. 2. Institutional Solar PV Systems for remote schools, health posts, offices. 3. Solar PV water pumping systems. 4. Solar PV Modules for telecommunication/VSAT systems for far remote areas. 5. Solar fencing6. Solar Vaccine refrigerator. 7. solar Street Light. Diversified products in reliable qualities and affordable price.

AG Power Company Pvt. Limited

Green Energy Nepal

we are sharp, plaza, tatabp solar PV, solar street light system, DC fan, DC home light, DC bulb, DC water pump, solar water pump, charge controller, solar battery & hybrids solar inverter supplier

Parasnath Traders

We are in solar business from 4years and have more than 1, 00, 000 clients in Nepal.

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