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JDR Cable Systems B. V.

Solland Solar Cells BV

Solland Solar develops and produces standard and special solar cells that convert light / sunlight into electricity. Solland Solar is located on the border between Germany and The Netherlands. The production capacity is expected to expand from 60 MWp per year in 2007 to 500 MWp per year in 2010. Solland supplies to the Business to Business market only, i. e. to solar module producers and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) that integrate its cells into OEM products.

Lemnis Lighting

Lemnis Lighting focuses on sustainable lighting solutions based on LED technology.

CSB Battery

As a one of the world-leading manufacturers and exporters of VRLA batteries, CSB Battery combines its expertise and excellent sales and marketing skills to produce various kind of high quality, attractively priced batteries Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) batteries. CSB Battery's products are utilized in over 52 countries in UPS, telecommunications, emergency lighting, security and more.

Scheuten Solar Solutions BV

Scheuten Solar actively contributes to the use of renewable energy by providing high quality solar solutions. We cooperate with professional partners to offer total energy solutions that meet the highest standards and fit local requirements. In the end it is our ultimate goal to support people in their ambition to bring sustainable energy into their homes and businesses.

GiraSolar BV

Advantech Europe BV

Advantech is dedicated to exploring new technologies for the power and energy industry. With an edge in the research and design of industrial products, Advantech provides rugged and highly reliable system components that are not only environmentally friendly, but also power efficient with control technology enabled by intelligent software. Advantechâ s products can be applied to various power and energy markets, including: renewable solar and wind power generation, nuclear simulation, substation automation systems, electrical car charging station solutions, and building energy saving systems. On the other hand, power & energy applications are becoming more and more critical as demand for electricity continues to increase worldwid...

Asko Nederland

At Asko, we're serious about the environment. Which is why we engineer our washers to use as few as 11 gallons per load, compared to an average of 47 for top-loading, agitator washers. That's a savings of about 15,000 gallons a year. Good news for the earth and for your water bill too. Asko also saves space, fitting neatly under counters of into closets. It's the result of Swedish design that combines compact exteriors with full-capacity stainless steel interiors. Plus a unique washing and rinsing system that produces noticeably cleaner, fresher smelling clothes.

ASM International N. V.


Averinox produces for several years spiralbelts. These belt are used in the sludge dewatering industry. We produce high quality belts, with low prices and high service.

Bakker Magnetics

Manufacturer of Magnetic materials and systems. Know-how and tools available to develope magnetic systems in coorperation with customer. Available materials: Ferrite, SmCo, NdFeB, Alnico and Bonded materials.

BE Semiconductor Industries N. V.

Beaut Solar

Blade Wind Tech

The Blade Wind Tech company is a Dutch company specialized in designing and manufacturing small wind turbines. We work on different technologies, horizontal or vertical, low or high power, in order to propose a solution to any project.



Creative Lighting Solutions is an innovative Dutch manufacturer and distributor of LED lighting products. CLS is part of a group of companies that have experience for more then 18 years in the entertainment & architectural lighting markets. Therefore we have clear vision of products that are desired by both designers, architects as well as end-users. Our range of products contains LED solutions for a number of applications. You will find solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications, products with static or RGB colours, products for both entertainment lighting applications as well as products for architectural applications or real touring video wall solutions . Our products contain several types of LEDs. Depending on the application w...

DSM Advanced Surfaces B. V.

DSM Advanced Surfaces B. V. is a technology leader in the field of nano-structured sol gel coatings. For the photovoltaics industry it produces and sells Khepricoat™ anti-reflective coating for solar cover glass. The Khepricoat™ technology offers best-in-class light transmission levels boosting PV module efficiency and meeting all durability specifications. DSM licenses the Khepricoat™ technology to glass manufacturers and solar cover glass processors and can offer engineering and technical support services to start-up the glass coating production line.

Energy Guard BV

Eurotron B. V.

Fortis Wind Energy

Fortis Facts: Our competence is to design, manufacture and install turnkey Wind & Solar as Hybrid solutions for remote power supply in isolated areas. The power supply is based on Solar Modules & Small Wind Turbines. A combination of different but complementary energy generation sources. The output of the system for appliances is in DC/AC loads or both. Off-Grid systems can be supplied with integrated storage options by a Battery Bank and/or DC cooling for extreme environmental conditions. Adding a Genset (fossil-fuel backup generator), used as a backup power supply, guarantees a non-stop supply of energy. All systems can be monitored locally & remotely (via GSM & web-based solutions).

GE4ALL Innovation Technology

Hefra Rotterdam-VMF Battery

Hetronix Europe BV

The Next Generation of Real WindEnergy is Now ! KEITH_2K is the Premier WindTurbine manufactured by Hetronix Group of Companies Highest WindPower yield, State-of-the-art Technologies & Aestetic Cool. KEITH_2K is a 3 blade design (HAWT, 2. 5 meter in diameter) WindTurbine that provides up to 4. 000kWh p/year electricity for Business & Home use. Enjoy absolute efficiency, reliability and safety with our Top Quality WindTurbine range. With 3 HETRONIX Offices worldwide we are at your service.

Hukseflux Thermal Sensors

Hukseflux is a leading manufacturer and supplier of solar radiation sensors for solar radiation measurement, compliant with the latest ISO and WMO standards. We are a market leader of top-accuracy instruments and supply OEM customers and the scientific community. Our product range for applications such as solar energy / PV system monitoring and meteorology includes pyranometers (measuring global solar radiation) and pyrheliometers (measuring direct solar radiation).

Independent Solar Systems B. V.

Kipp & Zonen B. V.

Kipp & Zonen is the world-wide specialist in the measurement of solar radiation. We offer a range of instruments for the measurement of global, diffuse and direct radiation. From our world class CMP 22 pyranometer to our low end SP Lite2, we offer a solution for every requirement. Kipp & Zonen have been designing and manufacturing solar radiation measurements equipment for over 75 years and supplies leading meteorology and climatology organisations, research institutes and energy companies around the globe. Our experience in meteorology and climatology has resulted in the best solar radiation measurement instruments available. New from Kipp & Zonen: Smart SMP Pyranometers with enhanced performance by digital processing, RS485 with Modbus pr...

Lagotronics B.V.

Landport Europe

As one of the biggest importers in Europe, we have the complete program of motorcycle-, lawnmower- and jetski batteries which we supply to the most important factories and wholesalers all over Europe. We deliver the highest quality, produced by manufacturers who are only working for the OE market. We are able to supply batteries under Landport label as well as under private label.

Led4Work B. V.

Worldwide Distributors For UK Manufactured Led Lighting Solutions. High Quality Products from reputable sources. Components are sourced from mainland Europe. 10 year Manufacturer Warranty.

Lighting Science Group BV/ Eyeleds International

Eyeleds, professional super flat LED lighting for all kind of flooring, walls, ceilings indoor and outdoor. Eyeleds are offering complete new design options to every interior. Easy to install in carpet, tiles, parquet, wood, natural stone, stone carpets.

Machinefabriek van de Weert Helmond b. v.

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