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Hukseflux Thermal Sensors

Hukseflux is a leading manufacturer and supplier of solar radiation sensors for solar radiation measurement, compliant with the latest ISO and WMO standards. We are a market leader of top-accuracy instruments and supply OEM customers and the scientific community. Our product range for applications such as solar energy / PV system monitoring and meteorology includes pyranometers (measuring global solar radiation) and pyrheliometers (measuring direct solar radiation).

Kipp & Zonen B. V.

Kipp & Zonen is the world-wide specialist in the measurement of solar radiation. We offer a range of instruments for the measurement of global, diffuse and direct radiation. From our world class CMP 22 pyranometer to our low end SP Lite2, we offer a solution for every requirement. Kipp & Zonen have been designing and manufacturing solar radiation measurements equipment for over 75 years and supplies leading meteorology and climatology organisations, research institutes and energy companies around the globe. Our experience in meteorology and climatology has resulted in the best solar radiation measurement instruments available. New from Kipp & Zonen: Smart SMP Pyranometers with enhanced performance by digital processing, RS485 with Modbus pr...

Mastervolt International

Mastervolt is a dutch company specialized in the grid connected and autonomous renewable energy market. Since the introduction of the Sunmaster product range sales are booming: with the introduction of the New Soladin and Sunmaster Grid connected Inverters Mastervolt is a recognised company with a worldwide service network and an excellent support department.

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