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Business Names Starting with S

Solar Energy Advanced Power Systems Limited - Shaybis Nigeria Ltd - Somotex Nigeria Limited - S'orun D'ina Naija Solar Systems - Scrool Consultants - Sectronics Intl. Ltd - Seun Industries - Shades Solar - Siman Engineering Limited - Skylit Tech Co. - Solar Energy Advanced Power Systems Limited - Solar House Systems Limited, - Solar Wizard Nigeria Ltd - Solar World L'Afric Ltd - Solarmate Engineering Limited - Solaroid Energy - Solarstation Nigeria Ltd. - Solex Energy Services Ltd. - Solidlight Limited - Sprouting Root Integrated Services Ltd. - Sunsolar International Ltd - Swillas Engineering Limited - Symtech Network Limited - System Trust (ict) Limited - Sabadel Solar System (Nig) Ltd - Sinusoids Engineering Systems - So Paid International Co Ltd. - Solar Electric Systems Ltd - Solar Energy Advanced Power System Ltd - - Sonnekraft Technologies Ltd - Staad Electrical Systems Limited. -

Solar Energy Advanced Power Systems Limited

We import/install/design solar hybrid systems, electrical back up systems, deep cycle batteries, solar street lighting systems, repair/maintenace of inverters (online/offline), sales & service of grant power inverters.

Shaybis Nigeria Ltd

âŘĘBusiness type: Design, supply and installation of solar renewable energyâŘĘProduct types: solar street lighting systems, solar telecommunications power systems, solar freezers, solar water pumping systems, solar tracking systems, microwave radio, electrical, electronics supply and installation

Somotex Nigeria Limited

Exclusive country partner for Su-kam range of products -inverter, online ups, solar solution & Havells -Switch gears ( change overs, Breakers, Gear switch, Distribution Board) Lighting solution, solar solution

S'orun D'ina Naija Solar Systems

S'orun D'ina Naija Solar Systems is a solar design/installation business in Lagos. Still relying on government electricity? We can design and sell you enough power to be self sufficient. If we don't stock what you need, we will get it for you. We also entertain hire/purchase deals and installment payments.

Scrool Consultants

Scrool Consultants is a full line disposal company (Toxic/ battery waste)etc. For over 6 years, Scrool Consultants has worked with industries, disposing toxic waste products, programs and procedures designed to protect the quality of our customers products through the implementation of responsible and comprehensive disposal and sanitation programs.

Sectronics Intl. Ltd

Sectronics International Limited is a leading and professional Security Equipment Company with head office in Lagos, Nigeria. With over 10 Years in this business, we are now specialist in researching and development of new technologies and ideas for effective implementation per individual and corporate needs. We at Sectronics International Ltd have successfully deployed equipment of known brands in Security and Surveillance, Renewable Energy products as well as Bespoke Sectronics Branded products

Seun Industries

Importer and Wholesale distributor of Deka Automotive and Gel deep cycle batteries

Shades Solar

Meeting your needs at your taste

Siman Engineering Limited

Skylit Tech Co.

Welcome to the future.

Solar Energy Advanced Power Systems Limited

Our eighteen years experience in the field of alternative power management products guarantees you a world class product, backed by a nationwide network of after sales services. once our solar systems are installed, we stay to maintain the technology. product demonstration is our level of confidence in our products, please call for it, it is free.

Solar House Systems Limited,

We are renewable energy experts with special interest in solar energy power back up systems such as inverters and ups,

Solar Wizard Nigeria Ltd

Solar Wizard Nigeria is the No. 1 solar company in Nigeria, we have over 20 years experience in the renewable energy industry, We represent some of the finest brands in the world. We offer best price, highquality and fast delivery . Our clients includes: Energy Commission of Nigeria. Min of Urban Development. Min of Environment. United Nations. etc We have handled wellover 8, 000 projects across Africa

Solar World L'Afric Ltd

SOLAR WORLD LAFRIC LTD OFFERS:- The latest in solar technology, - Affordable prices- transportation to your doorstep anywhere in Nigeria within 48hours - free - discount on items and services from now till September- warranty on our items. . . .

Solarmate Engineering Limited

Power solutions provider.

Solaroid Energy

Sales and Installation of solar panels, batteries, inverter and other efficient energy appliances

Solarstation Nigeria Ltd.

We offer solar home system sets of various capacities, solar modules, solar charge controller, sine wave inverters, solar water pumping technologies, components for DC lighting, small wind generators and solar refrigerators. Our solar systems are tailored on the specific needs of our customers.

Solex Energy Services Ltd.

Solex was formed in 2004 and has rapidly become the world leader in solar outdoor lighting. Solex has offices around the globe from the USA to Africa and China. We are the world leader for solar powered lights for highways, streets, parking lots, pathways, and other lighting applications that function independently of the electrical grid. Reliability, security and safety, as well as little maintenance are the greatest benefits of Solex solar lighting. No other solar lighting company in the world has installed as many solar street lights or as many large projects as Solex.

Solidlight Limited

Solidlight Limited is a leading source of alternative energy solutions for homes and offices. We provide free consultation to customers to establish their requirements and upgrade their energy efficiency. Please visit our showroom or website today.

Sprouting Root Integrated Services Ltd.

Sales and installation of all green energy solution equipment like inverters, solar panels, solar water heater, solar street light, deep cycle batteries, charge controllers, dc and ac energy saving bulbs.

Sunsolar International Ltd

Swillas Engineering Limited

SWILLAS ENGINEERING LIMITED is an indigenous Engineering company, located at 31, Airport Road, by Old Airport, Effurun-Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. In partnership with our foreign technical partners we are capable of providing solar power supply for Residential buildings. We have over five﴾5﴿ years of practical field experience. We are involved in the engineering design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of solar powered inverters for Residential buildings and industrial applications. With the aid of our foreign technical partners, we are capable of carrying out the following activities and operation in the solar powered inverters/systems. * Design * Manufacture *Installation *Maintenance.

Symtech Network Limited


System Trust (ict) Limited

SystemTrust (ICT) Limited -Power Division - is the leading provider of backup power solutions and renewable energy services in Nigeria. SystemTrust distribute, install and support high quality pure sine wave Online Inverters, Online UPS, AVR, Solar, Air Cooler, and other energy-efficient products. Homes, Offices, Elevators, Datacentres, Bank ATMs, Telecoms Sites continue to rely of SystemTrust for their backup power needs in order to guarantee business continuity and comfort. SystemTrust offers the most competitive prices and best quality in the market, supported by excellent customer service.

Sabadel Solar System (Nig) Ltd

Sinusoids Engineering Systems

Auto change-over panels, GSM genstart/stop, automated overhead tank level control, Solar panels & accessories, deep cycle batteries, inverters.

So Paid International Co Ltd.

Our business is built on trust and good service delivery. we try to make renewable energy not too expensive but at the same time keeping standard of our components high.

Solar Electric Systems Ltd

Solar Energy Advanced Power System Ltd

Alternative power generation and distribution, sales of inverters, deep cycle batteries, ups, solar panels, charge controllers e. T. C.

Solar Power Technologies Nigeria Limited

Sonnekraft Technologies Ltd

Sonnekraft-the alternative energy providers

Staad Electrical Systems Limited.

*suggesting suitable inverters and batterris. *installations*suggesting suitable solar panel and charge controller *time to time maitenance works*sales consultant. *internet and intercomms. *security devices and satelite communication. *electrical installation in building.

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