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Hydro Energy Michal Twardziszewski

The company Hydro Energy Michael Twardziszewski, uses the many years of family experience in the field of Small Hydropower. We produce Kaplan turbines and Pelton turbine with parameters on a global level. We approach each project individually and with a focus on maximum efficiency. We produce vertical, horizontal and oblique Kaplan turbine. Modern oblique Kaplan turbine is an ideal solution for low and medium-low heads, where the vertical turbine assembly is difficult to correct positioning of the suction pipe. We are the only manufacturer Pelton turbines in Poland. Innovative solutions Pelton turbines using up to six nozzles. We use technology very well suited for low heads up to 250 m. Currently, our Pelton turbines are operational on a h...

EurobattSp zo. o.

We manufacture and distribute the Star 5 products of Consumer Batteries in three levels . . The AA / AAA / R14 / R20 & 9V Alkaline Plus - 5 Year shelf life, Max Power - 3 Years shelf Life. Our batteries have surpassed all the regular battery tests and the EBS & JBS (European battery Society & Japanese Battery Society) and we are manufactured confirming to stringent IS0 9000 standards. We have our distrubution and Logistic Setup here in Warsaw Poland and are conviently placed to distribute to any European Point under 72 hours. Do let us know your nature of business we would be delighted to co-operate at any willing oppurtunity. Hoping to build new business relationship with you.

PAM-Zdzislaw Niedzialek

Product types:air coolingsystems, air heating systems, energy efficient appliances, energy efficient homs and buildings, geothermal energy systems, heat exchangers, heatingpumps, water solar heating systems, water cooling systems, ventilation sysyem, recuperation systems.


Regess Energy offers high quality devices to produce energy with use of solar power: solar sets on flat plate and vacuum collectors, photovoltaic, heat pumps as well as pellet boilers and burners.

Regess Energy

We are a dynamic, fast growing company with years of experience in the Belgian, French, German and Polish market. We supply higest quality solar energy conversion systems.

CENTRA, S.A. EXIDE Technologies, NiCd Group


We are a wholesale import export trader of LED ligting. In our offer we keep floodlights, LED T8 tubes and especially hot sales LED slim panel downlights in favourable prices. We are open for a new contacts with a wholesale distribiutors and retailors. We offer quick delivery to the european countries using delivering company.

Electronic Power and Market

Faktor 3Designer

Hoppecke Baterie Polska Sp. z o.o.

InPrint Sp. z o.o.

New Power Consulting



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