Wind Energy Businesses in Poland

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Since the founding of www. modernhome. pl in 2007, we strive to promote LED lighting as a modern and energy - saving light source. We deliver "green", enviroment friendly solutions to our customers, while keeping their energy bills as low as possible. Our company offers services of design and sales of LED lighting in the form of LED lamps, fixtures, strips, bars, modules, and wall washers. Apart from that we are also offering solar powered street/garden lighting, independent from the grid. ModernHST cooperates with many manufacturers, always keen to expand our offer, we guarantee high quality of the products. Our customers are always provided with a custom-tailored solution that suits their needs.

Vent Energy Operator Sp. z o. o.

We are in charge of turn key solutions for wind farms/turbines from idea-2-running wind turbine/farm and after with whole maintenance/repairs for small and large wind turbines. Main activity is in Poland, but we are open to other markets.

Controlmatic Sp. Zo.o.

ISD Huta Czï stochowa Sp. z o. o.

ISD H. Cz. and his steel structure center produces elements for assembling towers in windmills, curved plates and large diameter tubes. Full production capabilities of precision cut plates allow us to complete our trade offer with multidimendional elements used in the production of pressure vessels and large diameter pipes. At a customer's request, we apply steel of high quality special grades. For many European windmill tower makers, we are a recognised supplier of elements used in constructing these products.

New Power Consulting


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