Renewable Energy Research and Development Businesses in Romania

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Looking for partner, we want to sell some % to an investor. Importer for: solar heating systems, wind turbines and photovoltaic systems. Six years experience in selling solar heating systems, stand alone installations with photovoltaic panels and small wind turbines. The best prices in Romania, the first quality. We are looking for partnership to develope our company and our activities.

Energo Eolian Romproiect

ENERGO EOLIAN ROMPROIECT Company is General Developer for Romania, for Renewable Energy Projects (Large Projects). Development and Implementation of Wind Energy Projects (Large Projects), Hydro Energy Projects (Large Projects) and Solar Energy Projects. Full Services and Support for your Business in Romania. Wind Energy Projects for Sale.


IBCO Energ is a Romanian private owned limited company (Ltd. ), established in 1999 with the mission of promoting renewable energy sources, through engineering and consultancy services, especially in the field of hydro-energy and wind energy but also other renewable energy. The company aims at sustaining both the hydro-energetic system functioning as well as the developments promoted by private investors, either by acquisitions of existing objectives or greenfield developments. Our team of professionals has a consistent expertise in the field and can offer you consultancy for practically all the stages required by the finalization of renewable energy projects. Our specialists prove flexibility and adaptability regarding the proposed solutio...

Petawatt Energia

Renewable Energy

Pfa - Veliciu Serban Dorin

The primary mission of our business is to map and monitor geothermal energy use in Romania and South-Eastern Europe. We have constructed an exhaustive GIS database, comprising subsurface temperature information from hundreds of deep well logs, thermal properties of rocks derived from laboratory measurements and geographic distribution of the terrestrial heat flow density values. Models of temperature vs. depth distribution can be delivered upon the request for geothermal heat pumps systems, hydro-geothermal systems as well as for enhanced geothermal system projects, regarding specific locations in the region.

RENN Consult

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SC Mangus Sol SRL

Supplier of integrated alternative energy solutions, incuding consultancy.


Notos Partners

Vlady Suntech Srl

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