Geothermal Energy System Businesses in Romania

ASA GeoExchange Contractor - ASETA EcoSol - Pfa - Veliciu Serban Dorin - SC Mangus Sol SRL - AMGOREX Ltd - Monsson Alma Srl -

ASA GeoExchange Contractor

World Leader in Large closed loop Geothermal HVAC Systems


Pfa - Veliciu Serban Dorin

The primary mission of our business is to map and monitor geothermal energy use in Romania and South-Eastern Europe. We have constructed an exhaustive GIS database, comprising subsurface temperature information from hundreds of deep well logs, thermal properties of rocks derived from laboratory measurements and geographic distribution of the terrestrial heat flow density values. Models of temperature vs. depth distribution can be delivered upon the request for geothermal heat pumps systems, hydro-geothermal systems as well as for enhanced geothermal system projects, regarding specific locations in the region.

SC Mangus Sol SRL

Supplier of integrated alternative energy solutions, incuding consultancy.


Monsson Alma Srl

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