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Technokomplex is a manufacturer and supplier of small scale pyrolysis plant ''Pirotex'' and auxiliary equipment for deep processing of derived products - pyrolysis carbon and liquid fuel - into commercial fractions. The small scale pyrolysis plant is certified for recycling and utilization of rubber-containing and polymer-containing wastes (scrap tires, mechanical rubber goods, plastics, oil sludge, acid sludge, waste oils, etc. ) into marketable products - industrial soot (carbon black), activate coal, heavy oil, diesel and gasoline with the aim to solve two major problems: environmental safety and profitability of disposal business. The equipment is safe for operation, has nearly no emissions and successfully operates in Russia and abroad...

AEnerdzhi Ltd


AKTEX INC. - industry-leading manufacturer of automotive batteries in RUSSIA - can offer you reliable supplies of wide range of EN automotive batteries (MF, Hybrid, Conventional) with capacity of from 55 to 200 Ah. AKTEX INC. was founded in 1999. Today, the manufacturing capability of factory amounts to 1.500.000 batteries a year. The company s quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001. The factory is equipped with modern machinery from world-famous manufacturers, such as: Wirtz, Oxmaster, Exide, Sovema, MACengineering, Siemens, ABB, Festo, Toshiba, Omron, LG, Allen-Bradley. AKTEX INC. is a member of EUROBAT association since 2003. We produce and sell a wide range of EN auto batteries (MF, Hybrid, Normal) with capaci...


New generation Solar technologiesPhotoelectric transformers based on amorphous silicone are used to make power station, chargers, flash lights and ets. -Lowest weight per unit of power -Unique durability, immunity to strikes, bending and impacts including shooting. Specially created for severe enviroment and extreme conditions.

Alten, Spc

Scientific- Production Company, SPC "Alten" is dealing with renewable sources of energy. It also provides for proper consulting services in solar energy devices. Main priority of the Company's activity is development of water hitting solar systems as well as their components and related unities. In this respect different kinds of solar collectors based on original design and high hitting characteristics are basic Company's products. Actually, the Company's activity aimed at innovation process in above mentioned field and, in particular, at integrating of scientific results, advanced related technology and mass production of different unites.

AltEnergo Ltd

Alternative Energy Systems LLC


Arkada-Engineering develops and carries out complex decisions (engineering consulting) in the field of processing of thin-gauge steel by pressure. We professionally provide creation, support and development of the business directions connected with manufacture of products from thin metal. The basic groups of the production and the services which are key for the company:Length cutting lines, Cutting-to-length and transverse-longitudinal lines, Profiling lines wide (600-1500 mm), Profiling lines narrow (80-600 mm), forming complexes, Complexes of the equipment for manufacture of the Light weight steel framings used in building, Tool equipment, Servicing, Sale of projects and technologies.

Complex SiTec

Complex SiTec is a major producer of monocrystalline silicon in Moscow (Russia). We produce monocrystalline silicon round and PSQ ingots and wafers, IC ingots and wafers, optical silicon (cylinders and plates) or intermediates(concave and convex lens, locking plates etc. ).

Corporation XXII

Corporation XXII is a manufacturer of solar cells, silicon wafers for use in solar modules production and electronic technics. We have our own plant which is located in Russian Federation. There is all equipment for producing solar products, high-qualified technical specialists who are watching over the whole process. Our production covers all stages from ingots through wire sawing, lapping, edge grinding, polishing, test operations and packing up to SEMI grade silicon wafers and solar cells and photo-electric converters used in solar power. Due to the fact that our company has purchased production capacity of the plant which started itâ s working from 1954 year, we produce solar products of any size and dimensions. We also produce customi...

Dagkremniy LLC

Energentech Co Ltd

An Authorized Distributor of "Luminous Renewable Energy Solution Pvt. Ltd" for Whisper wind turbines

Glushkov's Alternative Energy

Glushkov's Alternative Energy - scinetifically approved technologies of transformation of biomass to energy with high output.

Hevel Solar


Micro and small hydropower plants. Designing. Manufacturing. Complete supplying. Engineering. Consultants. All the equipment is certified in accordance ISO and Sellihca recurrent.


Principal activities: Chemical current sources of different electrochemical systems: - manganese - zinc - air-zinc - water-activated - mercury-zinc - lithium - thermal

JSC Ryazan Metal Ceramics Instrumentation Plant (RMCIP)

Manufactures Photovoltaic solar modules: Frame modules: power range from 1 W to 100 W; Manufactures high efficiency single-crystalline silicon terrestrial solar cell.

LMW Windenergy Company

New Energy Technologies

You are a foreign firm, engaged in pellets production business, wishing to promote your interests in Russia or to sell pellets production equipment. We are at your service.

Production Association PROMHIMAPPARAT

The joint-stock Company "PROMHIMAPPARAT" was formed and registered in April 1995. The enterprise produces the standard and various not standardized process equipment for power stations, oil refining, petrochemical, chemical, gas, nuclear, metallurgical and the food-processing industry from alloyed, corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant steels, from copper, aluminum and titanium alloys.

Research and Development Institute - Izoterm

RULink Ltd.

RULink Ltd. presents BATTERY-INDUSTRY. RU, an independent B2B Internet portal serving as a marketing and decision tool for battery industry players. The Russian version contains all battery related news and market analytics for the Russian-speaking audience, including:* Battery Manufacturers* Battery Distributors* Battery Material & Equipment Suppliers* Battery ConsumersIf your business is somehow related to batteries, BATTERY-INDUSTRY. RU is the right place for you to promote your products or services and establish business ties with CIS countries' battery industry players.

Ryazan Metal Ceramics Instrumentation Plant

Solar Feed

Solar Wind LLC


Full details after request to our email:

Sunways SolarInntech Group


TELECOM-STV staff is specialising in solid state physics, material science, electronics and semiconductor technologies as well as in financial and business management. Having the experience of work at large scientific, educational and industrial electronics-related companies TELECOM-STV crew members beneficially complement each other in meeting different scientific, technological and manufacturing challenges.


Your Solar Home, JSC

Renewable Energy Systems and components in Russia. Backup and stand-alone systems for houses. Solar, wind, hydro energy. Energy efficient appliances.


We work for opportunety in full volume and for reasonable price to provide with modern cell batteries all, whose activity is supposed to use reliable power sources. Equipping by modern means of designing allows constantly enlarging the nomenclature of output goods, thus reaching the decreasing of operating costs and lowering the laboriousness of service. Modern equipment of the plant laboratories allows controlling all production processes with high degree of reliability. Quality Management System, introduced in the production, conforms the requirement of international standard ISO 9001:2000, that is affirmed by the Lloyd's Register, England. APPLICATIONS: combustion engine starting and diesel-electric units; powering diesel and electric lo...

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