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Ice Elite

Housing needs to be more energy efficient, because building produce 40% of the carbon foot print. We construct fully insulated houses for the new generation of 'GREEN THINKERS AND DO-ERS OF THE NEW WORLD". Building thermal and acoustic (sound proof) insulated homes, even for new alterations. Light weight construction methods of polystyrene and insulated concrete forms allow for double story additions were conventional methods are to heavy for structural loads.

Sustainable. co. za

The motivation for establishing the Sustainable. co. za was to make it easy for the average person or household to improve their environmental 'footprint'. While many people are aware that serious local and global environmental problems exist, and that they are likely to be contributing to them in their daily lives, they have to do substantial research to find out which activities of theirs are the most environmentally damaging, as well as to find suppliers of goods or services which would help them reduce their 'footprint'. Few people have the time or inclination for such research, yet with access to the right products and information it is surprisingly easy to live a much more environmentally sustainable life. Sustainable. co. za hopes to...

Orejen Replica Antique Windows and Doors

Pre-Plan Energy

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