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Power Planet

Power Planet is South Africa's leading online store specializing in renewable energy and electricity saving products. Our products range form solar geysers, solar panels, wind turbines, LED lights and much more. All our products are warranty backed and gets delivered nationwide. Our Sales team has more than 10 years experience, thus expert advice is guaranteed.

KSS Distributors

We sell LED lights to home owners as well as to wholesalers. We are selling LED Flood lights, LED Flood light with magnifier, six colour changing (RGB) LED flood lights, LED Down lights, LED Corn lights, LED candle lights, LED High bay lights, LED tubes, Rear view vehicle camera and 4x4 LED Spotlights.

Clear Sky Industries cc t/a LED Tubes

LED Tubes is the online distribution center supplying a number of quality ranges of LED tubes, manufactured in South Africa, alongside required fittings and retrofit accessories. Everything you need to know including great articles and videos are available on the website. Pricing available only to re sellers and wholesalers country wide. Contact us today.

Afrison LED

Afrison LED started trading in 2010 as Beson LED, and the initial business successes of 2010/11 quadrupled in 2012, mostly due to the proven track record of our products & services, but also because of the introduction and streamlining of more Eskom Rebate Programs. As part of our focus on Africa and commitment to a greener Africa, and due to strategic and operational reasons, it was decided to "localize" our name. On 1 February 2013 Beson LED officially started trading as Afrison LED. Afrison LED service clients in all 9 South African provinces; we are involved or completed Eskom Projects in 6 of South Africa's provinces; we export products to 4 neighboring countries. AFRISON LED currently consists of 2 divisions, focusing on 2 specialized...

Dako Power

Our main focus is the wholesale supply of quality solar power products in the most cost effective way. Dako power has a vested interest in the factory we produce our solar power products, hereby providing quality solar power products. We are also able to provide solar product volumes that will meet market needs.

Digital Lighting Concepts (Pty) Ltd

Digital Lighting is involved in the research & development, design, manufacture and distribution of energy efficient LED lighting technology. The company has products for domestic, industrial and street lighting applications. Digital Lighting is part of the Itramas group of companies, and has offices in Asia, Africa, Europe and the USA. The company also has various trademarks, including Digital Lighting Inc. in the USA, and the Q-RAY product label.

Ellies Renewable Energy

At Ellies Renewable Energy, we believe in giving you power. The power not to be the victim of ever-increasing energy bills. The power of the latest technology. The power to find an energy solution that won't cost you the earth. That is why we provide some of the world's leading power-saving technology. From light bulbs that use a fraction of a regular bulb's electricity to geysers that are powered by the sun, we at Ellies believe it is possible to find energy solutions that are both green and affordable. Ellies is the only national company that provides a complete range of solutions to save energy and water. We have built our decades-old reputation on quality and commitment to our customers. Take back the power. To find your nearest Ellies ...

Energix Solutions

Lighting. Renewable energy. Led lighting. High bays. Street lights. Parking lights. Led tubes. Bulbs. Downlights. Ceiling lights. Coal catalyst. Waste heat to electricity.

F S Consulting cc

We are a solar company, we also deal in energy saving lighting, T5 fluorescent lights, High Bay lights, LED down lights, street lights, solar water purification, solar refrigeration for clinics in Africa and many more.

Frontier LED Lighting Solutions

Supplier and installer of energy saving LED lighting for offices, homes, showrooms and factory environments. All retrofits done by qualified electricians and no job too big or too small.

Future Light

LED Lights, LED Strip Lights, LED downlights, LED Tubes

Geco battery free led courtesy lighting Accessory

Geco is the Worlds 1st Light or Light fitting Accessory that provides free soft secondary light, every time there is a power failure, without using electricity or batteries! Another way to describe it, Geco provides night vision every time the lights are switched Off. Great comfort light for children, great decoration and emergency light all in one. HOW GOOD DO YOUR LIGHTS LOOK WHEN SWITCHED OFF ?Geco Glow rings are a safer alternative to sleeping with an electrical light, zero Melatonin interference and no flickering occurs with Geco Glow rings !

Greenled SA

Led lighting renewable energy, solar aircons, heat pumps, hydro generators, wind turbines.

Hartronix (Pty) Ltd

As a registered project developer bosting more than 6 years experience in the lighting and electronics arena╩Hartronix are able to offer our customers a reliable solution for all energy efficient applications. Our product range consists of products that are designed and manufactured locally in KZN. We have the ability to offer our clients a quality range of LED lights, Controllers and Sensors all backed up with market related warranties. To date we have supplied over 7000 down lighters into Wimpy stores in KZN alone, these stores and many other recognisable retail brands using our high quality locally manufactured products have enjoyed significant savings in there monthly lighting bills.

I M Lighting and Electrical

Suppliers of energy efficient lighting and all electrical needs

LED Lighting South Africa

The team of LED Lighting South Africa is a convincing mix of expertise and enthusiasm: A group of international electrical and mechanical engineers based in Cape Town and now also have a branch in Johannesburg, who are dedicated to delivering cutting edge technology in research and development of LED lighting applications.

Lights Out Electrical Wholesalers

Domestic and Industrial Electrical Wholesale

Lights That Last

Lights that last is a specialist supplier of Solar and LED Lighting products based in Cape Town, South Africa. We have a wide range of high quality products to suit the needs of most, and with years of experience and friendly consumer advice, you can be assured we have the solution for your household or business requirements.

Microcare/J & J Electronics

A South African company that manufactures DC inverters, Grid Tied Inverters, MPPT charge controllers. We also provide solar solutions for domestic and commercial enviroments.

MultiSource Technologies

We Design, Manufacture and Distribute all types of LED Lighting including, LED Bulbs, LED Flourescent Tubes, LED Downlights, LED Globes, LED Candles. Unlike most companies in South Africa, All our products are Manufactured and Designed in South Africa. We also have CE quality approval on our products. We also one of the only companies able to offer a dimmable lighting solution for the dimming systems in South Africa and overseas. We guarantee all our products for 2 to 3 Years, and are able to repair and maintain our products after the guarantee has expired. Our LED products are therefore very environmentally friendly.

Neopower Solar

Neopower offers unique solutions by way of various product ranges which optimise savings as follows: power regulators / power management systems / energy Audits; NeoSOLAR - Titanium Elements that can also run from PV; Solar Geysers /PV solutions / Solar borehole pumps; NeoLED - LED lighting / Induction lights; Neo Thermo - Induction Geysers

Pst Led Lighting Specialist

Custom leds, led sourcing, all the latest led technology products.

Renergy Technologies

Your Renewable Energy Systems Specialist. Rentech is the largest supplier of solar solutions to the Southern African telecommunications industry. Rentech has designed a low power consumption solar lighting system for installations in telephone booths. Rentech is able to supply vented, sealed lead acid and valve regulated lead acid batteries to best suit the performance, maintenance and cost profile required by customers. We provide Renewable Energy Solutions for a developing world.

Solid State Lighting Systems

Established as the "The Cobblelite Company" in 2003 with the popular patented "Cobblelite" product, an era of LED (light emitting diodes) lighting systems was born. Due to this successful design and a continually expanding range of manufactured LED product based designs. Solid State Lighting Systems was then established to accommodate the demand for architectural and effect LED lighting systems and solutions which specialise in end product applications that are user friendly for electrical contractors. Our wealth of experience and knowledge positions us as leaders in a growing South African LED market. Solid State Lighting Systems strives to ensure the best value for our clients based on reliable products, after sales service and attention ...

Sunnywin Energy

"From photovoltaic (PV) modules and pre-packaged units, to on-site installations, SUNNYWIN meets your power needs with cutting-edge technology. Our solar electric systems supply reliable power to where and when you need it. SUNNYWIN's products and systems are designed for maximum efficiency with minimum on-site installation time and operation costs. Take Sunnywin, You Win Energy!!

Tricon Industries

Tricon Industries function as the sole distributor of the ENCO quality range of Electrical Energy saving products, backed by professional engineers to meet every individual and specific requirement.

Worldwide Energy Savers

Africa Outdoor Lighting

Brightino LED lighting Co., Ltd.



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