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Green Cape

The Green Cape Initiative is a Sector Development Agency established by the Western Cape Provincial government and The City of Cape Town. The Green Cape Initiative was established to unlock the manufacturing and employment potential in the Green Economy in the Western Cape. We assist in ensuring that the barriers to the growth of the green economy in the Western Cape are minimized and that the Western Cape is the investment destination of choice for businesses involved in the African Green Economy.

Solartech West Coast

We are Energy Consultants helping you to save energy, saving you money, helping you become energy independent. We want to be part of your journey to reduce CO2 emissions, and build a sustainable future.

Allsolar Ceres

We design and supply Off-Grid & Grid-Tied PV systems to homes and businesses. We design and supply solar pump units. We design and supply UPS systems for power failures and loadshedding.


ActOnWatts is a company specializing in the conversion and installation of energy efficient lighting and hot-water systems. We offer turnkey solutions from preliminary audits to final lighting installations. Replace the existing light bulbs with the latest energy efficient equivalents. We guarantee a minimum saving of 30% on electricity bills immediately, Return on Investment of 50% and greater.

Conversion Lighting

Supplier of HYUNDAI energysaving lighting as well as Verdeled lighting ( Ireland )Our mission is to optimese lighting energyconsumtion with maximum savings and durability

Dako Power

Our main focus is the wholesale supply of quality solar power products in the most cost effective way. Dako power has a vested interest in the factory we produce our solar power products, hereby providing quality solar power products. We are also able to provide solar product volumes that will meet market needs.


Solar Powered LED lighting Systems - Design and Manufactured in South Africa

Greenled SA

Led lighting renewable energy, solar aircons, heat pumps, hydro generators, wind turbines.

KG Electric Solar Power Company

KG Electric was established in 1989 and specialises in the field of solar photovoltaic energy, as well as other related renewable energy equipment and batteries. We have experience as system integrators and project implementers. We distribute the Kyocera range of solar modules.Other products we supply include: batteries, inverters, solar regulators and control equipment, solar water pumps, solar refrigeration, lighting products for PV application, solar panel support structures, control boxes, accessories etc.

Khanyaled Solutions

Energy efficiency through LED lighting, Solar and hybrid solutions.


Lightbulbmoment offers a range of affordable LED light bulbs suitable for residential and commercial applications. Like many South Africans, the increasing cost of electricity motivated us to reduce electricity consumption by turning off lights; however, we found with energy efficient lighting we could save on electricity without being plunged into darkness.

Neopower Solar

Neopower offers unique solutions by way of various product ranges which optimise savings as follows: power regulators / power management systems / energy Audits; NeoSOLAR - Titanium Elements that can also run from PV; Solar Geysers /PV solutions / Solar borehole pumps; NeoLED - LED lighting / Induction lights; Neo Thermo - Induction Geysers

Plan My Power Pty Ltd

We offer complete alternative energy solutions, from design, supply and installation. We make use of various forms of alternative energy from solar heat, solar electricity, wind and hydro power.


A LEADING MANUFACTURER OF QUALITY INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL LIGHTING PRODUCTS. We manufacture high quality FLOODLIGHTS, HI-BAYS, LOWBAYS, POST TOPS, BULKHEADS AND FLUORESCENT fittings. Based in South Africa, our head office is in Johannesburg with Reeflite branches in Cape Town and Kwazulu Natal and agents in Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth. Our lighting products are available nationally and in various African countries. Our lighting products are light weight & boast high performance reflector systems in high pressure sodium, metal halide, mercury vapour, compact fluorescent lamps & are available with medium or wide beam reflector systems

Simpletech - Simplicity Derived

Simpletech is an established expert audio-visual system integration and automation provider specialising in the design, sales and installation of custom high-end Multiroom, home theatre and home automation systems. With over a decade of experience, SimpleTech offers a range of premium international audio-visual products and provides dedicated and professional service to our clients in the residential and corporate markets in both Cape Town and Johannesburg. We offer free on-site consultations to ensure the most optimal, custom-fit solution is selected for your environment. Our entertainment and automation systems feature the latest trends in cutting-edge technology while offering cost-savings and user-friendly solutions to your environment....


Solergy sells and installs energy saving systems designed to control the largest consumers of energy in homes and buildings. We generate a considerable energy saving for the building which directly translates into a reduced electricity bill for YOU. We pride ourselves on the quality of products and services we offer our clients.

Thornton Group

Energy Management through Clipsal C-bus Automation

Ubuntu Energy Solutions

Ubuntu Energy Solutions is a South African company that helps businesses save money with end-to-end energy solutions & solar power. Our design-and-build energy solutions and services will assist you to:- Generate your own Solar Power- Reduce Costs with Solar Power and Energy Efficiency- Ensure your business stays online with Battery Backup Power- Understand your power requirements with Energy Audits- Provide Solar Finance for all solutions

Ulilog (Pty) Ltd

Reduction in electricity and water consumption through application of holistic knowledge and cutting edge technology

Galaxy Products cc


GreenStar Lighting Solutions

Home Control Solutions


Milenio Contemporary Designs


Pre-Plan Energy

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