Water Storage Tank Businesses in South Africa

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Power Planet

Power Planet is South Africa's leading online store specializing in renewable energy and electricity saving products. Our products range form solar geysers, solar panels, wind turbines, LED lights and much more. All our products are warranty backed and gets delivered nationwide. Our Sales team has more than 10 years experience, thus expert advice is guaranteed.


Aquadam is a leading manufacturer and installer of water storage tanks, water storage dams and water storage reservoirs in South Africa. Aquadams range of water storage tanks, dams and reservoirs include Concrete Reservoirs, Gunite Dams, Galvanized Corrugated Water Tanks, Metal Finished Steel Coated Panel Tanks and Concrete Panel Tanks. Aquadam's water storage tanks and dams is suitable for rain water harvesting as rain water storage tanks, domestic drinking water tanks, sprinkler irrigation tanks and farming dams, fire fighting tanks, portable tanks and self supporting water tanks. Aquadam's water storage tanks is suitable as commercial storage tanks and industrial water tanks in aquaculture for nurse ponds or fish farming tanks, chemical ...

Aquathane (Pty) Ltd

Design, manufacture and install sectional steel water storage tanks. The tanks are flat pack for easy transportation any where in the world. The PVC Liner ensure a water tight seal. Our Aquatank is accompanied by 10 year industry guarantee.

CST Industries Sub Sahara Africa

CST Industries is the unrivaled global leader in steel bolted, sectional, factory coated STORAGE TANK/RESERVOIRS and COVER solutions. A dynamic combination of the world's leading coated steel tank and aluminum cover companies, CST is home to world class brands including Aquastore ®, Harvestore ®, HydroTec ®, BulkTec ® and Petrotec®, Vulcan, Temcor and Conservatek. Our storage capabilities range from as small as 10m3 up to a massive 30 000m3 volume. -Potable water, Wastewater, Fire protection-Industrial liquid, BioEnergy-Dry Bulk, Agriculture-Petroleum, Power Generation-Fire protection

Industrial Poles & Masts

At IPM we manufacture steel street light poles, transmission poles, floodlight poles, decorative poles, trafic signal poles, water towers, wind turbine towers/poles, fabricated steel work.


Manufacturers of water storage tanks, rainwater harvesting tanks, slimline rainwater tanks, chemical tanks, fermentation food grade tanks and water transport tanks.

Rainbow Reservoirs

Rainbow Reservoirs is the original supplier of highly corrosion-resistant Zincalume bolted-panel, liquid storage tanks in Africa. Sizes from 52m3 to over 1000m3. Various colour options. Steel dome roof with optional gutter system for rainwater harvesting. Durable, no-maintenance components throughout. Quick and easy assembly. Modular form facilitates transport and relocation. 12 year warranty! Our liquid storage systems are the first choice throughout Africa. DOMESTIC/RURAL: Potable drinking water (no smell or aftertaste)for Private homes, Residential developments, Townships. INDUSTRIAL: Mining, Fire-fighting, Chemical effluents, Waste water. COMMERCIAL: Hotels, Safari Lodges, Shopping Malls. . . AGRICULTURE: Forestry, Livestock, Abattoirs....

SBS Water Systems (Pty) Ltd

SBS Water Storage Tanks 6kl - 3, 300kl

SFP Tanks

SFP Tanks is a proud agent for AQUADAM Manufacturing in Kwazulu Natal. We supply a wide range of Engineered designed water storage solutions and water tanks, dams and reservoirs to satisfy your needs. Primary business: Supply and Installation of Water Retaining Structures. Services:Reinforced Concrete Reservoirs; Modular Steel Panel Reservoirs; Gunite Dams; Pre-Stressed Reservoirs; Mesh Reservoirs.

SunTank Solar Water Heating

SunTank is South Africa leading manufacturer and marketer of solar water heating systems and equipment. SunTank offers the most competitive package available on the market for water heating. SunTank supplies complete systems for domestic use (solar heaters) and for upmarket solar pool heating. SunTank also designs and implements large-scale solar energy plants for commercial users of hot water. SunTank has marketing offices in Gauteng (Johannesburg & Pretoria) and in Cape Town and distributors around South Africa. SunTank focuses on the African market and has several agents across the continent.

Abeco Tanks

Pipeco International SA (Pty) Ltd

Videx Storage Tanks

Xstream Solar hot water cylinders

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