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ATERSA manufactures monocrystalline modules and all the electronic equipment for photovoltaic applications. The big effort made over the last years in technological development, exportation and implementation of efficient quality procedures in conjunction with immediate expansion plans, has resulted in ATERSA maintenance of its leadership position in the Photovoltaic Solar Energy field.


we are experenced and hi tech producer of solar panels and inverters. we offer on grid and off grid consultancy for land owners and local Government offices.


Suppliers and installers of solar panels, windturbines, deep cycle batteries, inverters and accessories. Malaga, Cadiz, Costa del Sol and Costa del Luz

EPS Solar

Eshia S. L.

Grupo R.C.L.

Equipos Fotovoltaicos, generadores diesel y gasolina hasta 125 kva. Convertidores, inversores...


We work around Europe solar system. We manufacture and we are supplier of all kind solar product with high quality and good prices. Hawker PowerSafe OPzS battery, Victron prosine inverters, Grundfos Solar pumps, Kyocera Panels, Threline leds and Steca, Phocos regulators. Please, if you are interesting in Inversolar company, we would like to served you. Best Regards

IPAR Elektronika S. L.


J. H. Roerden is since 1972 in the spanish and export buisiness. fotovoltaic solar energy since 1989 please, see details in our web page: or contact us:


JEMA is a 50 years-old company which designs, manufactures and installs power electronics eqp. all around the world. Its significant and top level product is Special Power supplies for top level laboratories as CERN (Switzerland) and JET (UK). It has standard and taylor made products as UPS, converters, inverters, rectifiers, and customized power supplies for telecommunication companies too. JEMA customers are, mainly, Nuclear Power Stations, Combinated Cycle Pw. Stations, Cogeneration Pw. Sts., Hospitals, Banks, Data Centers, etc.

Paneles Solares Espana

Solar panels and equipment at the best prices in Spain.

Remote Energy [Spain]

We are a small company located in southern Spain specialising in providing high-quality renewable electricity technologies for homes in off-grid locations. We offer a full consulting, system design and installation service, with a range of cost-effective solar and wind generation products available. Contact us!


We believe in a free world of decisions. A world were people have the choice to build a sustainable society without having to bleed for it. This means high quality, high cost efficiency and a fast payback to enjoy the benefits for ourselves and for the world.

Solosol Energia

Solosol Energia specialise in design and installation of solar electric power systems for off-grid homes, casitas, cabins and commercial properties. We also supply equipment and assistance to the DIY market and offer support services for pre existing installations. Visit the web site for more details.

Soluciones Energeticas S.A. (SOLENER)

Spanish Solar

For over 7 years we have specialised in the design and supply of complete solar and wind energy systems including high efficiency solar panels, wind generators, batteries, charge controllers, invertors etc. . Our services include the design of a solar or wind power system to meet your exact requirements and budget. We supply kits for "DIY" installation or will provide installation for you. If you need any assistance, our experienced technicians can provide a comprehensive support service. We supply competitively priced products from Studer, Morningstar, Hoppecke, TAB, Enersys, Aleo and a range of other carefully selected manufacturers. We offer a free performance review for existing systems. Browse through our new Gadget shop. With free, ec...

SumSol - Suministros Solares, S.L.

TODO sobre energía solar fotovoltaica: proyectos, materiales, diseño,....

Techno Sun

Techno Sun is a Spanish solar photovoltaic wholesaler distributor with more than 38 years of experience in solar energy. We distribute solar modules, inverters for grid and off-grid systems, controllers, batteries, solar trackers, structures, solar pump & wind turbines. We export around all the world, if you have any question do not hesitate to contact us.

Total Solar

Ukai S.A.


Enytec XXI

FBX Import Barcelona

Go Solar Energia S. L.

Ingenieria de Equipos de Control,S.L.

PT Electronics



Techno Sun S.L

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