Renewable Energy Export Businesses in Sweden

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Cargo&Kraft Turbin Sverige AB


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Essett Sweden AB/ Windon AB

Solar Modules produced by Windon AB and Essett Sweden AB are designed for various markets and applications. High quality production, combined with strictest process control, ensure maximum lifespan and the highest performance. The robust construction is resistant to a heavy wind and snow load. Special low iron glass with an antireflection treated surface achieves a up to 2 % higher output power, as glass transmission is increased by 5-6%. High performance in the field during scattered and low light conditions, especially in morning, evening and in the winter months. High performance EVA, will stay transparent over long period of time. All joints soldered or welded in Junction Box.

ExoHeat AB

Plug & Play easy installed Solar water heating systems. Turn Key projects, both thermal and PV.

Gallivare PhotoVoltaic AB

GPV - Gallivare PhotoVoltaic AB is one of the biggest producer of photovoltaic modules in Scandinavia. North of the Arctic Circle in Lapland, we have clearly increased the module capacity by a new opening one of the latest solar-module-factories in the world. Automatic and robot animated machines let increase the production capacity to 30MW per year. We offer a comprehensive range of high quality standard modules in sizes from 75 to 175 Watts. Our ambition is to meet our customers request and to be a leading producer of photovoltaic products. GPV products....

n67solar AB

We are manufacturing 215-235 watt solar photovoltaic modules from our newly setup solar plant in Porjus, which is located about 70 km north of Arctic circle in Sweden. We will start delivering modules starting from October 2006 and we are expected to reach our full production capacity of 20 MW/year by March 2007.

PitchWind Systems AB

Sea Power International AB

EleBike Center Sweden

Montrix AB

PV Enterprise

Separett AB


Texsun AB

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