Battery Product Businesses in Sweden

Batscan AB - Celltech AB - CTEK Sweden AB - Macbat AB - Magnetal AB -

Batscan AB

Batscan manufactures the worlds leading Battery Monitoring System developed in cooperation with AT&T Bell Labs. Customers include major Telephone companies, Hospitals, Airports and Utility companies.

Celltech AB

CTEK Sweden AB

The Smartest Battery Chargers in the World

Macbat AB

Winner of the 2002 FLTA (Forklift Truck Association) award for innovation, the Macbat Battery Regenerator is a unique and revolutionary innovation, designed to restore lost capacity and extend the functional life span of lead-acid and gel batteries. Here are a few of the benefits: longer life-span (up to double), restored capacity (more productivity), longer shifts and shorter charge cycles, improved environmental profile, and much more! For details and references, please see our website.

Magnetal AB

Zero friction solution based on a patented HEB (Homopolar Electromagnetic Bearing)solution, a basic component and enabler for many renewable energy solution.

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