Biomass Energy Businesses in Sweden

3R Zero Emission Pyrolysis and Biochar Group - Arctic OPET - ETC Energy Technology Center in Pitea -

3R Zero Emission Pyrolysis and Biochar Group

3R AGROCARBON - BIOCHAR: The 3R zero emission pyrolysis technology processing animal rendering waste into natural NPK-C fertilizer and bio jetfuel. The 3R is providing added value recycling of food grade animal bone meal, MBM, PAP and dried manure - converted into refined bio-oil, high P content bone-char (biochar) natural fertilizer and liquid Nitrogen fertilizer. The 3R has been invented by the Swedish environmental engineer Edward Someus and developed under the European Union application oriented research schemes since 2002. The 3R is proven, demonstrated and validated original solution. WEB: www. refertil. info,

Arctic OPET

Arctic OPET is a cross-border (north Sweden, Norway and Finland) is a non-profit EU project for small and middlesized companies who want to convert from electricity and oil to renewable energy sources.

ETC Energy Technology Center in Pitea

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