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Vela Solaris AG - 3S Swiss Solar Systems AG - Komax Holding AG - Meyer Burger Technology AG - Solaronix SA - Oerlikon Solar AG - Pasan SA - Oerlikon Stationary Batteries Ltd. Aesch BL - Quantya SA - LED Light Link BLYMAN - ABB Ltd - ABB Solar Power Solutions - AMK SOLAC Systems AG - Astom AG - Axova AG - B. Schweizer Energie AG - Bobst Group - Bossard AG Solar Fastening Technology - BRUSA Elektronik AG - BRUSAG Sensorik and messtechn. Entw. AG - Dr. H. Frauenknecht GmbH - EH Batterien AG(Division Oerlikon Traktionsbatterien) - Energie Solaire SA - Entex Energy Ltd. - Essemtec AG - Fyrosol Solartechnik - Greatcell Solar S. A - HB-Tech AG - HCT Shaping Systems SA - INDEOtec S. A. - Komax Holding AG - Leclanche S. A. -

Vela Solaris AG

Vela Solaris AG is a privately-held Swiss corporation providing software solutions for the renewable energy sector. Founded in 2007 as a spin-off of the Institute for Solar Technology SPF at the University of Applied Science Rapperswil (HSR) in Switzerland, Vela Solaris is one of the leaders in the European market, combining software innovation with expertise in renewable energy.

3S Swiss Solar Systems AG

3S Swiss Solar Systems is the technological world market leader for manual and semi-automatic production lines for solar module manufacture. In co-operation with our partners, 3S Swiss Solar Systems offers turn-key fully-automated production lines.

Komax Holding AG

Komax is a worldwide supplier of machines for the production of crystalline and thin-film modules. Continuous innovation has enabled Komax to expand its product portfolio significantly in recent years. Today, the company covers the entire spectrum, from individual processes such as stringing through to integration of entire production lines.

Meyer Burger Technology AG

Meyer Burger Technology Ltd is a leading and globally active technology group for innovative systems and processes for cutting and handling crystalline and other high-grade materials.

Solaronix SA

Solaronix is the leading supplier of dye solar cell components and specialty chemicals. With hundreds of customers trusting in our products, and over 15 years of experience, we offer worldwide deliveries to universities laboratories, research institutes, companies and large corporations. Activities developed by our clients range from solar cell research to photophysics and novel medical applications. Solaronix is active in the area of renewable energy, and has a leading position in the development of dye solar cells, a promising photovoltaic technology.

Oerlikon Solar AG

Oerlikon Solar offers field proven equipment and end-to-end manufacturing lines for the mass production of thin film silicon solar modules. Engineered to reduce manufacturing costs while maximizing productivity, Oerlikon Solar end-to-end solutions are fully automated with high yield, high uptime, and low maintenance.

Pasan SA

Pasan is a standard bearer in the field of photovoltaic performance testing. This process is critical in determining the dollar value generated by a PV production line for cells and modules. Our testers are the most precise on the market and enable our customers to accurately rate their production. Founded in 1981, Pasan bring over 30 years of measurement expertise and know how. Our mission is to build a brand that is synonymous with setting the standards in performance measurements by proposing best in class and innovative systems. We are a solution provider for our customers, sharing our expertise in PV measurement & control. Supporting and guiding our customers is part of our DNA. We achieve this through active partnerships with our customers as well as within the Meyer Burger Group and with our suppliers.

Oerlikon Stationary Batteries Ltd. Aesch BL

Oerlikon Stationary Batteries Ltd. manufactures a full range of stationary lead-acid batteries, notably the valve-regulated Compact-Power™ family which has become a key component in telecom power equipment and a whole variety of other applications. The family comprises 2V cells as well as 4V, 6V, and 12V monoblocs with a nominal capacity of 25 to 1600 Ah. The company has over 15 years in-depth expertise in VRLA technology and complies with the international quality ISO 9001 standard. Its products are distributed and serviced in all major economic regions worldwide via a network of representatives.

Quantya SA

QUANTYA®'s goal was to create Swiss Quality high performace electric motorcycles and scooters for today's transportation needs, sports and fun. The pleasure and reliability you will enjoy with your friends and family riding a QUANTYA® are unique and without equal.


LLLB or LED Light Link BLYMAN, Geneva, Switzerland, is an AGENT and DISTRIBUTOR of products from a leading Polish Company MILOO ELECTRONICS. MILOO ELECTRONICS is based in Nowy Wisnicz, Poland and is belonging to the IGLOO GROUP. MILOO ELECTRONICS is developing and producing professional LED lighting equipment and is at the source of this technology, providing their Customers with comprehensive and effective solutions. To ensure the highest quality standards of the products and an excellent level of maintenance, MILOO ELECTRONICS runs its own manufacturing facilities and technical research centre, using the latest cutting-edge technology. Production plants and factories are provided with advanced Swiss and Japanese production equipment and h...


ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies. ĘBased in Zurich, Switzerland, the company employs 145,000 people and operates in approximately 100 countries. ĘThe firm's shares are traded on the stock exchanges of Zurich, Stockholm and New York.

ABB Solar Power Solutions

ABB manufactures and supplies a broad range of high quality products and solutions for the solar power market, suitable for the smallest residential building applications, right up to large megawatt-sized power plants. The widest offering for the solar power market includes single components from low voltage products, transformers, switchgears and solar inverters up to complete turnkey power plants.


OPC - The new standard in the utilization of thermal solar energy AMK-SOLAC Systems AG Pioneers of360 absorber technology recognized 10years ago the advantages yielded by spatially designed absorbers. That 360° absorber vacuum tube technology was awarded the gold medal in 1987 at the international inventor fair in Geneva/Switzerland was the logical consequence of an ingenious conversion. OPC collectors distinguish themselves through maximum output at low structural mass. It has been proven that only 360° tube collectors achieve higest energy yields throughout the entire service life. With OPC collectors, loss of vacuum, i.e. power loss, is a thing of the past. OPC collectors are developed and produced in Switzerland. Quality is oriented ...

Astom AG

Axova AG

B. Schweizer Energie AG

Bobst Group

Bossard AG Solar Fastening Technology

BRUSA Elektronik AG

BRUSAG Sensorik and messtechn. Entw. AG

We develop and fabricate sensors and auxilliary equipment according to customer requirements. One of our specialities is the measurement of solar radiation.

Dr. H. Frauenknecht GmbH

EH Batterien AG(Division Oerlikon Traktionsbatterien)

Energie Solaire SA

Entex Energy Ltd.

Essemtec AG

Fyrosol Solartechnik

Greatcell Solar S. A

Greatcell Solar S. A, has developed a new type of photovoltaic cell based on results carried out at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. These dye sensitised photovoltaic cells represent a completely new family of PV devices based on nanotechnology. The electric current is generated by light-absorbing dye molecules embedded in a nanocrystalline titanium oxide film. The unique characteristics of the Greatcell devices make them the optimal solution for many indoor applications. Their main advantages compared to crystalline and amorphous silicon cells are : Power all day every day; Higher performance at low light levels and for diffuse illumination; Optimal performance under artificial light, i. e. fluorescent or incandescent...

HB-Tech AG

HCT Shaping Systems SA

A Swiss company, acting as Multi-wire Sawing Machines supplier, to slice any brittle material ingots into very fine perfectly shaped wafers. The competitive edges of this technology, HCT is leading, are the high throughput, the cut surface quality, the easy operating and the low maintenance request. The confirmed HCT technology has successfully replaced the prior ones to match the present production request for Silicon wafers, both in terms of quality than throughput, in the Solar and Electronics industries. Other materials like quartz, sapphire, optical glass, Ferrite, Ge, GaAs, InP, ceramics are, today, also sliced with such machines.

INDEOtec S. A.

Komax Holding AG

Leclanche S. A.

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