Photovoltaic Cell Businesses in Switzerland

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Solaronix SA

Solaronix is the leading supplier of dye solar cell components and specialty chemicals. With hundreds of customers trusting in our products, and over 15 years of experience, we offer worldwide deliveries to universities laboratories, research institutes, companies and large corporations. Activities developed by our clients range from solar cell research to photophysics and novel medical applications. Solaronix is active in the area of renewable energy, and has a leading position in the development of dye solar cells, a promising photovoltaic technology.

Greatcell Solar S. A

Greatcell Solar S. A, has developed a new type of photovoltaic cell based on results carried out at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. These dye sensitised photovoltaic cells represent a completely new family of PV devices based on nanotechnology. The electric current is generated by light-absorbing dye molecules embedded in a nanocrystalline titanium oxide film. The unique characteristics of the Greatcell devices make them the optimal solution for many indoor applications. Their main advantages compared to crystalline and amorphous silicon cells are : Power all day every day; Higher performance at low light levels and for diffuse illumination; Optimal performance under artificial light, i. e. fluorescent or incandescent...

Sat Solar AG

Sat Solar AG's wholesale activities are mainly focused on supply of photovoltaik panels, inverters and mounting systems to solar park projects and installation companies in Germany and Southern Europe. We can offer on- and off-grid project EPC (international).

Solterra SA

VHF-Technologies SA

CFS Engineering


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