Photovoltaic Cell Material Businesses in Switzerland

Solaronix SA - PB Technik AG - PB-Technik AG - Swiss Wafers AG -

Solaronix SA

Solaronix is the leading supplier of dye solar cell components and specialty chemicals. With hundreds of customers trusting in our products, and over 15 years of experience, we offer worldwide deliveries to universities laboratories, research institutes, companies and large corporations. Activities developed by our clients range from solar cell research to photophysics and novel medical applications. Solaronix is active in the area of renewable energy, and has a leading position in the development of dye solar cells, a promising photovoltaic technology.

PB Technik AG

PB Technik AG - in short PBT - is a medium-sized company with its headquarters in Zollikon in greater Zurich /Switzerland. The company is technology-oriented and has always maintained a state-of-the-art position in production technology, dedicated to the supply of production equipment and material for electronic device and system manufacturing. A new field of activity was added in 1992 when PBT diversified into the production of monocrystalline silicon wafers for electronic applications and monocrystalline silicon wafers as used in the manufacture of solar cells.

PB-Technik AG

Swiss Wafers AG

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