Renewable Energy Export Businesses in Taiwan by Business Name

Motech Solar - Power Master Technology Co., Ltd. - Taiwan Tang Hua Co., Ltd. - Sunyeer Technology CO., LTD - NeatPower Co., Ltd. - Ting Hai Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. - Yu Feng Mold Manufacture Ltd. - A&Adcon Electronic Co Ltd - Aeon Glory Technology Inc. - Aerofortis Energy Solutions - AGStech Co., Ltd. - ALLIS ELECTRIC CO., LTD. - Alternative Power & Energy Corp. - Aqua-win Reverse Osmosis Water Company - Arona Opto Technologies Corp. - Asian Electron Co., Ltd - Aurum Electronics Corp. - BA-POWER ELECTRONICS INC. - Baytek Corporation - Beta Opto Technology Co., Ltd. - BIG SUN Energy Technology Inc. - Big Sun Industry Co., Ltd. - Brother Kwan Technology Co., Ltd. - Caware Int'l .tw - Comfort Orthopedic Co., Ltd. - COTEK Electronic Ind. Co., Ltd. - DelSolar Co. Ltd - Delta Electronics Inc. - DJ Solar Co., Ltd. - E-One Moli Energy Corp - E-TON SOLAR TECH. CO., LTD. - ELUMINA Technology Inc. -

Motech Solar

Motech Solar was founded in 1997. In 2000, we began operations and became the first pure-play c-Si solar cell manufacturer in the world. We specialize in the R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and sales of high quality mono-crystalline silicon and multi-crystalline silicon solar cells. With in-house ingot growth and wafer slicing capabilities, we can process polysilicon all the way to solar cells. We have been the world's top 10 producers of solar cells since 2005.

Power Master Technology Co., Ltd.

DC/AC Power Inverter (Pure Sine & Modifed Sine), Inverter built in Charger (Pure Sine & Modified Sine), AC/DC Battery Charger, DC/DC Converter & UPS.

Taiwan Tang Hua Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Tang Hua, TTH-LED was founded in 1998, and has been manufacturer and supplier of both indoor and outdoor high quality LED lights. We mainly focus on research and develop, produce, and marketing with high-power high-end products. We keep increasing the amount of safety certification ever since we have been export to Europe, Asia, and America. TTH-LED is a high-power LED manufacturer. The advantage of TTH-LED is technology import, packing, marketing and extension manufacturing line into our LED products. We have complete assembly line can provide various kinds of high quality products and service in a timely manner.

Sunyeer Technology CO., LTD

Sunyeer Technology (JMLED) is located in Taiwan and has been manufacturer of LED light, LED modules for many years. We made patented High Bay Light, Spot Light, Street Light. Among many of our core technologies to make JMLED sustain the competiveness in the market is the thermal pad. At the moment we are looking to expand our global network by looking for a potential sales agent or distributor in your territory. We will support the promotion activities to reach our target market .

NeatPower Co., Ltd.

NeatPower Co., Ltd. is a professional team for more than 27 years, an innovative manufacturer in Taiwan power conversion industry. We design and manufacture a complete range of high performance power conversion products including MPPT solar charge controller, DC/AC-Inverters, battery chargers, DC/DC-converters, power supplies, and micro-Inverter.

Ting Hai Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of solar electric/hybrid sightseeing/passenger vessels(midium sizes), Customs build, commercial boats, work boats, tug boats, polit boats, patrol boats, etc. in Taiwan

Yu Feng Mold Manufacture Ltd.

Solar Water Heater

A&Adcon Electronic Co Ltd

Aeon Glory Technology Inc.

Aeon Glory (ALTLED)is a self-branded LED lighting designer and manufacturer located in northern Taiwan, who has a comprehensive product line ranging from MR16 (GX5. 3), globe (G19, A19) and tube (T8) to flood lights, street lights. All of our products are having safety certifications such as UL, TUV, CE, LVD, ETL, FCC and CNS. The core competence of Aeon is its propriety heat fins and power supplies, which were both in-house designed and manufactured. We also have patents over such proprieties, which assure a superior performance and reliability. All of ALTLED's products are having two years warranty, because our LED chips were supplied by renowned vendors such as Cree and Lumileds, etc. It's an idea replacemnt for halogen lamp and CFL. ALT...

Aerofortis Energy Solutions

Aerofortis Energy Solutions produces state-of-the-art ducted wind turbines that operate silently, solar photo-voltaic converters and integrators that increases solar photo-voltaic system overall efficiency by over 30%

AGStech Co., Ltd.

Extra Smart Sine wave Inverter 1KVA~4KVADC UPS AD-050, AD-100Extra Smart Series (Tower) 1000VA~2200VA with Dual InputExtra Smart Series (Tower) 650VA~4000VAExtra Smart Long-Run Series (Tower) 1000VA~5000VAExtra Smart Rack Series (Rack) 800VA~4000VAHome Inverter (Pure Sine Wave output), 800 / 1. 2K / 1. 6K / 2. 4K / 3. 2K / 4KVAExtra Smart Series (Tower / Rack convertible) 10KVA / 12KVASNMP-DK520+522+532AS-400 SNMP slotON LINE UPSDC12VtoAC24Vinverter. 8 stages battery charger, DC UPS, AC400 card, DC UPS


Alternative Power & Energy Corp.

ALTERNATIVE POWER & ENERGY CORP. supplies a wide range of power protection and power quality solution such as pure sinewave UPS, Inverter, and Frequency Converter from 650VA to 800KVA for commercial, industry, military, hospital and other applications. OEM / ODM or private labeling manufacturing are welcomed. Please visit our website for more information.

Aqua-win Reverse Osmosis Water Company

Arona Opto Technologies Corp.

We manufacture LED Spot Light, LED Lamp, LED T8/T5 tube, LED Flood Light, LED High Bay Light, LED Strip Light and LED Module

Asian Electron Co., Ltd

We have a brand-new Pure Sine Wave Digital Inverter, their capacity include 150W, 300W, 700W, 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 3000W, 5000W, maybe will have 10000W and more. Its features as below; n Pure sine wave output (THD < 3%) R Load. n Output frequency: 50 / 60Hz switch n Low power "Power Saving Mode" to conserve energy n RS -232C interface / remote controls port / Wire connection to PC n Wireless Remote control n Regulated output protects sensitive equipment n Compact size for convenient use and storage n Auto shutdown prevents total battery discharge n Thermostatically controlled cooling fan n Advanced microprocessor n ...

Aurum Electronics Corp.

Aurum credit much of our success to the pioneering efforts of our R&D department in designing innovative products. Our product line includes not only professional home security lighting products but also other outdoor lighting products such as low voltage garden light, solar garden light, and so on. We could design products according to our customers?requests.


BA-POWER, with over 16 years of experience in the field of electronics, is aiming for providing the high quantity & lower prices products for consumers. We are a pioneer in power inverters, battery chargers, and power supplies. We are known for being a reliable partner in business, owning trust and confidence of our customers all over the world. To have more users enjoy using our inverters, BA-POWER is now also aiming for contacting more potential buyers, including the local distributors and end users. We assure them will be the ones get the most advantage, including the price, quality, and service. Besides those products already sold with popular reputation, the essential products of BA-POWER in 2002 are pure sine wave inverters. These products with stable quality already own stable buyers in EUROPE, AUSTRALIA, etc. We invite you to enjoy using our products. You can start from buying smaller quantity, and we commit that you will still benefit from our comp!!etitive price, high quality, and complete service. Send your inquiries now, or call us for details.

Baytek Corporation

Design oriented manufacturer of energy saving lighting solutions, only focused in real technology, you will NOT find any 5mm trough hole in our gamma, but only valuable LED lighting products powered by Cree chips. We do not plan to be the cheapest, but we DO plan to be the best.

Beta Opto Technology Co., Ltd.

Beta Optotech is located in Taiwan. We are specialized in the manufacturing of LED control system, including 3-channel/4-channel DMX decoder, wireless RGB controller & dimming control in PWM signal, custom-made I/O output good to connect with PLC control and USB software lighting programming. Lighting control & driver w/LED is our major product market focus, including RGB or solid white/warm white LED modules and modular LED panels.

BIG SUN Energy Technology Inc.

BIG SUN was founded in 2006 by a group of enthusiastic and talented semi-conductor elites and dedicated itself as one of the pioneers for environmental protection and has rapidly developed into a leading solar energy company. The core business of BIG SUN is the design, production, and sales of high-quality solar cells. Our aim is to boost renewable and affordable energy around the world in order to benefit the environment and our next generation.

Big Sun Industry Co., Ltd.

For more information, please refer to ~ (1) Quality Auto LED Lights: (2) Quality SAE/DOT Truck LED: www. sunmarker. com (3) Quality E Mark Bulbs: www. lampbulbs. com. tw A complete range Samples & Quotation available upon request, please contact with our sales manager : Auto LED: Truck LED: stephen@bsunlight. com

Brother Kwan Technology Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer and collection for Green Energy industrial in Taiwan. BK Technology Co., Ltd. (D-U-N-S: 658838487) is funded in 2006 and specialized in LED lighting / illumination and collection business. We have 7 years experience in LED Lighting industry. The main sources of LED emitters are come from NICHIA / CREE / Taiwanese public company. Since 2012, we setup Chinese office for Lighting fixture collection and low cost items collection service. Our current clients are included trading company and distributors and project / solution providers. We are not only provide LED lighting products but also acts a collector for project requirement. In 2013, BKT merge a PVC coating factory in Taiwan and provide OEM / ODM service for electric parts, p...

Caware Int'l .tw

Caware (, is a clean life focused comapny to provide a better life quality via activated carbon filters/media/element. Core production line covers water & air treatment product- water & air purification filters, activated carbon products- activated carbon water filter Water filters including activated carbon water filter cartridges, RO ( reverse osmosis) water filters, in line cartridge filters, carbon block, nano-sliver anti-bacteria carbon cartridge, GAC cartridge, bamboo carbon water filters, coconut shell carbon water filters, silver activated carbon water filters, industrial water filter cartridge, commercial water filter cartridge, residential water filters, point...

Comfort Orthopedic Co., Ltd.

products range: electric scooter, electric wheelchair, standing up wheelchair, manual wheelchair, rollators, walkers and patience aids. OEM / ODM is welcome.

COTEK Electronic Ind. Co., Ltd.

DelSolar Co. Ltd

DelSolar, a subsidiary of Delta Electronics, has become a leading solar cell and module provider with proven process innovation, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, world-class cell efficiency, and record production yields since its inception in 2004. DelSolar is able to do more with less because of its seamless vertical integration with Delta Electronics and strategic alliances with its business partners. DelSolar is dedicated to providing clean and effective solar energy so to power as well as empower our world.

Delta Electronics Inc.

Founded in 1971, Delta is now a world leading company, providing electronic components and products to OEM/ODM customers and distributors. With vigorous business growth in the past decade, Delta's sales revenue reached US$1,418 million in 1998. Currently, Delta has sales office globally and manufacturing plants in Taiwan, Thailand, America, U.K. and China with a total of 20,000 employees.

DJ Solar Co., Ltd.

DJ Solar is a professional service company focusing on offering economic lighting and solar energy products and solutions to global customers, and specializes in customized application design, and engineering project requiring design capability of integration to meet the needs of architect. With good sales record of more than 2000 customers and delivery of PV system projects with accumulated amount of numerous MWs, DJ Solar is recognized by its excellent service and product quality offering and earns trust from customers.

E-One Moli Energy Corp

Li-Ion batteries, notebook battery-packs


E-TON Solar is a professional manufacturer of photovoltaic cells. We provide products with the best quality but with the most cost effective price to our worldwide customers. Feel free to visit our website at or contat us at

ELUMINA Technology Inc.

Manufacture in Xiamen, ELUMINA is continuously striving for quality and bridging the mechanical flexibility and the electrical function to lighting designers. Among all other LED packaging manufacturers, ELUMINA solely focuses on achieving the production of high power LED optical engine and most creative solutions, LED accent light, light bar module, IP67 ground light, IP55 RGB profile, and DIY light source for signage.

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