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Caware Int'l .tw

Caware (www.caware.com.tw, service@caware.com.tw) is a clean life focused comapny to provide a better life quality via activated carbon filters/media/element. Core production line covers water & air treatment product- water & air purification filters, activated carbon products- activated carbon water filter Water filters including activated carbon water filter cartridges, RO ( reverse osmosis) water filters, in line cartridge filters, carbon block, nano-sliver anti-bacteria carbon cartridge, GAC cartridge, bamboo carbon water filters, coconut shell carbon water filters, silver activated carbon water filters, industrial water filter cartridge, commercial water filter cartridge, residential water filters, point...

Kaori Heat Exchanger

Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger manufacturer in Asia certified CE Mark(PED), UL (US and Canada), ISO 9001:2008

Rich Electric Co.Pty Ltd

Gentlemen: We have the pleasure of introducing ourselves as one of the most reputable manufacturers in Taiwan for the past 14 years of: AC Inverters, DC to AC Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters, Battery- Powered Electric Scooters, Ozone products, Lighting equipment and other home and industrial electric appliances. As you may be aware we deal with factory direct sales, which are more profitable for you. You will note that the low prices, covered with the best quality, will give you the present savings. These systems are simple to install, are extremely reliable, efficient, having low operating costs and require little maintenance. Our AC Inverters have won worldwide popularity and we are sure it will serve to expand your market.

Shihlin Electric and Engineering Corporation

Shihlin Electric and Engineering Corporation is one of the world's leading companies in manufacturing heavy electrical equipment, electrical automotive components, electrical contractor supply (Circuit breakers, switches, DP contactors, etc), DC motors, and factory automation equipment.

Asia Water Refining Corp.

JETPRO Technology Inc.

United International Co. Ltd

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