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Power Master Technology Co., Ltd.

DC/AC Power Inverter (Pure Sine & Modifed Sine), Inverter built in Charger (Pure Sine & Modified Sine), AC/DC Battery Charger, DC/DC Converter & UPS.

NeatPower Co., Ltd.

NeatPower Co., Ltd. is a professional team for more than 27 years, an innovative manufacturer in Taiwan power conversion industry. We design and manufacture a complete range of high performance power conversion products including MPPT solar charge controller, DC/AC-Inverters, battery chargers, DC/DC-converters, power supplies, and micro-Inverter.

Alternative Power & Energy Corp.

ALTERNATIVE POWER & ENERGY CORP. supplies a wide range of power protection and power quality solution such as pure sinewave UPS, Inverter, and Frequency Converter from 650VA to 800KVA for commercial, industry, military, hospital and other applications. OEM / ODM or private labeling manufacturing are welcomed. Please visit our website for more information.

Arona Opto Technologies Corp.

We manufacture LED Spot Light, LED Lamp, LED T8/T5 tube, LED Flood Light, LED High Bay Light, LED Strip Light and LED Module

Asian Electron Co., Ltd

We have a brand-new Pure Sine Wave Digital Inverter, their capacity include 150W, 300W, 700W, 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 3000W, 5000W, maybe will have 10000W and more. Its features as below; n Pure sine wave output (THD < 3%) R Load. n Output frequency: 50 / 60Hz switch n Low power "Power Saving Mode" to conserve energy n RS -232C interface / remote controls port / Wire connection to PC n Wireless Remote control n Regulated output protects sensitive equipment n Compact size for convenient use and storage n Auto shutdown prevents total battery discharge n Thermostatically controlled cooling fan n Advanced microprocessor n ...


BA-POWER, with over 16 years of experience in the field of electronics, is aiming for providing the high quantity & lower prices products for consumers. We are a pioneer in power inverters, battery chargers, and power supplies. We are known for being a reliable partner in business, owning trust and confidence of our customers all over the world. To have more users enjoy using our inverters, BA-POWER is now also aiming for contacting more potential buyers, including the local distributors and end users. We assure them will be the ones get the most advantage, including the price, quality, and service. Besides those products already sold with popular reputation, the essential products of BA-POWER in 2002 are pure sine wave inverters. These products with stable quality already own stable buyers in EUROPE, AUSTRALIA, etc. We invite you to enjoy using our products. You can start from buying smaller quantity, and we commit that you will still benefit from our comp!!etitive price, high quality, and complete service. Send your inquiries now, or call us for details.

COTEK Electronic Ind. Co., Ltd.

CSB Battery Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)

EPPSI Energy

Fairstone Technologies Corp.

Grand-Link Technology Co,Ltd

We are the biggest manufacturer for the latop computer battery,notebook battery,PDA battery,Digital cameral,camcorder and cordless powertool battery.our products marketed all over the world and enjoy great reputation because that we do our battery packs with A-Grade China cell and Japan cell.All of our products have high capacity and can be used longer than original.all of our products have one year warranty..

Half Water Enterprise Co., Ltd.

As the finest inverter manufacturer in Taiwan Half Water Enterprise Co., LTD. we now have more than 5 series and 30 models, and we have the best R&D team to meet customers' requirement. If you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact me directly. Hope we can be business partners shortly.

Highland Electronics Co., Ltd.

We are manufacturer and exporter of below products, 1) AC-DC Power Supply from 5W to 300W, Single/ Multiple output series. 2) Active PFC products. 3) DC-DC Converters from 1W to 100W. 4) DC-AC inverter from 1W to 30W. 5) Charger for Ni-MH/Li-Ion battery. And now are seeking for cooperation partner to represent us in your country.

Hon Turing Tech Co., Ltd.,

We're the leading manufacturer of DC to AC inverter and battery charger, solar power products in Taiwan. Our product including full range of inverter, converter and charger. "izzy power" is your best choice for power solution! You can get more product information from our web-site --- . tw

JD Auspice Co., Ltd.

Kingson Electronics Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1979, Kingson Electronics Co. Ltd. is a Taiwan manufacturer and designer of DC to AC power inverters and switching battery chargers. Kingson Electronics features power supply products with compact size, light weight and high efficiency. With more than 20 years experience, Kingson Electronics dedicates to provide our customers with high quality power supply products. We export both Kingson-branded and OEM products. Contact us now for more product information!

Lawson Transworld Inc.

LiFe Tech Energy Inc

LinkChamp Co.,Ltd

150W to 5000W 12/24V modified sine wave power inverter with microcontroller& soft start. 600W to 3000W 12/24W modified sine wave power inverter with built in charger. Pure sine wave power inverter,150W & 300W.

MPP Solar Inc


OPTI-UPS and OPTI-SOLAR are one of fastest growing brands in the field of power protection and renewable energy business. formed in 1991 California USA, Opti brand became a global brand in recent years. Our ability to provide the customized and cost effecive solutions makes us stand out of competition

Renergy Inc.

Renergy Inc. has devoted itself in developing premium renewable energy products, especially in solar and wind grid tie and stand alone inverter in past few years. Located in Taiwan, we have very strong R&D backup which originates from worldwide No. 2 famous UPS manufacturer and thus enable us to develop innovative product at the right time to meet the demands in the renewable energy market. Recently, we are pleased to announce a full series of PV Grid-tie Inverter from 1. 5KW to 10KW and stand alone solar inverter from 800w to 2400w are now available for sales.

Rich Electric Co.Pty Ltd

Gentlemen: We have the pleasure of introducing ourselves as one of the most reputable manufacturers in Taiwan for the past 14 years of: AC Inverters, DC to AC Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters, Battery- Powered Electric Scooters, Ozone products, Lighting equipment and other home and industrial electric appliances. As you may be aware we deal with factory direct sales, which are more profitable for you. You will note that the low prices, covered with the best quality, will give you the present savings. These systems are simple to install, are extremely reliable, efficient, having low operating costs and require little maintenance. Our AC Inverters have won worldwide popularity and we are sure it will serve to expand your market.

Sunner Solar

Sunner Solar starts alternative energy business as a thin-film PV module manufacturer, and gradually moving into the whole system development and projecy consulting. Sunner Solar also cooperates with all sources for various products. Please do contact us if you are interested finding a strong partnership in Asia.

1st Inverter Manufacturer


Ba-power Electronics Inc.

Deer Right Corporation

DigiPower Manufacturing Inc.

Elite Power Manufacturing Co.

EPPSI Energy

Hwa Youn Co., Ltd.

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