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Bural Isitma Dis Tic Ltd Sti - - Gokcek Muhendislik - Abina Foreign Trade Co. Ltd. - Baymak A.S - Bilgen Solar Energy Systems - Dagsan A.S. - Dersolar Foreign Trade. Co., Ltd. & DERYA Solar Inc. - Derya Gunes Kollektorleri A. S - Diko Elektrikli Cihazlar San. ve Tic. A. S - Dpe Solar - ENISOLAR Energy Solutions - Esispower - GiraSolar Ltd. - Güne Enerji Sistemleri - HERA HEATING & RENEWABLES INTERNATIONAL - InterSun Energy Systems - Istek Solar Thermal Systems Inc. - Kodsan Kazan A.S. - Kuzeymak - Manufacturer & Exporter of the Solar Systems - Mars Enerji - Merit Ltd - MERK Solar Energy Solutions - Metal Endustri A. S. - Metanet Information Technology Ltd. - Ouraset Solar Thermal Systems - Ozkan Solar - Power Elektronik - Sergun Solar Energy Systems - Sim ek Günej Enerji Sistemleri - SOLAR ISI SISTEMLERI A.S. -

Bural Isitma Dis Tic Ltd Sti

Reliable supplier of solar water heaters and Biomass Systems with 20 years of experience. Solar Water Heaters, Solar Collectors, DHW Tanks, Biomass Heating Systems and Biomass Stoves are our main products. High performance and long durability is the main characteristics of our products. We have so many products in operation for years of years worldwide.

Gokcek Muhendislik

we are manufacturin vacuum tubes solar water heater. 24s 30s 36s 40s vacuum tubes boilers. Also we are manufacturing tubes.

Abina Foreign Trade Co. Ltd.

We are agricultural products manufacturing and selling firm which called ABINA Foreign Trade, in Konya / TURKEY. We (ABINA Foreign Trade) produce and sell high quality product serial and order request according to international norms as TSE, EN, DIN and ISO Quality Management System. Main production and sell activities are;HDPE Sprinkler and Drip Irrigation Pipes and fittings, U-PVC Well Casing Screen Pipes and fittings, U-PVC Column Pipes and fittings Modular Water Tanks, Solar Energy Systems, Tunnelling Machine, Automatic Potato Planting and Harvester Machines, Fertilizer Spreader & Hoe Machine, Pumpkin and Watermelon Seed- Harvesting Machines, 7, 9, 11 Unit Rolling Chisel Ploughs, 9 Unit Vanvey, Tractors Seating & Shaft

Baymak A.S

Baymak is a corporate firm with a western company culture having a 36 years of experience. It is a leading industrial and marketing company in the national and international field with a wide range of product, effective vendor and service organisation and young dynamic managers. Baymak A.S. was established in 1967 in the Kartal District, Istanbul. During the first years valves were manufactured in the factory, followed by burners, and then thermosyphons, gravity tanks and storey heating. With its 14,000m2 area, 6,000m2 of which being covered, Baymak now delivers the best service in soonest time and with highest quality through 200 personnel , over 1000 vendors organisations and 450 authorised service stations.

Bilgen Solar Energy Systems

We are manufacturing solar energy panels with ultrasonically welding. 4mm. prismatic galass Isolated with glasswoll or polyuretane

Dagsan A.S.

Dagsan energy system industry and trade company is a company which has been producing solar heating collectors, tanks and accessories for 20 years in Turkey. During the past 5 years we have been able to constantly expand our export programme. We are planning to do business with firms that interested in solar water heater products. We await your reply with great interest.

Dersolar Foreign Trade. Co., Ltd. & DERYA Solar Inc.

Derya Gunes Kollektorleri A. S. is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of environmental solar water heater systems and components in Turkey. Our company is a holder of Solar Keymark, CE & ISO 9001-2008 certificates.

Derya Gunes Kollektorleri A. S

Diko Elektrikli Cihazlar San. ve Tic. A. S

Diko Co. being always concentrated in absolute customer satisfaction presently continues its production of residential wall hung, industrial floor standing, special single serpentine thermo-boiler and boiler type of water heaters, solar boilers, marine type electrical water heaters with a wide selection of available capacities starting from 10 Liters up to 10. 000 Liters. Please contact us for further information or visit our web page.

Dpe Solar

Dunya Prestige Solar Ltd. is Turkeyâ s one of the first solar technology provider company, with an experience in all aspects of solar technologies. Dunya Prestige Solar Ltd. established in 2000 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DPE Group and encompasses virtually all businesses and assets of the DPE Group. The Group consist principally of four lines of business Energy, Telecommunication, Defense industry, General trade and operates in Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East since 1994.

ENISOLAR Energy Solutions

ENISOLAR is Turkiye's one of the leading renewable energy systems engineering company, providing services from design to installation for large scale solar and wind projects. Offering turn-key solutions for wind and solar energy projects, ENISOLAR supplies high quality components for its customers from world's leading manufacturers. ENISOLAR also provides turn key measurement solutions for large scale solar and wind power plants, offering accredited energy yield analysis reports.


Leader of the power electronics in Turkey

GiraSolar Ltd.

Güne Enerji Sistemleri

nsano lunun gün geçtikte katlanarak artan enerji ihtiyacõ, "fosil yakõtlara ba õmlõ olma" korkusunu beraberinde getirmektedir. Ba ta Avrupa olmak üzere enerji ihtiyacõnõ büyük oranda fosil ve ithal yakõtlarla kar õlamaya çalõ an ülkeler, YEN LENEB L R ENERJ 'nin önemini fark etmekte ve bu yönde ciddi adõmlar atmaktadõrlar. Fosil yakõtlardaki önlenemezfiyatartõ larõ ve buna dair gelecek beklentilerindeki belirsizlik YEN LENEB L R ENERJ 'ye yönelimi zorunlu kõlmaktadõr. Güne enerji sistemleri fiyatlarõfirmalarõnürünlerine göre de i mektedir. Kimi firma kaliteden ödün vermeden üretim yaparken kimiside malzemenin kötüsünden ürünlerini üretip satmaktadõr. Biliçli tüketicilerin bu kurnazca yapõlan hilye uymamasõ lazõm ortada alõnacak bir ürün v...


HERA HEATING & RENEWABLES INTERNATIONAL is the leading supplier of renewable energy services and products with exclusive sales agreements with some of the top solar companies around the world. Its main product lines are photovotaic modules and solar water heating systems.

InterSun Energy Systems

High quality solar product supplier........ *Solar Collectors *DC operated circulating pumps *PV operated circulating pumps *Selective Absorbers (for certain regions only) * Vacuum tubes

Istek Solar Thermal Systems Inc.


Kodsan Kazan A.S.


Trust us as long as the sun rises. .

Manufacturer & Exporter of the Solar Systems

We are manufacturer of the LED&Solar street lighting, Solar highway lighting, Solar lighting fixture, Solar street lighting fixture, Solar outdoor lighting, Solar park and garden lights, Led street lighting, Led highway lighting, Led lighting fixture, Led street lighting fixture, Outdoor led lighting, Led park and garden lights, Supplier of the hot dip galvanised lighting poles and Industrial Batteries,

Mars Enerji

Merit Ltd

More than 500, 000 collectors running since 1979, first solar water heating collectors producer of Turkey

MERK Solar Energy Solutions

Merk Solar Energy continue to provide you with services as a company growing and developing each passing day with our quality policy that is unchanged since our foundation, result-oriented solutions and innovative attitude. Merk Solar Energy, is one of the exclusive companies leading in the sector in terms of product and service quality. Our basic goal in Merk Solar Energy is to present our customers the optimal solution at competitive prices, support our partners and dealers in respect of supply, project design and technical support. Our experienced team is very important in our ability to achieve our basic target. Our employees are also architecture of success of our customers and solution partners as well as our company's success. Merk S...

Metal Endustri A. S.

Founded in 1972 in the metal industry sector, our company, Metal Endustri A. S., has been manufacturing solar water heating systems under the brand name OZBEK.

Metanet Information Technology Ltd.

METANET IT LTD, as Turkey partner Sunways AG, which is the most powerful producers through the world, offers the assurance of photovoltaic (solar energy) application, design, feasibility, and demand-centered software interfaces modification, highly efficient, 100% German made solar cells (170Wp-240Wp) and inverters (2700W-30000W).

Ouraset Solar Thermal Systems

OURASET is the engineering company and manufacturer of solar thermal systems recognized in Europe for delivering high quality, cost effective solutions for residential and industrial applications of solar energy. Ouraset products are currently tested and certified by such eminent international institutions as INTA, CENER, SOLAR KEYMARK (Certif), ISO 9001:2000 (Niszert) and by 2008 on the roofs of 18 countries accross the world. With highly skilled and bilingual engineers ready to promptly and precisely respond to all your particular requests Ouraset is certainly one of your most reliable partners in Solar Water Heating Systems in Europe.

Ozkan Solar

Solar water heating system, Boilers, Tube evacuated systems, Panel ( Collectors ) systems, pressured systems-nonpressured systems, auliminium-copper-selective panels.

Power Elektronik

POWER ELEKTRONIK - Industrial Power Solutions. Our company provides UPS, Automatic Voltage Regulators, DC to AC Inverters, Rectifier/Chargers, Static Transfer Switches, Converters, Modular & Dynamic UPS for various types of industry. What is more, our subsidiary company POWER SOLAR offers clean power solutions.

Sergun Solar Energy Systems

Sim ek Günej Enerji Sistemleri

Do ayõ kirletmeden õsõnmanõn yolu im ek'ten geçer. im ek Güne Kollektörleri kullanõmõndan yõllar sonra bile sadece silindi inde fabrikadan ilk gün çõkmõ hissi uyandõrõr. Buda im ek Güne Kollektörlerinin üretim safhasõnda gösterilen üstün özenin simgesidir. güne enerji sistemleri Kollektörlerini bir defa alõrsõnõz ve yõllarca kullansanõz bile ilk günkü performansõ bulursunuz. im ek olarak biz; üretti imiz binlerce ürünün her birinin ayrõ bir kullanõcõ tarafõndan tekil kullanõlaca õnõn bilincinde, her bir ürünümüzü bir tek üretimmi gibi dü ünerek üretiyoruz. Üretimin her a amasõnda Nasõl daha kaliteli olabilir? sorusunu kendimize defalarca soruyor ve garanti süresinden önce yada sonra arõza geri dönü ü yapacak herhangi bir ürünün mad...


Aluminium collectors, copper collectors (with tempered or low ironed tempered glass,selective absorber) PANEL RADIATORS

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