Solar Water Heating Component Businesses in Turkey

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Gokcek Muhendislik

we are manufacturin vacuum tubes solar water heater. 24s 30s 36s 40s vacuum tubes boilers. Also we are manufacturing tubes.

ABINA Optimal Solar Collectors Co. Ltd.

We are agricultural products manufacturing and selling firm which called ABINA Foreign Trade, in Konya / TURKEY. ABINA produces and sell high quality product serial and order request according to international norms as TSE, EN, DIN and ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Main production and sell activities are; Modular Water Tanks, Solar Energy Collectors, U PVC Well Casing Screen Pipes, U PVC Column Pipes, U PVC Pressure Clean Water Pipes, HDPE Sprinkler & Irrigation Pipes and Fittings, HDPE 100 Pipes and Fittings, HDPE Corrugated Pipes, Drilling Machines, Potato Planting & Harvester Machines, Fertilizer Spreader & Hoe Machine, Pumpkin & Watermelon Seed-Harvesting With Washing Machines, Tractor Seating and Shaft 5, 7, 9, 11 Unit Rolling Ch...

Ayvaz Industrials

Ayvaz manufacures stainless steel flexible metal hoses for solar thermal water heaters and thermosiphones that are used for coil designs. Also various types of flexible metal hoses for HVAC and gas supply connections with different features.

Baymak A.S

Baymak is a corporate firm with a western company culture having a 36 years of experience. It is a leading industrial and marketing company in the national and international field with a wide range of product, effective vendor and service organisation and young dynamic managers. Baymak A.S. was established in 1967 in the Kartal District, Istanbul. During the first years valves were manufactured in the factory, followed by burners, and then thermosyphons, gravity tanks and storey heating. With its 14,000m2 area, 6,000m2 of which being covered, Baymak now delivers the best service in soonest time and with highest quality through 200 personnel , over 1000 vendors organisations and 450 authorised service stations.

Dersolar Foreign Trade. Co., Ltd. & DERYA Solar Inc.

Derya Gunes Kollektorleri A. S. is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of environmental solar water heater systems and components in Turkey. Our company is a holder of Solar Keymark, CE & ISO 9001-2008 certificates.

Derya Gunes Kollektorleri A. S

Intermetalflex AS

Our company, INTERMETALFLEX A. S. is a German-Turkish joint venturecompany, producing Flexible Metal Hoses and Expansion Joints of HighQuality in Istanbul / Turkey. We export our goods to well-known companies in Germany, Italy, Austria, Greece, Australia, UK, South Africa, USA, etc. Our production range at Flexible Metal Hoses is DN 06 to DN 150. Our special ranges are BOILER HOSES and SOLAR HOSES. We produce boiler hoses with or without end-fittings. Weare ready to support you technically and, please do not hesitate to askif you have any commercial and/or technical questions.

Istek Solar Thermal Systems Inc.


Kodsan Kazan A.S.

Manufacturer & Exporter of the Solar Systems

We are manufacturer of the LED&Solar street lighting, Solar highway lighting, Solar lighting fixture, Solar street lighting fixture, Solar outdoor lighting, Solar park and garden lights, Led street lighting, Led highway lighting, Led lighting fixture, Led street lighting fixture, Outdoor led lighting, Led park and garden lights, Supplier of the hot dip galvanised lighting poles and Industrial Batteries,

Metal Endustri A. S.

Founded in 1972 in the metal industry sector, our company, Metal Endustri A. S., has been manufacturing solar water heating systems under the brand name OZBEK.

Ouraset Solar Thermal Systems

OURASET is the engineering company and manufacturer of solar thermal systems recognized in Europe for delivering high quality, cost effective solutions for residential and industrial applications of solar energy. Ouraset products are currently tested and certified by such eminent international institutions as INTA, CENER, SOLAR KEYMARK (Certif), ISO 9001:2000 (Niszert) and by 2008 on the roofs of 18 countries accross the world. With highly skilled and bilingual engineers ready to promptly and precisely respond to all your particular requests Ouraset is certainly one of your most reliable partners in Solar Water Heating Systems in Europe.

Ozkan Solar

Solar water heating system, Boilers, Tube evacuated systems, Panel ( Collectors ) systems, pressured systems-nonpressured systems, auliminium-copper-selective panels.

Sunstrip Turkiye

Welcome to Sunstrip/Turkiye, Sunstrip Turkiye develops, manufactures and markets strips and absorbers. Today Sunstrip Turkiye is one of the nation's leading supplier to large solar collector fields -Sunstrip utilizes cutting-edge technology for the products, and with the launching of the fullplate absorber Lazerplate in 2002, became complete suppliers of strips and absorber materials for both large solar collectors and for smaller domestic collector systems. SUNSTRIP TR at its 2000 sqm facility located in 2nd. Organised Industrial Zone / Konya, is the exclusive licensee producer of Sunstrip absorbers in Turkiye, supplying world-class absorber components to local solar collector manufacturers. Our objective is to provide local and regio...


Sunturk has a mission to protect our environment by helping people while servicing high quality well designed solar systems. Sole energy the Sun, in your hands by Sunturk..

Baymak A. S.


Derya Gunes Kollektorleri A. S.

Istanbul Kazan Ltd

Kodsan A.S


Zema Arātma Sistemleri Ltd. Ūti.

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