Renewable Energy Manufacturers in Ukraine

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solar water heating systems

BioDieselMach LTD

BioDieselMach Ltd develops and manufactures biodiesel processing plants of industrial scale with capacities 1m3/hour(8 000 MT/year), 4m3/hour(32 000 MT/year), 8m3/hour(64 000 MT/year), 12m3/hour(96 000 MT/year), 16m3/hour(128 000 MT/year). Processed biodiesel conforms to: European standard: EN 14214 American standard: ASTM D6751 We specialize in medium to large bidiesel plants. Our complete turn-key plants are very compact and easy to connect, they build in inside of ISO compliant containers. All our equipment have met performance standards required by ISO 9001:2000 international measurements of quality.

Buda Solar Ukraina Ltd.

Technological lines on a turnkey basis for the production of thin film solar modules made of amorphous silicon technology Buda Solar Technologies. Assembly and installation of solar power. Sales of thin-film solar panels made from amorphous silicon.


We are manufacturer of biofuels such as brickets and pellets. Also we supply stoves (up to 1 MwT) for pellets. We produce extruder for making biobrickets. Also we supply briquetting machines for pini-key and industrial type briquettes

Kvazar JSC

JSC "Kvazar" is a company with 49-year long history. We possess experience in rural electrification of different African and Asian regions based on governmental programs; as well as in providing grid-connected electricity to residential and industrial objects in Eastern Europe. The main spheres of our activity are as follows: -PV cells and modules production; -Projects development, manufacture, delivery and installing of solar systems of various fields of application. We possess full cycle of PV products ranging from Silicon (our subsidiary produces 8% of world Silicon), wafers, cells and modules to PV systems. We control all of the procedures so as to make our products most reliable and durable. We use our technical and scientific .....

Progeny Solar

Prolog Semicor, Ltd.

Prolog Semicor, Ltd. offers a large assortment of monocrystaline silicon ingots and wafers. We produce ingots with diameters of 3, 4, 5, 5 1/2 or 6 inches in quantities up to 1,000 kg per month. We produce wafers with diameters of 76.2, 100 or 125 mm in quantities of up to 30,000 pcs per month.

Solar UA

Given its experience and expertise of partners, SolarUA company provides qualified consulting support at all stages of implementation of products and solutions related to solar energy.

SolarSoul Team

Sunlit Company

Heat pumps, solar heating systems, systems that are running on alternative fuels, solar power plants.

Systems Ltd.



Dear Sirs! More than two years our company successfully produces windmills and other equipment necessary for independent and uninterrupted electrosupply of houses, summer residences, apartments, cafes, shops and offices. The devices producing electric power the windmills, and also the devices accumulating electric power and allowing to use saved up electric power for maintenance of feed of the electrical household appliances the self-contained power supply units make a basic part of our production.

LTD co

Modis Ltd.

PBT Silicon Ukraine Ltd.


Scientific Industrial Corporation ISTA

Silicon Ltd.

Thermonix LLC


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