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Construction Resources

Delta-T Devices Ltd

Established in 1971, Delta-T Devices specialises in sensors and data loggers to measure and record meteorological and other environmental parameters. The range includes weather stations, solar radiation sensors, soil moisture sensors and data loggers. Delta-T introduced the world s first solar radiation sensor able to simultaneously measure total and diffuse radiation plus sunshine duration.

Dexdyne Ltd

Dexdyne specialises in web-enabled remote monitoring and control systems. Dexdyne's Netrix product makes it simple for you to monitor your remote renewable energy installation live over the internet using GPRS/GSM network, using a standard web browser. It includes full data logging facilities, 128 bit SSL security, and can even send email or cellphone SMS text alerts in the event of an alarm. Netrix Server and Dashboard front end enable the user to monitor all remote collateral via a single point of entry. Netrix is state of the art technology which is straightforward to configure and install- no programming skills required!

HealthCare Solutions or HCS

HCS is leading the way in the NHS in reducing the carbon footprint of the built environment through upgrading NHS Trusts energy infrastructure at no net cost to the NHS

T4 Sustainability Ltd

T4 Sustainability Limited offers design, installation, engineering and consultancy solutions to sustainability issues. The Directors have professional technical backgrounds with histories of working for and with a wide range of organizations and groups. These include local government, the health service, private companies, and independent consultancy. Subject to the restrictions of commercial confidentiality, we aim to raise awareness and disseminate information about sustainability issues, and demonstrate good practice in all our activities.

4Advantage Metering Solutions Limited

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