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EaglePicher Technologies, LLC

Let EaglePicher provide the power solution to your next high-tech application. Whether it's cells, batteries, or complete power systems, you can trust EaglePicher's comprehensive energy solutions to deliver power where you want it, when you need it. We bring the newest technology innovations and offer custom battery development. What's more, we fully support our customers from concept through final production.

Akku Tronics New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Akkutronics New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2009, is dedicated in research and manufacture of lithium primary & rechargeable batteries and power banks. It covers an area of nearly 20, 000 square meters and employs over 1, 000 employees, with more than 40 experienced researchers and technicians and becomes one of the most innovative lithium batteries manufacturer in the industry. With 12 years' of battery engineering and design experience, AkkuTronic provides customers with effective and efficient battery solutions. AkkuTronic has a proven reputation with a broad customer base for the supply of high safety batteries, battery packs and customized batteries. Our dedicated inhouse team will design, build and supply you the most adva...

Advanced EWT Battery Company

EWT battery is a profession battery company which supply: ER14250 ER14505 ER26500 ER34615 ER14335 ER17335 ER17505 ER18505 ER13150 ER17505M ER26500M ER34615M LS14500 LS26500 LS33600 LSH14 LSH20 SL-350 SL-360 TL-2100 TL-2150 TL-2200 TL-2300 CR123A CR-P2 2CR5 CR17335 CR14505 CR26500 CR34615 CR2032 CR2025 CR2430 CR2450 EWT Battery is a Hi-Tech enterprise estabulished in 2001 in China, Which is specialized in the research, design, production and sale of primary lithium battery(Li-SCLO2, Li-MnO2, Li-SO2) and rechargeable batteries ( NiCd, NiMH) Depending on the creative R&D center, the production base and the sale, service net, the company has offered its customers excellent products and services. Main products of the company include Lithium . . ...

Fanso Battery

Fanso Battery is a leading ISO9001 compliant primary lithium battery manufacturer, specialising in a complete size range of cylindrical 3. 6V Li-SOCl2 and 3. 0V Li-MnO2 batteries, like 1/2AA, AA, A, 2/3A, C, D, CC, DD, as well as ultra thin soft pack cells specially for RFID acitve tags. They are perfect power solutions to small to large pulse applications and can operate excellently at -55â� to +165â�. Our batteries have CE, UL, UN, Rohs appoved. OEM/ODM welcome !

Greencisco Industrial Co., Ltd.

Greencisco Industrial Co. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of UPS, solar inverter, solar power system, solar batteries, nickel cadmium batteries, nickel iron solar battery, battery charger, -48V telecom rectifier system, Telecom DC-DC converter, frequency converter, stabilizer, MPPT/PWM solar controllers. www. greencisco. com;;/Greenciscosimon

HBL Power Systems Ltd

We are looking for Agents, Distributors, Importers of Specialised Batteries for South American countries.

L&P Co., Ltd.

Lithium primary batteries, Lithium Thionyl Chloride (Li-SOCl2) batteries Manufacturing. Both Spiral type and Bobbin type

Minamoto Battery (HK) Limited

MINAMOTO is a leading Lithium Battery manufacturer and exporter which supplies variety of battery with competitive price for more than 15 years. As a direct Lithium Battery manufactory, you can be "Guaranteed the Best Price for the Highest Quality Product". Our core strengths are Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery, Lithium Polymer Battery and Nickel Metal-Hydride Battery. For the different market needs, MINAMOTO is also experienced in manufacturing conventional dry battery, rechargeable battery and button cell, and exports alls kind of batteries to worldwide with exceptional quality and reliability. You concern the quality, MINAMOTO concerns you needs. In 2006, we have consolidated our production capacity for primary lithium battery and stren...

Powerpack Industries Pte Ltd

Powerpack Industries Pte Ltd is the Exclusive Distributor for SAFT SBG(Specialty Battery Group) for South Asia and we specialised in portable industrial batteries.

Shenzhen Yinyoo Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Yinyoo Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is an important professional manufacturer of Li-Polymer, Li-ion, Ni-MH cells with intellectual property and core technology in China. With 15 years of development, Yinyoo energy has two industrial locations in Shenzhen and Hunan, which total covers the area of 180, 000㎡. Today, we have more than 2, 500 employees, 106 person in QC, 46 experts and engineers in R&D, and more than 100 large-scale production machines & 500 battery testing equipments, the total production capacity is more than 100 million Ah lithium cells & 300 million pcs of Ni-MH cells per year. Yinyoo energy has been one of the largest lithium & Ni-MH rechargeable battery manufacturers in the world, the products are mainly use...

Suzhou EUROFORCE Battery Co., Ltd

We are professional manufacturer and exporter in China for alkaline batteries, zinc chloride batteries, zinc carbon batteries, lithium batteries, rechargeable batteries and charger. Our quality is very reliable and pricings are really competitive, morever, we could provide you very timely services. Welcome your inquiries anytime !

Winbatt Co Ltd

We are a good credit battery factory in China. Our batteries and chargers products covers the below: 1, Lithium Polymer battery: for mobile phone, Bluetooth, PDA, portable DVD, high rate discharge for R/C, mobile communications, etc. any shape can design for you. 2, Li-MO2 battery: CR123A, 2CR5, RCR123A & its charger (specially design for flashlight, 3V/600mAh, 3.6V/650mAh with IC protected), CR9V, CR2032, CR2450, CR2025,etc 3,Alkaline battery: Li-FeS2 AA2900mah AAA1100mAh(new generation), LR20, 9V, LR6, LR03 4,3.7V Li-ion rechargeable battery: 18650 series from 1800-2400mah. Unique battery charger for 18650, 18500, 17650, 17500. 5, ER34615H 19000mAh, etc. the highest density capacity 3.6V li-ion battery 6,button cells: AG1,AG4,AG10,...

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