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Panasonic - OEM Battery Sales

Panasonic is a leading supplier of batteries offering advanced cell manufacturing and product technologies, superior quality, and one of the broadest lines of primary and rechargeable batteries in the industry. Panasonic's product line includes Lithium-Ion, Lithium coin, Lithium primary cylindrical, Nickel Metal Hydride, Valve Regulated Lead Acid and Alkaline batteries. Our batteries meet multiple market needs and are ideal for a variety of consumer, commercial and industrial portable power applications. Examples include: power tools, high powered flashlights, medical and dental equipment, uninterruptable power systems, wireless security, and RFID applications among others.

Pacific Power Batteries

PC & Associates

PC & Associates is a consortium of experts providing technical, legal and management consulting services in the areas of primary and secondary consumer batteries & fuel cells. Our clients are diverse, and include large and small battery manufacturers, start-up operations, law firms and non-profit groups from around the globe. The consultants working under the umbrella of PC & Associates have a combined experience of over six decades in the battery industry covering the areas of R&D, Manufacturing and Management, and serving as expert witness in Proprietary Property and Product Liability Litigations. We have ready access to a group of experts with extensive experience in the relevant fields, and can deliver cutting edge technology solution. ...


The standard PEC test equipment is micro-processor controlled, and works fully independent. The preparation of a test is done off-line using a PC-GUI interface. The user interface node communicates over a field bus-network with the test system. To obtain the high accuracy and flexibility, features like a dynamic electronic load and an autocalibration are supported. The test system is designed in a modular way in order to reach the specific customer s amount of test positions. In addition, each test position may apply a different, user-defined, charge/discharge profile, including constant or intermittent resistance, current and power tests. Our Formation and Ranking Machines are designed to work with battery trays, and form part of the pro...

Pioneer Conversions

Conversion of vehicles to electric power

Power Source Energy Co., Ltd

Credit battery Supplier Since 1984. ISO Battery Factory with UL Prove : UL Proved lithium Polymer Battery and Lithium Polymer Battery packs. Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries and Battery Packs (Ni-Mh, NiMh, Battery) AA 2600mAh ; Li-ion Battery in Cylindrical Shape: ICR18650 2600mAh ICR 18650 2400mah ICR18650 2200mAh ICR17670 1400mAh ICR14500 700mAh, ICR13490 650mAh li-ion packs, Lithium ion Battery Packs from 2Pcs of ICR18650 at 7. 2V 2200mAh; Lithium Polymer Battery for Bluetooth handset; Lithium Polymer Battery for Mobile Phone Lithium Polymer Battry for R/C Toys, 60C 22. 2V 5000mah lithium Polymer Battery Packs for RC Use. Lithium Polymer Battery for Notebook Computer; Lithium-ion Polymer Battery for Emergency Light; Lithium-ion Polymer, li...

Power Storage Europe BV

Power Storage Europe offers you more than 25 years of experience in all possible types of batteries for the widest variety of applications. As an independent company, PSE specializes among other things in maintenance-free, rechargeable batteries for both standby and cyclic applications and high-quality charging equipment. There are countless areas of applications for PSE products. From longer-life, higher-power batteries for the telecommunication industry to Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and emergency power supplies for hospitals, airports and computer centers. From batteries for electrical vehicles, electrical tools and communication systems to batteries that power the chip in your car s electronic brain, in collars for dairy cattl...


Australian importer and distributor of Power-Sonic brand batteries and with national product distribution around Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

Power-Sonic Corporation

Manufacturing and Marketing of Rechargeable Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries, Sealed Nickel-Cadmium Batteries, Sealed NiMH Batteries, Custom Battery Packs, and Battery Chargers for both SLA and NiCd & NiMH Batteries for OEM's and distributors.

Power-Sonic Europe Limited

Prime Products

Have been distributing rechargeable batteries since 1990. Have developed and implemented sophisticated QC procedures which result in our customer getting reliable products. All products sourced directly from reputed manufacturers. Sealed Lead Acid Batteries - Vision, Power-Sonic, Surepower NiCd, NiMH - Surepower Lithium Ion - Cham Lead Tin - Enersys




Powermaster Batteries

Powermate Devices


Progressive Technologies, Inc

PSA Parts Pty Ltd

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