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Greencisco Industrial Co., Ltd.

Greencisco Industrial Co. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of UPS, solar inverter, solar power system, solar batteries, nickel cadmium batteries, nickel iron solar battery, battery charger, -48V telecom rectifier system, Telecom DC-DC converter, frequency converter, stabilizer, MPPT/PWM solar controllers. www. greencisco. com;;/Greenciscosimon

Optimum Battery Co, Ltd

We are a battery leading of the manufacturer in china . Our factory is founded in 2002 as a new science & Hi-tech enterprise, and our products include the NiMH&NiCd, and Lifepo4??Li-ion??, used in a wide range, such as consumer cell, solar light& E-light, cordless phone, toys&hobbies, home application, and power energy, ects . Several years hard work, we have about 1000 employers, including above 20 R&D engineers, boasting 10000M2of production space, and monthly production volume is about 8 million with over USD 2 million . Now, Optimum has obtained a hunge success in the global OEM service and cooperate with the world Top500 leading companies . Moreover, our products also have obtained the TUV ISO9001, UL, CE and RBRC authentication . Our ...

Rocky Cheng

This is Rocky of Shenzhen Betterpower Battery Co., Ltd (i. e. BPI), we are one of Top 3 manufacturers specializing in Ni-Mh, Ni-Zn and Li-polymer rechargeable battery, we are OEM factory of world famous brand such as: Uniross, Ansmann, Intelbras, Powerex, Xcell, Camelion etc. The following rechargeable battery series of my company are among the world's best: 1. Ni-Mh high capacity (We have the world's highest real capacity, AA2700mAh and AAA1100mAh)2. Ni-Mh Ready-to-Us (Ready-to-use, low self-discharge series, charge retention rate can be over 70% after 2 years storage)3. Ni-Mh high temperature (Can be used under 90 â environment)4. Ni-Zn, ie 1. 6V Nickel Zinc battery (We are the world's only manufacture except Powergenix in the USA) Any ...

Zr Industrial Ltd

ZR INDUSTRIAL LTD is one of the leading supplier of a variety of thin metal foils, providing Aluminum foil, Copper foil, Nickel foil, Zinc foil, Titanium foil, Molybdenum foil, Tin foil, Tungsten foil, Tantalum foil, Niobium foil, Magnesium foil Silver foil, Cobalt foil, Zirconium foil, Platinum foil, Stainless Steel foil, Lead foil, Chromium foil etc.


Dear Sir:It is our pleasure to invite your esteem company to participate in our coming publication: Energy Saving, sponsored by China Academy of Social Studies. With minimum, cost of sponsorship your company's will be able to reach all China clients. We may discuss more cooperation if you are interested. Thank you for your attention. Truly, John Chang,

Golden Gate Veloteq

Gulf Coast Veloteq, LLC

Valuride Distributors, Inc.

WETECHCOM Industrial Co., LTD

Wheelgo Veloteq

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