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Alpine Power Systems, Inc

Full line DC Power Supplier. Motive and Stationary Power, all types of batteries, Chargers and Rectifiers, Installation, Capacity Testing of Batteries. UPS Products and generators (multi-fuel). Members if I.E.E.E. and licensed Electrical Contractor. Full E.F. and I. (engineering, furnish and install) services. Maintenance and educational services also.

CN battery Co., Ltd

We specialize in R&D, manufacture and sale of Lithium batteries, alkaline batteries, Ni-MH batteries and chargers. Our R&D capabilities are extraordinary due to many experts in batteries field. We set up workstation for PhD with Tsinghua University and Tianjin University We have gotten ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, UL, UN and RoHS Certificates. Main products:CR123A, CR2, CR435, CR425, CR535, 2CR5, CR-P2, CRV3, 1. 5V AA, AAA Lithium batteries, . . . .

EEMB Battery Co, Ltd.

EEMB Battery Co, . Ltd is a leading battery manufacturer in China, specialized in not only primary batteries, such as Lithium Manganese Dioxide battery, Lithium Thionyl Chloride battery, Li-SO2 battery; but also rechargeable batteries, such as Li-ion, Li-polymer batteries and NiMH batteries. Our products are ISO 9000 certified, and UL approved. Besides, EEMB batteries are insured by Allianz Insurance Company.

GBT German Battery Trading GmbH

AGFAPHOTO is one of the most familiar brands in Europe. The brand stands for quality, reliability, and service that cannot be topped by other “no name” brands. We are, thereby, offering our services to you, our future customer, to bring this top brand name to you and give you and your customers the extra value to increase your business, by this exlusive brand. GBT GmbH is the exclusive distributor for all AGFAPHOTO batteries and associated accessories. GBT has been a leading manufacturer of batteries, rechargeable battery packs, and charging units for the last 15 years. Our experienced staff of creative and professional employees guarantee the highest standard of quality in the products that we produce; all of which, are produced in state-...

Greencisco Industrial Co., Ltd.

Greencisco Industrial Co. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of UPS, solar inverter, solar power system, solar batteries, nickel cadmium batteries, nickel iron solar battery, battery charger, -48V telecom rectifier system, Telecom DC-DC converter, frequency converter, stabilizer, MPPT/PWM solar controllers. www. greencisco. com;;/Greenciscosimon

Hongkong Highpower Technology Co, . Ltd

We can manufacture lithium polymer battery, lithium ion battery, LiFePO4 battery and Nickel Metal Hydride battery for you, Over 10 years OEM/ODM experiences, 100 experienced engineers, 3000 well-operated employees, make sure of you the best quality of the battery.

Jiaxing Hi-Energy Battery Factory

Jiaxing Hi-Energy Battery Factory was established in 1995, which is a share holding Co., Ltd. with 12, 000 square meters construction and over 250 staff members. After tens of years' development, our factory has become a large-scaled and well-known company in its field. Now, we can yearly produce 400 million batteries, including various kinds of Zinc-manganese batteries, alkaline batteries, bottom cells and rechargeable batteries, and we also provide correlative service for customers of charger and flashlight. We are the member of Chinese National Standard Committee of Primary Battery. We have a rich source of technical and experience. The main managers of departments and technique all have tens of years' experience in management and manufa...

Leclanche S. A.

Microcell International Battery Co., Ltd.

We are the leading battery manufacturer in Suzhou, China. near the port of Shanghai. we produce quality dry batteries mainly for export by OEM. We export batteries to over 40 countries, Our batteries are with good quality and very reliable, especially on leakage proof. our prices are reasonable. enquiry welcome!

Motoma Power Co.

Battery manufacturer and exporter.

Semicom GP Hellas SA

Importer, Distributor and Developer of all kinds of battery types for all applications.

Zhejiang Yonggao Battery Co., Ltd.

For your information, Zhejiang Yonggao Battery Company Limited is a specialized an modernized manufacturer of dry battery products this company previously named Zhejiang Jiaxing Battery Factory was founded in October 1952. Through half a century of developing, the value of our general assets has been closed to RMB100,000,000 and the modernized workshops are set up in the company with a total gross floor area of 65,000 square meters. Also we own 23 sets more of complete production line and quality inspection equipment are advanced at home and abroad. We possess a team of high caliber talents and the technology of battery production is kept improved so that our company was first one of the battery manufacturers to produce type ammonia chlori...

Double-Wing(Zhuhai)Trading Co.,Ltd

HuaYu Electronic

Newhop Battery Industrial Inc

Power Stations Ltd

Sero Industrial & Commercial Co., Ltd

Shanghai Fei Jing Battery Co.,Ltd.

ZhongHeng Battery Co., Ltd.

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