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GP Batteries International Limited

Powering a better tomorrow.

GP Batteries USA

Powering a better tomorrow.

Greencisco Industrial Co., Ltd.

Greencisco Industrial Co. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of UPS, solar inverter, solar power system, solar batteries, nickel cadmium batteries, nickel iron solar battery, battery charger, -48V telecom rectifier system, Telecom DC-DC converter, frequency converter, stabilizer, MPPT/PWM solar controllers. www. greencisco. com;;/Greenciscosimon

Guangzhou Tianqiu Enterprise CO.Ltd.

GuangZhou TianQiu Enterprise Co.,ltd is one of Chinese professional manufacture and exporter for a wide range of batteries, specilize in high quality alkaline managanese(AG series),lithium managanese(CR series) and silver oxide(SR series) button cells battery . With the advantage of 16 years accumulation of marketing ,TianQiu has set up three plants and formed a TianQiu sales network range from home to abroad,500 sole distributorships over inland China, fully owned branches set up in each city of Pearl Delt area. Present regular customers over 1000 and 2000 overseas sales networks cover South East Asia, European and American countries. Our products quality certification: A: CE certified B: CMA (Greenery) Testing and Certification, HongK...

High Power Tech. Co. LTD

Establish in 1998,professional manufacturing in NI-MH,LI-ION,Li-ion Polymer Rechargeable Batteries and also developed solar cells, offer a green power for the world. Cylindrical, Prismatic or Button types high capacity available. Production area covers 5000sqm, 125 employees, 8 engineers. Monthly turnout 600,000pcs unitary batteries and 200,000pcs battery packs. With state-of-art technique and advanced equipments, we can make battery according to customers' specification. HP batteries serve not only in domestic market, but also export to Japan, Taiwan, U.S.A and Korea countries. OEM are welcome!

Micropower Battery Company

PE Power Trading Limited

PE Power is an international trading company located in Hong Kong. We specialize in supplying and exporting many kinds of batteries and battery products to countries all over the world. We offer a wide range of well-known brands of batteries including Duracell, Energizer, Maxell, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Sony etc. With our extensive knowledge and many years of experience in trading of batteries, we are sure our sales team can provide a professional service to you. Please contact us now for more information.

Promax Battery Industries Limited.

Promax Battery Industries Limited. carries a full line of Extra Long-Life batteries and brands to suit your needs, with the Japan-technology automatic production lines. The ever popular Super Alkaline Batteries: LR20, LR14, LR6, LR03, 6LR61, LR1 are the longest lasting batteries around. The ALCALINE type batteries are one of the most expensive of the classes, but far surpass the performance of anything less. Your customers will see the difference and in today's market, everyone wants Alkaline. The SUPER HEAVY DUTY type batteries are made of Zinc Chloride and do not last as long as alkaline batteries, but are also less expensive. These are the perfect batteries for low drain de. . .

Renata Batteries

RENATA employs more than 400 people at its modern facility in Itingen near Basle (Switzerland) where all services (including R&D, manufacturing and administration) are concentrated. Founded in 1952 as a producer of mechanical watch parts, RENATA was transformed into a specialised button cell maker in the late Seventies. Today, the Itingen plant produces more than 1 million micro batteries every day. Thanks to a high degree of verticalization, RENATA is reputed as an extremely flexible and reliable battery source. RENATA controls the entire production process, from the stamped battery case, the injection molded plastic gasket to the preparation of battery chemicals and final assembly. An intricate system of quality controls - from the incoming inspections of raw materials to the final checks of the finished product - ensure the high and consistent quality and performance attributed to RENATA's battery products. A world-wide network of importers/distributors and sales offices, supported by the technical and commercial staff at Itingen, provides RENATA's customers with close and easy connections to their supplier and all the technical support they may require. Our Business RENATA provides a wide range of high-tech micro batteries and other products including Primary Batteries Watch and Calculator Batteries Hearing Aid Batteries 3V Lithium Batteries Tabbed Lithium Batteries Encapsulated Lithium Batteries Battery Holders Secondary (Rechargeable) Batteries Lithium Ion Batteries

Softsourcing AG

Quality batteries at very low prices delivered over night!

WaMa Battery Co.,Ltd

WaMa Battery Co.,Ltd is one of the biggest manufactuer and exporter of button cells & camera batteries in China. A grade and low price. 1) AG13 & CR2032 etc button cells. 2) all camera batteries models for digital camera and common camera, such as,CR123A,CR2,CR-P2, CR-V3,CR-1/3N,etc. 3) rechargeable CR123A & RCR-V3 batteries. 4) the newest rechargeable CR123A charger & CR-V3 charger. in China only us produce. our charger may fit for UK,USA,EU,etc. mike tang WaMa Battery Co.,Ltd

Watch Batteries USA

Zr Industrial Ltd

ZR INDUSTRIAL LTD is one of the leading supplier of a variety of thin metal foils, providing Aluminum foil, Copper foil, Nickel foil, Zinc foil, Titanium foil, Molybdenum foil, Tin foil, Tungsten foil, Tantalum foil, Niobium foil, Magnesium foil Silver foil, Cobalt foil, Zirconium foil, Platinum foil, Stainless Steel foil, Lead foil, Chromium foil etc.

Bob Industry Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Qilifeng Industry Co., Ltd.

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