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M. C. Lights - M. R. Trading & Co. - MaeTec Power, Inc. - Magellan Power - Magnetek Telecom Power - Mahamai Engineers - Mahavir Shree International P Ltd - MAKELSAN POWER SYSTEMS - Manson Engineering Industrial Ltd - McLan Electronics, Inc. - Mornsun Guangzhuo Science & Technology LTD. - Motien Technology Co., LTD - Movitrom - Sistemas de Energia Lda. - Magnetek - Manyaksh Telecom Iso 9001:2000 App. - Microware Technologies Pvt. Ltd. - Millennium Power Systems - Mornsun Guangzhou Science & Technology Ltd. - Morven Electronics Ltd -

M. C. Lights

We are the manufacturer of LED based lights ( Indoor/Outdoor) like street light, industrial light, LED bulb, flexible strip, Garden lights, Tube light, Ceiling light, fall ceiling light, Solar Street light etc. Our products are having 3years warranty with best prices in India.

M. R. Trading & Co.

We have pleasure in introducing ourselves as pioneer and leading manufacturers of various types of 'VARSHA' & 'MRE' brand AC/DC adaptors, DC/DC adaptors, battery chargers, voltage stabilizers, battery eliminators, battery back up, adaptors for caller id, cordless phone and many more. We manufacture power supply for all kind of Security Systems, LEDs, weighing scales, computer Power supplies, battery backup / mini ups types and also CC/CV battery Chargers (constant current constant volt chargers). With distinguished market presences of over 30yrs, we supply our materials to many corporate sectors and have our own network. Our speciality is development of any model and type of power supply as per the requirement of the customer.

MaeTec Power, Inc.

MaeTec Power operates throughout the United States and Canada, offering a wide variety of DC power installation and maintenance services. MaeTec Power is partnered with industry leading DC power manufacturers such as Emerson, Argus, Tyco, Liebert, and APC as well as leading battery manufacturers C&D, East Penn, GNB, and others. MaeTec Power uses its own technicians to service its customers, rarely ever using subcontractors. MaeTec Power Provides Industry Leading Products and Services * DC Power Design, Installation, and Augments * Battery Installation, Maintenance, and Load Testing * UPS Installation and Maintenance * Grounding Schemes * Fiber Guide Installation * Racking and Stacking * Cable Sizing and Installation ...

Magellan Power

Magellan Power is a leading Australian manufacturer and supplier of high quality/high reliability DC and AC power systems at very competitive prices.

Magnetek Telecom Power

Magnetek Telecom Power Systems is a division of Magnetek Inc. and specializes in DC power solutions. Our product portfolio includes DC power plants and battery backup systems. All DC power and battery systems can be installed in equipment racks, climate controlled outdoor enclosures, indoor cabinets (such as the DC Boss and U2 cabinets), and in Magnetek's communications vehicles (COW and COLT). All Magnetek systems are available with remote/local monitoring and control capabilities using Ethernet connectivity. Magnetek systems are designed to meet your central office, data center, wireless base station, or other network installation requirements.

Mahamai Engineers

We introduce ourselves as a manufacturer and supplier of :-:-Thyristor controlled three phase and single Phase FC BCs:-IGBT controlled three phase and single Phase FC BCs:-SMPS based FCBCs :-CVCC type Battery Chargers (Primary Controlled) :-Microprocessor based controllers (MRM PROCOM):-Regulated DC Power Supplies:-DC to AC Converters:-DC to DC Converters:-Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS):-Electronic Hooter & Buzzer:-DC Distribution Boards:-DC Power Packs & Battery BanksThese products are made according to the customer's specific requirement (Custom made). Some of the designs are of regular production as they are widely used as an integral part of the panel by the industry. We make Chargers, Power supplies, DCDB's etc. for standalone appli...

Mahavir Shree International P Ltd

backup power systems, industrial batteries, lead acid batteries, telecommunication batteries, sealed lead acid batteries, battery charge controllers, Batery charges, Computer and electronic components, Dc to DC power converters, photovoltaic modules, UPS, Hydro Power Equipment


Uninterruptable Power Supplies,Voltage Regulators,Inverters,Converters

Manson Engineering Industrial Ltd

Manson designs and manufactures: Linear DC regulated power supplies. Switching mode power supplies for laboratory, manufacturing, communications, general purpose and special application supplies. DC-DC converters. PV Charge Controllers. Lead-acid battery chargers Power transformers and PCB assemblies. Our wide range of power electronic conversion and DC control products are made to meet applications for laboratory, marine, security, field service, telecom, PV (solar panel ) charging /systems and etc.

McLan Electronics, Inc.

Mornsun Guangzhuo Science & Technology LTD.

MORNSUN? Price: Very competitive in Chinese market; Leadtime: 7- 14 days after order confirmed. Patents: over 50 patents ; Certification: Qualified for ISO 9001:2000, the majority of products are certified by CE, UL, RoHS compliant; History: Found in 1998 ,play the leading role of low power (0.2W to 30W) in mainland China .

Motien Technology Co., LTD

MOTIEN Technology is established since 1998, we have our young but well experienced and aggressive team with developing, marketing, technology staffs from different generations. With the motif of "Self Challenge", we treat ourselves as the main competitor and we aim our target in the worldwide market. During the past decade, MOTIEN has grown up from a small company with some design engineers into a medium firm with approx 240 employees. Our marketing territory has covered Europe, North America, Asia and and Australia - But as our motif - Self Challenge, we are not satisfied with what we have done so far. Our strong R&D team lead us into the market from the general purpose small power DC/DC converters and Industrial / Telecom medium power We...

Movitrom - Sistemas de Energia Lda.


Manyaksh Telecom Iso 9001:2000 App.

Microware Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Millennium Power Systems

Mornsun Guangzhou Science & Technology Ltd.

Morven Electronics Ltd

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