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H-Tech Inc. - Habi-Tek - Harmony Heating & Home Comfort, Inc. - Hartland Electric LLC - Hawkins Design Group Inc. - Heating Solutions - Heavens Solar Technology - Helios Electric LLC - Heliotropic Technologies - Hellas Energy - HMX Systems Ltd., - Home Energy Loss Professionals (H. E. L. P. ) - Home Energy Partners - Home Front Homes LLC. - Home Sweet Earth Home - Hydronic Agencies Ltd. - Hawkesbury Valley Homes - Hero Technologies - Home Energy Consultants, Inc. -

H-Tech Inc.

H-Tech Inc. is a Fuel Cell Technology Firm, which provides equipment and services to active International Fuel Cell & Hydrogen developers, manufacturers, universities, research institutions and other entities which have in-house FC projects. H-Tech Inc. 's Engineering core allows for exciting System Integration conceptualization, design, research and prototyping activities to be accomplished. H-Tech Inc. is a System Solutions Company which provides services to both Industry Companies & Consumers alike.


Habi-Tek designs, installs, services and maintains renewable energy systems. We also provide consulting and educational services.

Harmony Heating & Home Comfort, Inc.

Solar Hot Water. Solar Space Heat. High Efficiency Gas Heat. Natural Air Conditioning. Radiant Heat. Geothermal Heat Pumps. Photovoltaic Systems. Energy Audits. Building Shell Improvements and General Load Reduction. Indoor Air Quality Solutions.

Hartland Electric LLC

Hartland Electric is a Veteran owned and operated premier electrical contractor of licensed, conscientious, courteous and highly competent electricians installing solar. With over 22 years experience in the electrical repair business and less them 1 Mw of PV installed we'll do the job on the spot and clean-up after ourselves too. Suddenly, performance is popular again. We were the local contractor choosen to install the PV power system on the Michigan Govenor's residence in Lansing and for Consumers Energy Headquarters in Jackson Mi. Hartland Electric when you want what's new installed with old-school quality. Give us a call today for your FREE estimate!

Hawkins Design Group Inc.

Heating Solutions

We supply, design and distribute evergy efficient heating system ranging from solar panels to underfloor heating to Heat Pumps. Full design service available by Jack Foley - Mechanical Engineer

Heavens Solar Technology

Helios Electric LLC

North Texas Solar Electric Design and Installation. We are a renewable engineering company located in Dallas Texas. Helios Electric designs and installs commercial and residential photovoltaic systems. We also design custom systems, battery backup systems, off-grid, grid-tied and large solar fields. We are also a renewable energy distributor of many solar products. Visit us online for more information.

Heliotropic Technologies

2 Business units: 1) Solar system installations & 2) Energy Engineering Services. Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Project Design and Management. Services range from residential shelter design, solar and other renewable energy system sales to commercial and industrial clients, energy efficiency engineering and project implementation. Professional Engineering services combined with an environmentally conscience and artistic soul. We can change the world, the way life should be.

Hellas Energy

HMX Systems Ltd.,

HMX is a technology driven company offering energy efficient and eco friendly products such as Ambiator, Indirect Direct evaporative cooling systems, Economizers, Hybrid Air conditioners. The company offers ESCO services.

Home Energy Loss Professionals (H. E. L. P. )

HELP is business designed to HELP residential and small scale commercial properties save money on energy. We have been in energy rating industry for over 30 years. We can preform energy audits with blower-door & Infrared Scanning & Computerized Combustion testing. We only recommend retrofits that have a pay-back period of seven years or less, thus this is truly an investment in your energy future. We "do not" recommend doors or windows that have a 20 years or more pay back period. Full Home Green Energy Improvements:H. E. L. P. focuses on the energy improvements that our customers can make in their homes. H. E. L. P. is state certified through the M. H. I. C, Maryland Home Improvement Company, which specializes in home energy. Our license n...

Home Energy Partners

Home Energy Partners provides a Quality Assurance role during the new construction process via our ePlus Process. We evaluate existing buildings, provide air flow diagnostics on HVAC systems, and also provide combustion analysis and carbon monooxide testing for combustion appliances. We are licensed installers of the Icynene Insulation System and also install cellulose insulation.

Home Front Homes LLC.

Manufacturer of SIPS residential and commercial buildings. Manufacturing a green, energy efficient, termite resistant, mold resistant, hurricane resistant, reduced labor cost product.

Home Sweet Earth Home

Earth sheltered home design/build company seeking clients nationwide. For free informational packet send your snail mail address via our email to Thanks.

Hydronic Agencies Ltd.

Hawkesbury Valley Homes

Hero Technologies

Hero aims at leading Green Growth for Green Industry and a Green Economy! We intervene from concept to system, in the domains of Hydro Energy, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Bio fuels, and other exciting hybrids built in our labs. Our team of experts are also involved in Green Energy policy development and implementation, Consulting is one passion here. Get Green! Get on with HERO!

Home Energy Consultants, Inc.

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