Electric Boat and Watercraft Businesses in Canada

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Electracanada Inc.

One of the best electric boat available, beautifully finished, ultra quiet and economical to run. ElectraBoat is perfectly suited for inland waterways and lakes. With a total motor time of over six hours you can really take in an afternoon adventure. Sit back, relax and see the waterfront nature as it was intended. Stop and have a picnic lunch in your favorite secluded bay, on the onboard table. Glide by the birds with hardly a sound and amaze at their beauty, from a vantage point seldom achieved. ElectraBoat, an exciting blend of beauty and functionality.

Griffin Electric Boats Inc

Electric Pontoon boats 20 ft and 6 hours of running time

Infinyte Marine Inc

Canadian manufacture Infinyte Marine has introduced a new line of electric water craft; poloution free, whisper quiet and with the joy stick control very easy to useThe new styling, efficient hull design and electric propulsion makes the Infinyte product line a versatile alternative that is ideal for adaventures around the lake, shallow water, romantic evening cruises and remote fishing.

Tamarack Lake Electric Boat Company

Tamarack Lake is involved in the construction, repair and servicing of solar-assisted and "plug-and-play" electric boats. The flagship of the operation is "the Loon", a solar-assisted electric boat which is highly-capable of traveling great distances along inland waterways and large lakes. Tamarack Lake also builds and sells other electric boats as well as components useful in the conversion of boats to electric propulsion and purpose-built e-boats.

CraigCat Canada Inc.

Golectric Inc.

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