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Capstone Turbine Corp.

FT Energy award-winner Capstone has shipped 2,000 30- and 60-kW commercial microturbine power systems for applications ranging from hybrid electric vehicles to converting landfill gas and other waste gases into electricity. The systems are CSA, CE and UL-Listed (2200 and 1741), have just one moving part, use no oil, no lubricants, no coolants and are designed to operate at continuous full load or load-follwing (down to 0 kW idle) 24/7/365, on or off grid. NOx emissions are significantly below any US and foreign standards. These lightweight, compact microturbines can be multipacked into n+x arrays of up to 100 units with no paralleling switchgear, all with single-point-access dispatching/diagnostics. Conforms to IEEE and ANSI specs; UL 1741/CA Rule 21 compliant grid interconnect functionality (including protective relays) is built in. 8,000-hour annual maintenance comprises air and fuel filter inspection/replacement; temp sensor and ignitor every two years. En!! gine overhaul suggested at 40,000 hours. Fuels: natural gas, propane, high and low Btu waste gases (as low as 350 Btu) with up to 7% hydrogen sulfide content, diesel and kerosene.

American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

The Insight is the first gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle available in the U.S. It was designed from the ground up to achieve world-class fuel economy and ultra low emissions, using a combination of cutting-edge technologies, including an innovative hybrid powertrain, advanced aerodynamic design and lightweight aluminum body. The Insight earns the best EPA mileage ratings in history, rated at 61 mpg city/70 mpg highway. At the heart of the Insight is Honda's revolutionary Integrated Motor Assist (IMA™) system, which combines the world's lightest 1.0-liter, 3-cylinder gasoline automobile engine with an ultra-thin electric motor.

Electric Vehicles International

EV Parts Inc.

EV Parts Inc. is one of the largest online suppliers of electric vehicle parts in the world with an extensive variety of electric vehicle drive components for a large range of vehicle types.

GDF spol. s r.o.

Electrically driven scooters, motorcycles. Welcome to the personal transport of the future - today, zero air pollution, advanced charge of the maintenance free rechargeable batteries. The right solution whether you do not want to pedal (it is too hot, women, older people, slightly invalid people).Place where you can use our ElectroScooter - Business Complexes, Shopping Centres, Emission Free Zones, Parks, Airports, Delivery and Messenger Services, Warehouses, Rental Agencies an Hotels, Security Firms, Police Patrols, Physically Challenged, Commuting to work, Leisure pursuits, Recreational, Vehicles and Motor Homes, FUN!

Hpst Power Company

1) compact gas turbine co-generation power plant 250kw -onwards 150 $ u s d /kw. 2)compact nano mercury power plant. Minimum 3 kw onwards 3)drag turbine power plant 5 kw onwards 3000 u s d /kw work on "o" gravity machine.

ISE Corporation

Natures Warriors

Natures Warriors has the design the energy system of the future (renewable hydrogen economy) which includes a new type of taxation system. One that is a powerful tool for the creation of individual wealth ( an assest for the people). You can view our report WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WHEN THE OIL RUNS OUT by clicking on PROJECTS clicking on RENEWABLE HYDROGEN ECONOMY kept clicking on NEXT at the bottom of each page. The report is about 30 pages in length

Ovonic Battery Company

Ovonic Battery Company, a subsidiary of Energy Conversion Devices Inc., is the world leader in the development, commercialization and production of advanced NiMH batteries and battery electrode materials with all major global NiMH battery manufacturers producing under license or through joint venture alliances.

Palcan Energy Corporation

Palcan is a leading developer and manufacturer of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells and metal hydride hydrogen storage products. Palcan's proprietary and patent pending technologies, form the unique and integrated series of PalPac(TM) fuel cell power systems. Palcan's Palpac(TM)power systems are a reliable and environmental friendly alternative to batteries and small internal combustion engines in consumer products world wide such as electric bikes, scooters, personal vehicles, and portable power products.

Solar Wind Power Arizona

Manufacturers of Solar Panels, Photovoltaic Systems, Solar Tracker, Wind Turbine, Wind Generator, Alternate Energy, Bio-Mass Electricity, Bio-Gas Electricity, Battery Backup Unit, Lithium Ion Battery and SLA Deep Cycle Battery. Solara Power Company, Arizona USA 85027

Solomon Technologies Inc

Suzhou SYNCOR Cathodic Protection Co Ltd.

Suzhou SYNCOR Cathodic Protection Co Ltd, is the wholly owned, affiliated company of EPE SA, dedicated to produce PolCor Zinc, Aluminum and Magnesium Sacrificial Anodes and offer cathodic protection services and material worldwide. Our company Quality System ISO9001 has certified from Lloyds register. Our services include Design, Manufacture, Consultant, Supervision as well as Surveys in site. We manufacture our own PolCo Anodes for Cathodic Protection of submerged ducts, offshore platforms, ships hull, ships, ballast tanks, harbor structures and industrial applications.

Toyota Motor Corporation

With the introduction of Prius, Toyota is poised to become one of the industry leaders in new, innovative environmental technologies and efficiencies. This innovative hybrid already has three years of proven history abroad. More than 35,000 vehicles are on the road in Japan already providing a safe, efficient and practical alternative to conventionally powered vehicles. There are no plugs or special charging stations. You treat it like a regular car, and it treats you and your pocketbook as well as it does the environment. MSRP $20,450.

UQM Technologies, Inc.

With more than 25 years of experience in developing and applying electric power systems to advanced vehicles, UQM Technologies is a world recognized technology leader in the development and manufacture of high performance, power dense and energy efficient electric motors, generators and power electronic controllers. A major emphasis of the company is developing electric power systems for battery electric, hybrid electric and fuel cell electric vehicles, under-the-hood power accessories and other vehicle auxiliaries, and distributed power generation.

Varley Electric Vehicles [formerly Electric Transit]

Warsitz Enterprises Inc.

Alternative Energy Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Powered Products

Wuxi Zhongqiang Autocycle Co., Ltd.

WUXI ZHONGQIANG AUTOCYCLE CO., LTD. was called Wuxi Angell Autocycle co., ltd, which was bought by NASDAQ listed company ABAT ï . cn ) . Our major products are : hybrid scooters, electric vehicles, leisure e-products and some key parts for e-vehicle like motor, controller, meter, and plastic . (most of them are with our own patent ) . We are located in Wuxi city, Jiangsu province, 100 km west from Shanghai . The factory yard takes 85, 000 sqm. totally, and the construction area is 50, 000 sq. m, including a separate 3000 sq. m R&D center. We have first class manufacturing & QC equipments and the annual production capacity is 500, 000 units . We have taken part in many international fairs, such as IFMA Colgne, EICMA Milan, Canton Fair a...

Xind Green Energy Co., Limited

We are in the market for small hydro turbine, wind turbine, various kind of permanent magnet generator speed from 30-6000rpm, power from 1kw -3000kw, and controller inverter, wind solar hybrid power system, generator and so on

Zhejiang Oushun Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Oushun Manufacturing Co., Ltd is located in Yongkang City in China, the largest base of electric scooters. Our company was established in 1999. We are a manufacturer and exporter of scooters. Our products include, pocket bike (with cvt), atv(50cc, 100cc, 125cc, 150cc, 250cc), dirt bike(110cc, 50cc), gasoline scooter, electric scooter, mini chopper, snow scooter, golf scooter, 100%scooter, two stroke, and 4-stroke, our main market in USA, UK, HK, Poland, Italy. We can deliver samples for you to check quality. L/C and T/T payments are available. Please visit our internet website () for more product information. We believe you will find our products interesting. And our price is competitive in market.

Advanced Drive Development Corp.

Alternate Propulsion Motor Co.

Automotive Design & Composites, Inc.

Connaught Motor Co. Ltd

DIDIK Design

Electric Boats Ltd.

ePowerlinks Consultant

Extreme Machine 2000

innov8 Technologies Company

Electric vehicle and industrial automation machines manufacturer


Solar Consultants

Trading Co., LTD

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