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Australian owned and operated, cherryLED is a supplier of high quality LED lights designed to significantly reduce energy costs in homes and businesses. Long lasting and producing quality light, our LED lights come with 2 year warranty and are up to 86% more efficient than their halogen and incandescent counterparts. Our quality control and strict testing requirement mean that you're getting an LED solution that delivers the best products.

Choice LED Lighting Australia

led down lights, led color stip lights, led garden lights, commercial lights and more, Choice led Australia manufaturer and wholesale all type of led lighting in Perth . you can choose from more than 50 style and many colors. you can buy our products in most of lighting retail shop around Western Australia

EnerSense Australia Pty Ltd

The Keseco ULTRA is the worlds first 'ceramic' based power saver - it has no moving parts or electrical components. A technological breakthrough that approaches energy-saving in a new and unique way. By using current improvement technology, ultra-effectively reduces resistance in the circuit by converting energy that would ordinarily be lost as heat (due to resistance) into active energy. As an energy-saving technology, this approach is largely misunderstood however it can be easily demonstrated and more importantly it is guaranteed to deliver results or your money back

LED Lights DownUnder

LED Lights - now made for AustraliaCustom made for Australia these exciting energy saving ultra-long life LED lamps are available to you now, direct from the Australian distributors.

Lighting Matters

LightingMatters. com. au is an Australian business dedicated to providing it's customers with high quality CREE and Philips LED lighting at super low prices. We stock only the best products at the best price. Call or email us now.

Lumin8 Lighting

Lumin8 Lighting is the leading online LED lighting store, as we have a large variety of LED lighting to choose from at exceptional prices. We also have garden lights, strip lighting, flood lights, globes, and many more fixtures. With 3 yearsâ™ warranty on all products, you know that youâ™re buying quality lights that will stand the test of time. Our range includes Cree, BridgeLux and Edison LED lights for sale.

Natural Hut - Lighting

We use four colours to bring up our missions in LED industry; they are Green, Blue, Yellow and Red. Green- Everyone in Australia should be proud to have a very nice natural environment for us to live in, we want to protect it, and keep it green for our future and next generations. Blue- The rise in electricity prices, carbon tax etc that cause our electricity bill is raising across the country, the way to reduce our bill is to use energy saving products that can also save our environment. Yellow-Each family needs lighting to brighten the night at home, your choices here is very important, the correct decision not only provide you a green future with non-pollution surrounding environment, it can also save you money for better life style. Red...

Planet LED

Planet LED is a LED lights company providing energy efficient and sustainable lighting options for domestic and commercial customers. Our range of products include LED lights, LED down lights, LED light bulbs and even LED torches.

Sydney Lighthouse

Sydney Lighthouse distrubutes high quality LED and designer lighting, available now online through our shop section. All of our LED downlights are designed to cope with the harsh conditions of the Australian climate and are backed up by a 5 year warranty!

Lightech Australia Pty Ltd

Propa Lights

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