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Local Cleaners Bristol - L-BRIGHT EXPORT & MNUFACTURE CORPORATION - LED Grow-Master Global,LLC - Light Bulbs USA - Light Vault - Light-tek - Lighting Technologies, Inc. - Lightlab Inc. - Lights of America, Inc. - Lights Out Electrical Wholesalers - Lumatech Corporation - Luxram Lighting Ltd - Lylight Electric - Lavish Furnishing Pte Ltd - - Logic Electronics - Lumenation Lighting Design, LLC - LURALINE PRODUCTS CO -

Local Cleaners Bristol

The firm delivers expert carpet cleaning in Bristol, London. Carpet cleaning is our main service, but we also prove professional rug cleaning, mattress cleaning, curtain cleaning, upholstery cleaning and office cleaning. Our cleaners are trained and vetted to perform both private property and business property cleaning.


We are a leading lighting resources&fixture producer as well as an experience design manufacturer in Shanghai,China.Our scope of business include a full line of light bulbs:incandscent lamp,halogen lamp.fluorescent lamp,energy saving lamps,compact fluorescent,HID,auto,LED lamps,solar lamps and a wide range of specialty bulbs with best quality and competitive price. If you are interested to do business with us, kindly let us know.Any of your further inquiry will be highly welcomed.

LED Grow-Master Global,LLC

Less Energy Use- On average, LED Grow Master grow lights use 33 times less energy than comparable metallic vapor lights (based on 3 LED Grow Master bars per 400 watt MH light). Three LED Grow Master bars used 16 hours per day, at $0.10 per Kilowatt Hour, will cost about $21 per year to operate. According to a study by the EPA, this energy savings is equivalent to planting a 1/2 acre of trees per year. Longer Bulb Life- Based on data published by the manufacturers of components used in LED Grow-Master products, the expected LED Grow Master bulb life is 20,000 100,000 hours. This is ten to fifty times longer than typical glass grow light bulb life expectations. Replacing glass bulbs every year adds a lot to the expense...

Light Bulbs USA

Light Bulbs USA is dedicated to helping each customer we service find the optimal light for their particular application. We believe optimal lighting can and will promote optimal individual health and well-being. We are dedicated to earth-friendly, energy and cost efficient lighting products that provide long life, for we feel that lighting products should not damage the environment during their life nor after their life-span is concluded. Offering the latest and highest quality in LED (solid state) lighting products is a big part of our focus and mission. We also will continue to lead with induction, plasma, and other leading forms of "GREEN" lighting products. Lighting has been shown not only to affect visibility and how accurately we can...

Light Vault

Light Vault is the web's best source for factory direct bulbs at wholesale prices from halogen bulbs, to compact fluorescent bulbs, to specialty compact fluorescents including the revolutionary PAR CFL's that replace standard R series and PAR halogen lamps and save you up to 80% on electricity costs! Be sure to read up on our energy saving lamps and start saving on utility costs today!


Light-tek is a leading lighting manufacturer and supplier of lighting system, lighting equipment, LED lighting supplier, LED products, with A to Z solutions for lighting projects of small and large scale projects, Light-tek is represented in over 5 countrys worldwide and have supplied for countless projects and also has a large retail distribuition network in UAE and over 25 countries wordlwide, LED lighting is available in every design and model from Track lights, Spot lights, ceiling lights, cabinet lights, LED outdoor lights, LED indoor lights, LED chandeliers, LED pendants, Light-tek light fixtures and LED light fixtures are widely used in UAE, the Middle east, Europe and African markets, besides LED lighting system, light-tek also offe...

Lighting Technologies, Inc.

Lighting Technologies is a commercial lighting and lighting service company located in Atlanta Georgia (GA). We offer LED lighting, neon, lighted signs, road signs, directional signs, building signs, sign relocation, lighting repair and energy saving retrofits. Visit our website at

Lightlab Inc.

One-stop service to design and implement energy-efficient lighting retrofits for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings in Eastern Canada.

Lights of America, Inc.

Lights of America is a US manufacturer of energy saving-long life compact fluorescent bulbs, security fixtures, ceiling fixtures, shoplights, undercabinet lights and floor lamps. Our vertical integrated manufacturing facility located in Walnut, CA has made Lights of America the leader in compact fluorescent technology. Our latest developments include the Twister compact fluorescent bulbs shaped like an ice-cream cone, these bulbs fit nearly anywhere and our the smallest bulbs of their kind in the world. Additionally, our new Fluorex technology in our outdoor security fixtures provide brilliant white light for sharper night vision. You can purchase Lights of America at leading DIY homecenter chains, mass merchants, hardware stores and intern...

Lights Out Electrical Wholesalers

Domestic and Industrial Electrical Wholesale

Lumatech Corporation

Luxram Lighting Ltd

LUXRAM LIGHTING that can be best described as producer, marketer and trader in one that has our-owned production center in China. We are establishing distribution network in the world lighting market. We are able to provide all kinds of lamps to our customer that part of them are produced in-house, like CFL and Halogen lamps, part of them are from our alliance factories under strict quality control as Metal Halide Lamp, Neon-Lights. Our products can be labeled LUXRAM or at customers' convenience. We are professional lighting company. We are growing up step by step with our company philosophy--Let's grow up together in your country. We have established more than 10 distributors in different region of the world, Europe, North America, a. . .

Lylight Electric

Now our line covers of light fixture, wall lamp, emergency lamp, fluorescent lamp,transformer ,inductor and coil, sensor lamp, metal halide lamp;mercury lamp, solar lamp,incandescent bulb, ballast , etc. details

Lavish Furnishing Pte Ltd

Logic Electronics

Lumenation Lighting Design, LLC


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