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African Energy

African Energy is a specialized distributor of solar electric and power back-up equipment exclusively for the African market. For twelve years, we have concentrated on serving the needs of African renewable energy companies. Because of our specific focus, we receive exceptional pricing from the manufacturers we represent, and we understand the challenges of doing business in Africa. We offer air or ocean shipment, 24-hour service, flexible payment arrangements, and the continent's best prices. We carry Xantrex, Outback Power, Magnum Energy, Suntech Power, Deka Battery, Morningstar, Victron Energy, Midnite Solar, Surrette and other quality brands.

Afrisolar Maroc

Bénéficiant d'une bonne expérience dans le domaine de l'énergie solaire, grâce à une longue collaboration avec le pionnier de ce secteur, Afrisolar Maroc s'engage à vous offrir des installations dans les règles de l'art, accompagnées d'une étude préalable, d'une expertise qualifiée et d'un service après-vente.

Atlas Energie Solaire

Notre specialit est dans les nergies solaires thermiques et solaires photovoltaiques. Nous choisons les meilleurs produits au monde dans l innovation, la qualit et le prix sont nos priorit s, pour satisfaire les bosoins de nos clients. Concept d'entreprise: qualit, connaissances, cr ativit et l'innovation.

Atlas Solaire

Atlas Solaire has laid the foundations of a new trend: Solar energy as a common energy source. Our desire is for solar energy to be inexpensive, convenient to install, and available for many purposes.

Event Solaire Maroc

We are a German based company. Our headquarter in Africa is in Morocco. We are working with all African countries and companies related to solar energy systems. We offer engineering and solar products. We sell solar thermal and photovoltaic systems. Some of our products are: Thermosiphonic water heating systems, boiler-pump water heating systems, solar water pumping, solar electricity home and backup systems, photovoltaic modules, batteries, charge controllers, solar street ligths, solar cookers, vs. All our products have european quality certificates. We help you with planning all kind of solar systems. Please don't hesitate to call us.


Telecom consulting, solar Power and renewable energy- installation services- Tests and commissionning- consulting


Istichar is a business to business consulting group specialized in "Energy friendly" systems.

Jet Energy International

Luxus Technologies

Touba Energie Solutions

Touba Energie Solutions, sarl (TES) s'est spécialisé dans la conception et la réalisation de systèmes d' énergie renouvelables telles que l' énergie Solaire et les biocarburant. TES propose des solutions d' énergie durables pour améliorer la sante, l' éducation et le bien- être des communautés rurales en Afrique en fournissant de l' énergie pour le pompage de l'eau et l'irrigation. Nous offrons aussi une large gamme de services utilisant des produits de hautes qualités, délivres des prix les plus compétitifs comme les chauffes eau solaire, les lampadaires solaires et pas mal d'autres produits.


Our range of services includes distribution of solar components as well as qualified engineeringand installation of off-grid solar systems. Photovoltaicsis more than a business to us, we believe in solarpower as a key to a decentralized and sustainableenergy supply. Yandalux GmbH is specialized in:- Solar home systems- Solar pumping systems- Solar telecom shelters- Solar street lights- Village power supply- Hybrid systems

A. R. K Solaire Sarl

Atlantic Pacific Traders Sarl

Azaghar Sun

Hamas Snc






STEMA, Sarl - Soci t Technique Maintenance


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