Photovoltaic Cell Businesses in Russia

Complex SiTec - Corporation XXII - JSC Ryazan Metal Ceramics Instrumentation Plant (RMCIP) - Telecom-STV - Delos Solar Ltd. - Kvant-solar - Solaris Technologies LLC -

Complex SiTec

Complex SiTec is a major producer of monocrystalline silicon in Moscow (Russia). We produce monocrystalline silicon round and PSQ ingots and wafers, IC ingots and wafers, optical silicon (cylinders and plates) or intermediates(concave and convex lens, locking plates etc. ).

Corporation XXII

Corporation XXII is a manufacturer of solar cells, silicon wafers for use in solar modules production and electronic technics. We have our own plant which is located in Russian Federation. There is all equipment for producing solar products, high-qualified technical specialists who are watching over the whole process. Our production covers all stages from ingots through wire sawing, lapping, edge grinding, polishing, test operations and packing up to SEMI grade silicon wafers and solar cells and photo-electric converters used in solar power. Due to the fact that our company has purchased production capacity of the plant which started itâ s working from 1954 year, we produce solar products of any size and dimensions. We also produce customi...

JSC Ryazan Metal Ceramics Instrumentation Plant (RMCIP)

Manufactures Photovoltaic solar modules: Frame modules: power range from 1 W to 100 W; Manufactures high efficiency single-crystalline silicon terrestrial solar cell.


TELECOM-STV staff is specialising in solid state physics, material science, electronics and semiconductor technologies as well as in financial and business management. Having the experience of work at large scientific, educational and industrial electronics-related companies TELECOM-STV crew members beneficially complement each other in meeting different scientific, technological and manufacturing challenges.

Delos Solar Ltd.


Solaris Technologies LLC

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