Photovoltaic Module Manufacturing PV Panel Testing Equipment Businesses in the World

3S Swiss Solar Systems AG - Pasan SA - Chongqing Gold Mechancial&Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. - Daksh Energy Systems - Envirotronics Inc - Shinsung Eng. Pte. Ltd - BrightView Systems Ltd. -

3S Swiss Solar Systems AG

3S Swiss Solar Systems is the technological world market leader for manual and semi-automatic production lines for solar module manufacture. In co-operation with our partners, 3S Swiss Solar Systems offers turn-key fully-automated production lines.

Pasan SA

Pasan is a standard bearer in the field of photovoltaic performance testing. This process is critical in determining the dollar value generated by a PV production line for cells and modules. Our testers are the most precise on the market and enable our customers to accurately rate their production. Founded in 1981, Pasan bring over 30 years of measurement expertise and know how. Our mission is to build a brand that is synonymous with setting the standards in performance measurements by proposing best in class and innovative systems. We are a solution provider for our customers, sharing our expertise in PV measurement & control. Supporting and guiding our customers is part of our DNA. We achieve this through active partnerships with our customers as well as within the Meyer Burger Group and with our suppliers.

Chongqing Gold Mechancial&Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Our main products are:Insulating oil testerOpen Cup Flash Point TesterClosed Cup Flash Point TesterEngler ViscometerWater Content TesterKinematic ViscometerDistillation TesterDensity TesterRust and corrosion testerSulphur Content TesterAcid and Alkali TesterDropping Point TesterSolidification Point TesterFreezing Point TesterDemulsified Characteristics TesterAsh TesterAniline Point TesterResidue Carbon TesterSelf-ignition Point TesterAir Release Value TewsterResistivity TesterSalt Content Testerfoaming testerInterfacial tension TesterGrease Steel Net Oil-Separating TesterExistant Gum TesterDegassing OscillatorJet washing machineNaphthaline Crystallization Point TesterColorimeterVapor Pressure TesterOxidation Stability TesterMechanical Impur...

Daksh Energy Systems

We supply raw materials for the module manufactures & Solar Modules

Envirotronics Inc

World leader in Environmental Test Chamber. We build chambers specifically for IEC 61215, 61646, UL1703, ASTM E 1171, etc.

Shinsung Eng. Pte. Ltd

Shinsung ENG Co., Ltd is a Korea-based company engaged and leading in the manufacture of solar PV technology, ACMV system, Clean room system and Processs system. Shinsung Solar Energy satisfies various needs of the customers based on the production of the worlds best in high efficiency solar modules and by pursuing a product specialization strategy. The company has the most diverse product lines in the industry, and plans to focus on the development of diverse and highly specialized products. Our solar panel has been redefined, engineered and developed for several years and we are able to attain a more efficient solar panel in the recent years. We continue to strive to develop more advanced and sophisticated but user & environment-friendly ...

BrightView Systems Ltd.

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