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Business Names Starting with R

RESOL Elektronische Regelungen GmbH - Renewable & Alternative Energy Association of Pakistan (REAP) - Radiant Floor Heating Specialist - Rayotec Ltd. - RE-Align Technology - Restor (Africa) Pty Ltd - Rey & Lenferna Ltd. - Riomay Ltd - ROBIN SUN Sarl - Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix Limited - Roy Solar Co., Ltd. - Rudra Solar Energy - Russell and Sun Solar Corp. - R&R Services, Inc. - Rcube Private Limited - Redshaw & Son Heating & Hot Water Services - Reflex Winkelmann + Pannhoff GmbH & Co. - Reinhold Kindseder Moderne Energietechnik - REWASOL - Robert Hermann - Rohrwurm - Rolf Weinand - Ruden & Boje Haustechnik GmbH - Rudi Orzschig Nachfolger -

RESOL Elektronische Regelungen GmbH

Since 1977 RESOL stands for environmental-friendly production, high quality standards and efficient logistics. Aroused by the oil crisis in the middle of the 70th, the social conscience for use of renewable energies was woken up and the solar energy became very important. Solar pioneer and general manager of RESOL, Mr. Rudolf Pfeil, saw an opportunity in those early years. Solidarity with the environment and work in line with nature are basic principles for the development of the first RESOL solar controllers. RESOL-products optimise the control of about 800.000 active solar heating systems world-wide. Due to high product demands on functionality and design, RESOL controllers proved in solar thermal, heating and air-conditioning systems. Impressive proofs are the award „Roter Punktì in the competition „Design-Innovation 98ì as well as the „iF Design Awardì of the Industrie Forum Design Hannover. Even in 2003 efficiency and aesthetics continue to be decisiv!e principles for RESOL products. The harmonic and clear line, RESOL presents the new series DeltaSol® which persuades by a perfect combination of functionality, price and design, an easy operation as well as the reduction to the essential take centre stage again.

Renewable & Alternative Energy Association of Pakistan (REAP)

Renewable & Alternative Energy Association of Pakistan (REAP), the very first registered Association, in the field of Renewable Energy of Pakistan, We feel immense pleasure to reveal the significance of the renewable technology. We cannot stay away from the consequences of the Renewable Energy, as currently, most of our energy comes from the burning of fossil fuels and based upon our current rate of consumption, scientific experts forecast that we have mere decades left in our fossil fuel resources. As part of our mission is to create awareness, understanding and to promote usage of clean, renewable energy by providing education and information regarding types of clean renewable energy, to the community, particularly for the betterment of t...

Radiant Floor Heating Specialist

Radiant floor heating specialist provides radiant floor heating, snowmelt, and solar thermal water heating systems. New Boilers for older homes.

Rayotec Ltd.

UK Distributors for SCHOTT thermal and PV solar panels

RE-Align Technology

A premier solar heating or hot water system is built upon the foundations of design and installation. RE-Align Technology supports its' Partners / Installers by providing solar thermal solutions which emphasize design and the advanced product packaging of SOLARHOT - . RE-Align Technology partners with experienced installers that bring their top notch installation skills to the project to make the system successful. Behind the scenes, RE-Align makes their Partners' job easier by consolidating the system and then delivering directly to the job when the system is needed - usually at no extra cost. RE-Align Technology has the skills to provide performance models, schematics, wind loading calculations and other unique project documents when requ...

Restor (Africa) Pty Ltd

Systems from Edwards Hot Water, Australia, . au Flat-panel, close-coupled or split, solar water heating systems. Vertically mounted, ground tank solar water heaters with circulating pumps.

Rey & Lenferna Ltd.

Distribution of Edwards Solar Water Heaters, domestic and commercial Manufactured in Australia. Made from Marine Grade 444 Stainless Steel suitable for tropical island conditions from 180-305 litres direct and indirect models available. We specialized in private housing, hotels, resorts and hospitals meeting international performance and durability tests - CE, UL, CSTB, EN12975 / 76 Sunrain Solar Water Heaters domestic and commercial with evacuated tubes and heat pipes from China. Both systems (pressure and non-pressure types) are available.

Riomay Ltd

UK goverment micro generation scheme acredited supplier and installer. Government Grants available for projects of up to 50% (max £100.000 on a £200,000 program). Enhanced Capital Allowance Approved Products.....immediate tax benenfits or up to 30% against corporation tax for hole solar water ''loop''...piping ..controls...calorifier/tanks...etc...and the solar panels of course....


The custom Building Integrated Solar Thermal collector Robin Sun (double or triple glazing) contributes to: - the production of domestic hot water, heating or cooling assistance, - thermal and acoustic insulation, - solar protection, favor sun income in winter and the solar protection in summer low solar factor), - Safety protection - natural daylighting. Contact person: Jean-Marc ROBIN (CEO).

Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix Limited

We M/s. Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix Limited () is a joint venture with a well-known Swiss Ultrasonic Machine manufacturer, M/s. Telsonic AG, Switzerland. We manufacture ULTRASONIC METAL WELDING MACHINES FOR CONTINUOUS WELDING OF COPPER TUBE TO COPPER FINS FOR SOLAR THERMAL COLLECTORS. Production cost & time could be considerably reduced using our machines while maintaining very high quality of the output. The system is an advanced cold welding technique with continuous welding speed of 2 meters / minute and continues monitoring of weld quality. There is no use of solder or adhesive but new Ultrasonic Technique achieves the metallurgical bond. It ensures a very high degree of thermal efficiency 100% bond condu. . .

Roy Solar Co., Ltd.

Established in 2000, based in Shanghai, China, ROY SOLAR is the specialist of solar electric power for the areas where there are electricity problem, but with good sunlight power, such as Africa, South America, South-east Asia, etc. Products range: from solar charge controller LD2420C, LD2430S, LD4830S, CM3024Z, CM3048, CM5024Z, CM5048, SL1024 to Total Solar Power System Solution.

Rudra Solar Energy

Manufacturer and exporter of solar box cooker, solar parabolic cookers, solar oven, solar air heating collectors, solar dryers.

Russell and Sun Solar Corp.

Russell and Sun Solar Corp. is specialized in Pool and Water Heating (Solar and Electric). We sell, install and repair all solar products throughout Brevard County. Russell and Sun Solar Corp. offers a promt, honest and reliable service with reasonable prices.

R&R Services, Inc.

Rcube Private Limited

Redshaw & Son Heating & Hot Water Services

Reflex Winkelmann + Pannhoff GmbH & Co.

Reinhold Kindseder Moderne Energietechnik


Robert Hermann


Rolf Weinand

Ruden & Boje Haustechnik GmbH

Rudi Orzschig Nachfolger

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