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Business Names Starting with S

Solahart Industries Pty Ltd - Solaris Geothermal Inc - Solstice Technologies & Energy Resources LLC - S R S (Pvt) Ltd. - SAMMLER solar - Sangarkar - Savemax Solar Systems Pvt Ltd - Seilar Energy Vietnam Co. Ltd - Sergun Solar Energy Systems - Shandong CTNO New Energy Co., Ltd - Shandong EverGreen Industries Co., ltd - Shanghai Gaia Solar Technology Co., Ltd. - Shanghai Jiamei Solar Energy Technology Co., LTD. - Shanghai Ruty Energy Co., Ltd - Shanghai Solar Energy Technology Co. - Shanghai Solarpanels Co. - Sharif International - Shenzhen Prosunpro Solar Energy Co., LTD - Shri Kanakka Durga Eletrical Industries - Siam Green Power International Co., Ltd. (SiamGPI) - Sigma SA - Sihong Hybrid Energy Co., LTD - Sim ek Günej Enerji Sistemleri - Smartworld Energy Inc - SOFKIN Ltd - Solaire Diffusion - Solar BioTech Inc. - Solar Corporation - Solar Do it Yourself - Solar Dynamics Ltd - Solar Electric - Solar EnergieTechnik Ltd -

Solahart Industries Pty Ltd

World Leaders in Solar Hot Water Systems. Solahart Industries has been manufacturing since 1905, introducing its first solar water heater in 1953. Solahart is now a trans-national organisation operating in all continents (with installations in over 70 countries). Solahart customers can be assured of long term stability. The company's reputation across the world is one of quality and reliability.

Solaris Geothermal Inc

SunPump converts solar energy into building heating, cooling and hot water, summer and winter, day and night. We solve the problem of a renewable energy that is inexpensive, works 24/7 without interruption by weather or nightfall, and at World record high efficiency.

Solstice Technologies & Energy Resources LLC

We are the best solar system provider in UAE have more than five years experience in solar industry

S R S (Pvt) Ltd.

SRS is energy conservation and renewable energy solution provider. We have collaboration & joint ventures with renowned foreign groups of America, Europe & China for setting large solar projects. We are offering LED Tube Lights as replacement of conventional florescent tube lights & SRS Durable Induction Lamps as replacement of Mercury & Sodium bulbs. These lights can cut down 70% of lighting load. Similarly our VSD are saving 20~25% on Compressors & other motors. We also install solar hot water systems and small to large solar PV electric systems for domestic, commercial or industrial sectors.



Sangarkar Industrial group is a leader in solar thermal market in middle east. Sangarkar produces different types of:- solar flat plate collectors- solar storage tanks- solar controllers- solar water heater components

Savemax Solar Systems Pvt Ltd

Seilar Energy Vietnam Co. Ltd

Providing hot water supply solution

Sergun Solar Energy Systems

Shandong CTNO New Energy Co., Ltd

Manufacture of solar water heaters, solar collectors, water purifier, solar steet lights. Please contact us now to find out how we can work together!For further details, you are welcome to contact us today. Our solar panels are solar keymark certified. Contact us now.

Shandong EverGreen Industries Co., ltd

Supply soalr water heater, solar collectors, solar street lights, solar garden lights, solar lawn lights, wind turbines(horisontal axis and vertical axis).

Shanghai Gaia Solar Technology Co., Ltd.

Gaia Solar Co., Ltd. has passed Europe Solar Keymark Certification and En12975 certification for solar collector, and has passed TUV, ICE and CE certification for solar photovaltaic module. In China, only Gaia has this strong capacity. Gaia Solar Co., Ltd. is engaged of seeking for cleaner and more efficient energy, and aims to be one of the best solar energy providers of the world. Our mission is to provide clean energy, promote a harmonious Gaia, and insist in building a colorful future for all of our posterity. The head quarter of Gaia Solar is in Shanghai. We also have branches in Hong Kong and Beijing, and a factory in Dezhou, Shandong province. We manufacture and export all kinds of solar products, including solar thermal products...

Shanghai Jiamei Solar Energy Technology Co., LTD.

produce vacuum tube solar water,solar lightings

Shanghai Ruty Energy Co., Ltd

Shanghai Ruty is a solar water heater manufacturer in china, located in shanghai city. Ruty professionally produce vacuum tube solar water heaters, such as thermo siphon solar water heater, split solar water heater, compact pressure solar water heater, heat exchanger solar water heater, project solar water heater and so on. Ruty emphasizes quality and sale service, its products have got key mark EN12975, CE, ISO9001 and iso14001certified. Welcome you to cooperate with Ruty enterprise.

Shanghai Solar Energy Technology Co.

We are the inventor and developer of the solar air-conditioning system, which saves more than half of the electricity compare with the conventional air-conditioner. Our solar air-condtioning system is affordable for any of clients. We are trying to find partners to work together to expend the market around the world. Our new products is the combination of the solar a/c and solar water heator. Increditable electricity saving rate, the whole system can run by pv panel, due to the system consume extremely less electricity. The whole 100% solar a/c and hot water system is affordable for any clients around the world. Hope every one will be our partner to sell the products around the world, shareing the huge profit. .

Shanghai Solarpanels Co.

Shanghai Solarpanels Co. is a professional manufacturer of solar collectors and PV modules. our solar collector evacuated tube type has got TUV and solar Keymark certifications, and has been accpeted by Europe, as well as Canada, New Zealand countries. our PV modules have got TUV and IEC 61215 certifications. we can design solar water heating systems up to 50Tons, solar power home systems, and PV grid connected systems. if you have any inquriy, please feel free to contact us.

Sharif International

Sharif International is a pioneer in Industrial & Commercial Energy Conservation, Alternate & Renewable Energy Resources (Wind, Solar PV, Micro Hydro etc). We provide best and cost effective solutions for a wide variety of industrial & commercial sectors as well as infrastructure organisations, industrial (oil and gas, telecommunication), commercial, government, military, rural development, & residential purposes. We also provide Instant Power System (IPS) for any application and location. Solar Powered Street Lights offer value for money and cost effective instant lighting solutions for commercial quality lighting systems, residential streets, parking lots and security lighting using high quality components.

Shenzhen Prosunpro Solar Energy Co., LTD

Prosunpro Solar was established in Shenzhen, China in 1993. We are a leading manufacturer for flat plate solar collectors in China. We are dedicated to the design, manufacture and installation of solar water heater, specializing in manufacturing solar water heater, flat plate solar collector and solar fin. We can not only provide the necessary components to a distributor or an installer, but also provide OEM product to a manufactory according to your requirements. The company is ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certified, and our products have passed CCC, Solar KEYMARK & CE. Prosunpro is only company in China focus on flat plate solar collectors, with own anodic oxidation and black chrome workshop ensure better quality control and...

Shri Kanakka Durga Eletrical Industries

we are one of the leading manufacturer and exporters of light fittings, for the past 12 years, we manufacture our lighting, led product ceiling fans in the brand of "jaiso" our led light fitting, are made up of high bright leds. our light fittings are coming in various ranges suitable for residential light fittings, commercial light fittings, industrial light fittings, software luminaries, street lights, down light light fittings, mirror optic fittings, Para square fittings, softlite light fittings. Our jaiso light fittings & led fittings are duly powder coated with polyester epoxy powder to withstand the costal areas, sea shores. we give our customer a very high competitive price to match our motto if you get cheaper than us then your loos...

Siam Green Power International Co., Ltd. (SiamGPI)

Work, Thailand, Laos, Birma

Sigma SA

Manufacturers since 1984, wholesalers and exporters of flat solar thermal collectors, hot water storage tanks and solar water heating systems ( thermosiphonic and pressurized).

Sihong Hybrid Energy Co., LTD

SIHONG HYBRID ENERGY CO., LTD, a leading solar industrial manufacturer in China. The company developes and manufactures latest hi-tech solar thermal heating systems and solar photovoltaic systems as well as LED lights.

Sim ek Günej Enerji Sistemleri

Do ayõ kirletmeden õsõnmanõn yolu im ek'ten geçer. im ek Güne Kollektörleri kullanõmõndan yõllar sonra bile sadece silindi inde fabrikadan ilk gün çõkmõ hissi uyandõrõr. Buda im ek Güne Kollektörlerinin üretim safhasõnda gösterilen üstün özenin simgesidir. güne enerji sistemleri Kollektörlerini bir defa alõrsõnõz ve yõllarca kullansanõz bile ilk günkü performansõ bulursunuz. im ek olarak biz; üretti imiz binlerce ürünün her birinin ayrõ bir kullanõcõ tarafõndan tekil kullanõlaca õnõn bilincinde, her bir ürünümüzü bir tek üretimmi gibi dü ünerek üretiyoruz. Üretimin her a amasõnda Nasõl daha kaliteli olabilir? sorusunu kendimize defalarca soruyor ve garanti süresinden önce yada sonra arõza geri dönü ü yapacak herhangi bir ürünün mad...

Smartworld Energy Inc

At Smartworld Energy Inc, we offer integrated solar concepts that will help you save money while taking care of the environment. We are committed to show that solar energy is the answer to our energy independence. The sun is an unlimited source of clean energy and that energy is available for FREE. The energy from the sun is available every day, whether we use or not. The coice is yours!


Solaire Diffusion

Distributor, agent, grossist for renewable energy systems :thermal solar, photovoltaic, pellet stove, wood stove, air conditionning. . . Distributeur, agent, grossiste, nous sommes aussi une entreprise de vente 'par correspondance'. Notre site explique, décrit, forme, propose des solutions et explicite les tarifs. Nos fournisseurs sont des partenaires de longue date, nos produits de qualité et quand c'est possible de proximité. Nos clients ( et maintenant certains moteurs de recherche ) sont nos meilleurs commerciaux.

Solar BioTech Inc.

We are manufacturer and exporter of Solar Powered Lights (Street Light, Garden Light, Landscape Light, Bollard Light, etc. ), Solar Power System amd LED Lights (LED Ceiling Light, LED Bulb MR16, LED Outdoor Spot Light, LED Indoor Spot Light, LED Tube, etc. ). We use high effeciency PV Module and Cree (USA) / Nichia (Japan) make LEDs. We have various designs and also welcome OEM designs.

Solar Corporation

GreenPOWER Solutions

Solar Do it Yourself

We carry only leading brand renewable energy products in the market such as Mitsubishi, Sharp, & Sunwise solar panels, Guardian water heaters, Outback inverters/controllers and Air X wind generators.

Solar Dynamics Ltd

Solar Electric


Solar EnergieTechnik Ltd

Solar EnergieTechnik Ltd. has been promoted by a group of entrepreneurs & technocrats having a combined practical experience of over 50 years in the solar industry. Due to unsustainable use of earth's natural resources and fossil fuels, we are heading towards a major irreversible ecological disaster. The only alternative left for mankind is to live in harmony with nature and use renewable energy sources like Solar, Wind, Hydro, and Biomass etc. At Solar EnergieTechnik Ltd. our main objective will be to promote the use of green energy and manufacture and market renewable energy products at affordable rates all over India and later on all over the world

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