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Business Names Starting with M

Mesec - M/S Spectrum Electronics Kashmir Ph 01957225671 - Magic Solutions Technology Support - Mars Enerji - Masterpower Electronics Ltd - Mecsol Pakistan - Merapi (PT. Niarta JasaNet) - Midsouth FRP Co Ltd. - Midwest Windpower Inc. - Millennium Systems for Advanced Technologies - Mirlung Electro-Mech Concern (MEC) - ModernHST - MOREnergy ( MECARO RIO VISTA ENERGY CORPORATION) - M&A Ingenieria, CxA - Majinco S. a - Majinco S. a - Marcio Teixeira - Marine Professionals Limited - Marinetech India - Mony Engineering Consultants Ltd (a member of Mony Corporation) -


Wind Solar Energy systems, Solar water pumping, Wind solar Energy project construction and development.

M/S Spectrum Electronics Kashmir Ph 01957225671

Manufacturers and traders

Magic Solutions Technology Support

Nuestra empresa se encuentra radicada en Costa Rica desde donde brindamos todo tipo de asesoría, venta de equipos, diseño de sistemas e instalación de sistemas alternativos de generación y control de energía eléctrica. Energía solar, lamparas LED, calentadores solares, sistemas inteligentes, etc. Contáctenos y diganos en que podemos ayudarlo.

Mars Enerji

Masterpower Electronics Ltd

Masterpower Electronics Ltd is a highly respected specialist provider of power electronics systems to all industry and energy sectors. The company provides a service from problem conception and solution through manufacture, installation and lifetime maintenance. Masterpower Electronics Ltd was founded in 1990 and has grown year on year to occupy its present office and manufacturing complex of 1700 square metres in Aberdeen and other facilities throuout the UK. Over 500 man-years of experience in Power Electronics lie in our staff.

Mecsol Pakistan

"Get the Solar Forget the Rest"

Merapi (PT. Niarta JasaNet)

Midsouth FRP Co Ltd.

Small wind turbine blades, components, frp parts, carbon fiber parts for wind energy industry & automotive industry.

Midwest Windpower Inc.

Sales and installation of wind turbines up to 50 kilowatt, grid tie systems, battery systems.

Millennium Systems for Advanced Technologies

We are highly qualified and well experienced for all type of R.E. systems such as evacuted tube solar collectors, solar cooling systems, solar heating systems, wind energy, PV systems, ..etc. We provide services, consulting, supply, instalation and maintinance of these systems.

Mirlung Electro-Mech Concern (MEC)

Mirlung Electro-Mech Concern (MEC) is a Nepalàs pioneer and fastest growing wind-solar power company. MEC has developed to meet the increasing demand of wind-solar power, its study, research, products and solutions. MEC has been giving continuous effort for this sector by providing commitment to the customers to develop into a market leader in providing wind energy solutions and solar energy works. MEC has carried out various studies, designing, preparing bid and tender documents, providing construction supervision, installation large no's of wind turbines & wind mast towers in Nepal. MEC has build more than 100's of pure solar powered backup system in Nepal. MEC with its in-house and pool of professional engineers, administrators, econo...


Since the founding of www. modernhome. pl in 2007, we strive to promote LED lighting as a modern and energy - saving light source. We deliver "green", enviroment friendly solutions to our customers, while keeping their energy bills as low as possible. Our company offers services of design and sales of LED lighting in the form of LED lamps, fixtures, strips, bars, modules, and wall washers. Apart from that we are also offering solar powered street/garden lighting, independent from the grid. ModernHST cooperates with many manufacturers, always keen to expand our offer, we guarantee high quality of the products. Our customers are always provided with a custom-tailored solution that suits their needs.


The Spiral Magnus is the World's Most Stable Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine that can be installed in mountainous regions, coastal areas, urban areas, buildings, parks and host of other application. It make use of cylinder-shaped blades with spirally arranged fins attached around the cylinders, that results to a higher efficiencies in lower wind speeds and environment friendly than traditional wind turbines. It employs the proven Magnus Effect, which turns the turbines that generates electricity by spinning cylinders in a wind stream. Please visit our website for more details.

M&A Ingenieria, CxA

Majinco S. a

MAJINCO S APionnier de l'Energie VerteFournisseur et Installateurs des systÌmes d 'Electrification ï Energie RenouvellablePlusieurs Gammes de Kits Solaires adaptÌ©s ï toutes les besoins. Des Kits Solaires personalisÌ©s selon l'Exigeance de notre clientÌle.

Majinco S. a

Marcio Teixeira

Send email Nesta fase inicial, podemos dizer os preços de base para aerogeradores: Exemplo dos melhores preços:(preço sem iva) Aerogerador 1KW 900 euros Aerogerador 2KW 1500 euros Características: Material reforçado durável de fibra de vidro, preço baixo por o kWh e confiabilidade operacional máxima. Desempenho aerodinâmico excelente do rotor com coeficiente da energia elevada, velocidade baixa de start-up/cut-in e ruído baixo. Utilize do "o princípio aerodinâmico do projeto elevador" para maximize a velocidade rotatória da lâmina e para minimizar o nível de ruído. Padrôes de qualidade elevada a resultar em um mínimo de 20 anos da vida de serviço. Pouco peso aerodinâmico da lâmina par...

Marine Professionals Limited

Marinetech India

Mony Engineering Consultants Ltd (a member of Mony Corporation)

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