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Kestrel Wind Turbines - K. R. Composites Pvt. Ltd. - K. R. Composites Pvt. Ltd. - K&M Machine Fabricating Inc. - KANETRON - KIJITO WINDPOWER LTD - Kinetic Art & Technology - Kintech Engineering - Kiss High-Output Wind Generators - KMI China - Kronos Energy Solutions - K S T Windengineering India, - KingSolar Inc. - Kragten Design - Krishna Steel Industries - KRUG SARL -

Kestrel Wind Turbines

Kestrel Wind Turbines is the trading name of Eveready Diversified Products in South Africa, manufacturing and selling small wind turbines from the Eveready factory in Port Elizabeth. Eveready Diversified Products superior technology is robust and certified with European Certification and ISO Certification. Any solution we recommend or develop is tested thoroughly on site before its release through their Quality Assurance process. They are also increasing our ability to meet customersâ needs by creating technical partnerships with solar and off-grid specialists and growing that expertise in the world. We are supported in global regions by Kestrel distributors. Please visit kestrelwind. co. za for more information.

K. R. Composites Pvt. Ltd.

Dear Sir, We are leading manufacturer of Nylon Peel ply Fabrics Manufacturer in India & providing various wind energy manufacturers in India & also which company have their plant out side India. If you are using Nylon Peel ply Fabrics in manufacturing Wind Mill Rotor Blade, Boat manufacturer, Automobile & Railway related product& surf/skate/swim board or any items you manufactures which have need Peel Ply Fabrics, please send us your detailed requirement. If possible please send a swatch of fabrics which u are using. Also send your required width & length, your shipping address with details of phone, fax & cell no. Thanks, With regards for K. R. Tex Rajesh Radadia

K. R. Composites Pvt. Ltd.

We are manufacturer & Exporter of Nylon Peel Ply Fabric serving to Wind Mill Manufacturers & Composite Industry.

K&M Machine Fabricating Inc.

K&M Machine Fabricating Inc. since 1951; employees 200; ISO Certified; SQ. FT. = 268,500 CONTRACT SERVICES INCLUDE: *CNC Machining to 60'(Over 35 CNC Machines) *Plate Steel Weldments to 30 tons. *Assemblies, Sub and Final. WIND TURBINE COMPONENTS MACHINING = *HUBS; *MAIN FRAMES; *FRONT & REAR HOUSINGS; *GENERATOR FRAMES


Small Wind Turbines, Solar Fencing, Wind Solar Lighting


Kenya's windpump manufacturer - Designing, manufacturing and installing the Kijito wind pumps in Kenya and beyond since 1979 - 30 year experience in wind energy solutions for rural Africa

Kinetic Art & Technology

Kinetic Art & Technology is revolutionizing the state-of-the-art with its proprietary permanent magnet Segmented ElectroMagnet Array (SEMA) motor/generator technology. SEMA motors and generators provide incredible efficiency over a wide operating range, which makes them especially well suited for electric vehicles and wild or fixed frequency wind turbines. They also feature excellent power density and no cogging torque. Target market is OEMs.

Kintech Engineering

Wind data logger manufacturer. Measurement for renewable energy (solar/wind power), remote control by telemetry with GSM/CDMA, Satellite. Wind Farm control. Wind vanes, anemometers & other sensors. Met masts installation (truss & tubular towers). Logger de medicion eolica/solar (energia renovable), anemometros y veletas Ornytion, Wind Farm para molinos de viento. Instalacion de mastiles tubulares y de celosia. Enregistreur de donn c«est EOL2020 pour mesure du vent (energie renouvelable/eolienne/solaire). Anemometres/girouettes. Installation mâts de mesure treillis et tubulaire. Acquisicíon dados/Medicion vento. Conectividade como sistema SCADA. Versi n espec fica para Performance Test. Erneuerbaren Energien. Meteorologische Messeinrichtunge...

Kiss High-Output Wind Generators

KMI China

KMI Group is a worldwide leading provider of slew drives that are used in variety of industries, most notable for solar generating systems utilizing technology of Photovoltaic (PV) or Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Generating Systems in which the Group's specialties are used as key device for solar tracking or heliostat system of Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV), Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) or Concentrating Photovoltaic and Thermal (CP&T) systems.

Kronos Energy Solutions

Kronos Energy Solutions offers technology that's good for people and planet. We produce truck fairings that improve aerodynamics, reducing diesel use and saving truckers money. We also manufacture vertical axis wind turbines for residential, agricultural and marine applications. In the Memphis area, we provide water-jet part cutting for industrial and creative applications.

K S T Windengineering India,

KingSolar Inc.

Kragten Design

Krishna Steel Industries


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