Water Pump Export Businesses in Turkey

Abina Foreign Trade Co. Ltd. - ALPAY IC VE DIS TIC. LTD. STI. - GURAK ARITIM VE POMPA SAN AS - MAS-DAF Makina Sanayi A. S. - Nur Dalgic & Elektrik - Sumak Submersible Pump Co - MveN AquaMas -

Abina Foreign Trade Co. Ltd.

We are agricultural products manufacturing and selling firm which called ABINA Foreign Trade, in Konya / TURKEY. We (ABINA Foreign Trade) produce and sell high quality product serial and order request according to international norms as TSE, EN, DIN and ISO Quality Management System. Main production and sell activities are;HDPE Sprinkler and Drip Irrigation Pipes and fittings, U-PVC Well Casing Screen Pipes and fittings, U-PVC Column Pipes and fittings Modular Water Tanks, Solar Energy Systems, Tunnelling Machine, Automatic Potato Planting and Harvester Machines, Fertilizer Spreader & Hoe Machine, Pumpkin and Watermelon Seed- Harvesting Machines, 7, 9, 11 Unit Rolling Chisel Ploughs, 9 Unit Vanvey, Tractors Seating & Shaft



MAS-DAF Makina Sanayi A. S.

As a Pioneer of Turkish Pump Manufacturers, we are a family-run business for last 40 years. We believe in Research & Development. We understand that Longevity and Progress are secured only by consistent and combined efforts of our scientific and field personnel. Production range includes centrifugal pumps for multiple industrial areas such as oil & gas, paper, mining, iron & steel, chemical, agriculture etc. and for general service platforms such as HVAC, marine, wastewater management and firefighting. Our plant in Düzce province of Turkey covers about 30. 000 m2 on a plot of 40 acres. We are about 300 professionals working for the same purpose : making Mas a pump manufacturing leader in the world as it is in Turkey. The company has an exte...

Nur Dalgic & Elektrik

NUR DALGIC & ELEKTRIK was founded in 1978. It has been manufacturing water submersible pumps since 2003. Our products are ISO 9001 certificated and approved by the Turkish Standards Institute. We offer (a)submersible pumps (b) stainless steel submersible pumps (c) submersible motors (d) spare parts or components of submersible pumps and motors. We have been successful in Turkey and in Syria and now we are expanding our operations and exports worldwide.

Sumak Submersible Pump Co

As a SUMAK, we are the manufacturer of water pumps and sumbersible pumps etc. Our company has added great speed into its activities with the awereness of attaching importance to quality and it has been moving on its way with confident steps by obtaining certificates like TSE, CE, K-Q, ISO-EN 9000 together with its service network and the quality studies performed. SUMAK's goal is to reach the top levels by both inside Turkey and abroad in external market.

MveN AquaMas

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