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Power Shacks, Inc. - Advanced Solar Voltaic Sdn. Bhd. - Aermotor Windmill Co., Inc. - American Wind Power Center - American Windmills - American Windmills - Connexa Energy LLC. - Eastern Counties Pumps Ltd - Ferguson Windmills Company - Gerdes Windmill & Construction - Grissom Windmill Sales and Service - Joe Mescan Windmill - Karshni Intertech Pvt.Ltd - Kcm (pty) Ltd - LoTec Windmill Service - Queensland Windmill and Solar - Solarwellpumps.com - Spads Inc. - SRM Windpower Co., ltd - Suqma Technopro Services - Utah Solar Solutions - Windmill Supplies - Windmill-Parts. com - Adittya Solar Shop - AMERICAN TOWER COMPANY - Aqua Pumps, Inc. - Aqua Water Well Co. - California Windmill & Pump Supply - D @ D Antiques - Dakota Windmill & Supply - DR & P Service - Ecotech Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd. -

Power Shacks, Inc.

Consultation and sales of renewable, sustainable systems for the Agriculture irrigation wind systems

Advanced Solar Voltaic Sdn. Bhd.

Inventors of the Smart, DC concept, PV systems. Save up to 80% energy. Solar panels with 30% more yield per Annum than Crystalline PV, controllers and PV equipment designed and built locally. Electricity for Rural areas, etc. Street lighting and many other systems available. Energy saving appliances. Certified PV Installers and system designers.

Aermotor Windmill Co., Inc.

American Wind Power Center

American Windmills

The Aermotor Expert.

American Windmills

We specialize in the sales and service of the old fashioned water pumping windmills. Aermotor is our specialty, but all windmills are welcome. We are certified windmillers, licensed contractors and no job is too small or too large. Give us a call at 530-644-3008 after 8:00 am Pacific time or e-mail me at

Connexa Energy LLC.

Connexa Energy is a leader in renewable energy solutions. CE is based in San Antonio, TX with branch offices in Houston, TX and Latin America, and distribution facilities in key areas of the US. Connexa is dedicated to bringing the best in solar, wind turbine and hydro turbine technologies to commercial, industrial, government and residential customers across the country and around the world. Connexa Energy is constantly undergoing research and development to provide the latest and best technologies available. CE is also growing to meet project needs in many countries around the world. Check back frequently to learn how Connexa Energy can meet all of your renewable energy needs.

Eastern Counties Pumps Ltd

We are water, pump & irrigation specialists with vast experience in all types of pumps, water treatment systems, irrigation design and installation, well and boreholes drilled or refurbished. Online store facilities and mail order catalogue.

Ferguson Windmills Company

Water pumping windmills suited to rural, domestic, and industrial applications.

Gerdes Windmill & Construction

Gerdes Windmill & Construction, located in McLean, Nebraska, has been in the windmill business for over 20 years and has over 13 years in the bin and irrigation construction business. Specializing in Aermotor windmills, we can install, repair, maintain, rebuild both new and used windmills. Just contasct us for an estimate.

Grissom Windmill Sales and Service

Restoration and Installation of Aermotor, Dempster and collectible water-pumping windmills.

Joe Mescan Windmill

Pond Aeration Windmills. 100% wind power, no electric required. Joe Mescan Windmill # 1 Authorized Distributor in the United States. UPS shipped same day as ordered. American Eagle Windmill Brand. Made in the USA and also electric aerators available. web site: ( 440 ) 236 - 3278

Karshni Intertech Pvt.Ltd

System integrators in renewable energy sector for sheet metal and mechanical parts. This includes complete integration in microhydro, solar & wind energy base projects. Specialising in imported core equipments compatabilities. Large multinational experience. Highest level of performance guarantees. Guaranteed price advantage. European language competance.

Kcm (pty) Ltd

manufacture of KCM windmills

LoTec Windmill Service

Queensland Windmill and Solar

Design and supply solar water pumping systems, either as a kit for self-installation, or with installation as required. Supply windmills and windmill spare parts.


At Solarwellpumps.com we dont just sell and install solar and wind powered water well pumps, we are the experts in solar water pumping. Our pumps are the most reliable in the world featuring a BRUSHLESS type motor (beware of pump motors that have brushes as they wear out and carbon over quickly). In an effort to earn your business, we also offer the lowest prices guaranteed.

Spads Inc.

SRM Windpower Co., ltd

SRM Wind Power Co., Ltd. is a professional wind energy and solar energy manufacturer and exporter, founed in the year 1995, Which is a high-tech enterprise company specialized in the R&D and manufacture of renewable energy product, such as wind power energy(300w-30kw Horizontal axis wind turbine, 500w-5kw Vertical axis wind turbine ), solar power energy, wind&solar hydria power energy.

Suqma Technopro Services

Complete systems for Residential, Commercial Centers, Cottage and Agri industry.

Utah Solar Solutions

Solar energy, wind power electricity and hydro water power systems, your free energy resources for heating, cooling, boilers, generators, renewable batteries, circuit breakers, air conditioning systems, portable power pumps, swimming pool heaters by Utah Solar Solutions

Windmill Supplies

The main focus of Windmill Supplies is providing information on and supplying water pumping equipment that uses sustainable energy for the rural community. On this site you will find technical performance information on the various forms of equipment featured that will assist you in determining your pumping requirements. Over time a greater range of equipment will be featured on this site with a special emphasis on Windmill Parts for Windmills commonly used in Australia.

Windmill-Parts. com

New, used, & remanufactured windmills, windmill parts, towers, well cylinders, pumps, leathers, well accessories

Adittya Solar Shop


Aqua Pumps, Inc.

Aqua Water Well Co.

California Windmill & Pump Supply

D @ D Antiques

Dakota Windmill & Supply

DR & P Service

Ecotech Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd.

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