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Business Names Starting with S

Solar Converters Inc. - S'orun D'ina Naija Solar Systems - Satec Ltd - Schuebel's Heating & Air Conditioning - SDE Energy Ltd. - SFP Tanks - Shenzhen J&D Electrical Co, Ltd. - Shine Dew water equipment Co., Ltd - Siam Green Power International Co., Ltd. (SiamGPI) - Simple H2o - Sin-Can Inc. - SJE-Suntech, Inc - Smart Energy - So~Safe Products LLC - SolAqua Inc - Solar Innovations - Solar Solutions LLC - Solatech Global Energy - Solco Ltd - Solimpeks Solar Energy Systems Co. - Spads Inc. - Sunfor Technologies (PTY) Ltd - Sunshine Maritime Ltd - SunStar Solutions - Systems and Technology - SeeckContactResearch - Self-Contained Solutions - Shenzhen Angel Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd. - Shenzhen J&D Electrical Co., Ltd - Simple Solar Systems - Sistemas Interactivos Ltd. - SOLAR ADVICE -

Solar Converters Inc.

S'orun D'ina Naija Solar Systems

S'orun D'ina Naija Solar Systems is a solar design/installation business in Lagos. Still relying on government electricity? We can design and sell you enough power to be self sufficient. If we don't stock what you need, we will get it for you. We also entertain hire/purchase deals and installment payments.

Satec Ltd

The very nature of our works, cleaning water, is well established in the environmental industry and includes the design, manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning, maintenance and the provision of spare parts for all aspects of water, wastewater and process treatment plants. Project experience includes working in the drinking water, industrial waste, pharmaceutical, process water, sewage treatment, sludge treatment and soft drinks industries on sites throughout the World. Along with two offices in the U. K. we have subsidiary companies in Italy and Nigeria and are also represented in India, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Uganda and the USA.

Schuebel's Heating & Air Conditioning

SDE Energy Ltd.

S. D. E has developed a unique and revolutionary technology for producing electricity from sea waves. WERPO was erected in 2014 in connection with SDE Ltd, in order to take on a public company shell in the NYC OTC market (stock name BBRD). WERPO currently holds all the rights for SDE's technology, property, IP's (patents and so on), contracts and subsidiaries. WERPO builds and markets power plants generating electricity from sea waves around the world. WERPO'S technology is highly competitive due the low cost of electricity production, as well as the system's durability and relatively simple implementation process. WERPO's technology, initially developed under SDE Ltd., is based on the utilization of sea waves to yield hydraulic pressure th...

SFP Tanks

SFP Tanks is a proud agent for AQUADAM Manufacturing in Kwazulu Natal. We supply a wide range of Engineered designed water storage solutions and water tanks, dams and reservoirs to satisfy your needs. Primary business: Supply and Installation of Water Retaining Structures. Services:Reinforced Concrete Reservoirs; Modular Steel Panel Reservoirs; Gunite Dams; Pre-Stressed Reservoirs; Mesh Reservoirs.

Shenzhen J&D Electrical Co, Ltd.

Our company is a leading manufacturer and exporter in China dealing in water dispenser(including porcelain),water purifier (including reverse osmosis device),water treatment,warmer and cooler boxes. Our operations include 14 processing factories, 15 assembly line and 10 R&D departments.Our factory has obtained ISO9002 certificate.Some of our products have won CE and UL certificate.

Shine Dew water equipment Co., Ltd

Shine Dew Water Equipment Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of drinking water treatment equipment, auto bottling machines, labeling machines and other auxiliary equipment, with more than 10 years of experience in China. We can provide machines and services as below:1. Reverse osmosis water purification equipment2. Ultra filtration systems for mineral water and spring water3. Auto water filling machines for 3/5 gallon bucket and small bottle (0. 35-1. 5L)4. Packaging machines, like labeling machines and date printing machines5. Bottle blowing machines for small PET bottles6. Make budget for customers; building water treatment factories as per clients' request7. Factory layout design, machine installation and adjustment and operation te...

Siam Green Power International Co., Ltd. (SiamGPI)

Work, Thailand, Laos, Birma

Simple H2o

Supplier of the worlds best water purification products. Reverse osmosis systems, water conditioners and softeners, UV filtration systems and commercial water systems.

Sin-Can Inc.

Welcome ... to the world of filtration, ultrafiltration, water purification, microtesting, air monitoring, pumps and bulk solids transfer. Please visit our website to learn how you can put our technologies, equipment, and expertise to serve your company or personal needs. Recent Technologies High Pressure Air Filters Š economical, low differential pressure, high flow and dirt holding capacity filters. Aluminium housings with operating pressure of up to 6090 psig and 3µ, 1µ, 0.01µ cartridges with efficiency up to 99.9999%. Quattroflow Š powerful diaphragm pumps suitable for exact dosing. Feature no particle shedding and almost no pulsation. Designed primarily for various biotech and pharmaceutical applications. Flow capacity up to 17.6 G...

SJE-Suntech, Inc

The H2O-EC line of Electro-chemical Water processors give you all the benefits of softened water without the use of salt or chemicals. Our processors are an installed âÛÖinlineâÛ™ with your waterline. H2O-EC processors are electronically charged chemically altering the solids, in your water, that make it hard. H2O-EC processors feature no moving parts so there is no maintenance. H2O-EC processors require no salt or chemicals so there is no heavy lifting or service contracts. H2O -EC processors come in a variety of sizes to suit any size installation from a small house to a large scale municipality. There are no magnets employed in our system.

Smart Energy

Bali Base Suppliers and consultants for Water Filtration Systems and Softeners Solar hot water systems, , Smart Bioniser chem free swimming pool systems, 3m drinking water systems, Smart pure house silver water systems, Marine and Domestic desalination, . RCI technologies fuel filter and purifier, sole Distributor Indonesia, Hydrosmart water descaler and water softener and much more

So~Safe Products LLC

Manufacturers of leading water treatment and filtration equipments in more than 62 countries around the world.

SolAqua Inc

Solar distillation systems (stills) and do it yourself plans and kits. Solar water purification through distillation removes salts, heavy metals and destroys bacteria using only solar energy. Irradiance sensors for measureing W/m2 of solar power

Solar Innovations

Solar Solutions LLC

Solatech Global Energy

Solatech Global Energy offers Innovative energy reducing products to substantially reduce energy consumption. Our products provide an unmatchable ROI while making a significant impact on your bottom line as well as your carbon footprint. We can shut your lights off for 10. 5 hrs a day and heat water at a 96% efficiency rating. Our US made Atmospheric Water generator can produce pure drinking water from Air with no water connections and very little electricity. contact Solatech Global Energy and let us help you "go green".

Solco Ltd

Solco provides solar powered pumping, solar hot water systems, solar grid feed, solar energy, and water purification technologies. Full service and support on all Solco provides, including supply, installation and post-sales support.

Solimpeks Solar Energy Systems Co.

Solimpeks Solar Energy Corp., is a high quality solar thermal, hybrid collector and boiler manufacturer with the three generations of experience, holding 18 certificates of quality such as Solarkeymark, SP, SRCC, FSEC, Sei, ISFH, Inta, ISO 9001:2000, Cener, TÜV Cert etc. Solimpeks is a leading producermanufacturer with over 50 types of collectors and presently exporting to 60 countries.

Spads Inc.

Sunfor Technologies (PTY) Ltd

We are LED & Solar led lighting and Solar Power suppliers, designers and installers with an extensive network of agents and suppliers who specialize in all lighting within the related fields. We will never compromise on qaulity and the levels of service you would expect. we have a broad portfolio of reputable suppliers and we export to all of africa and the middle east.

Sunshine Maritime Ltd

Distributors,and retailers of water filtration and purification systems. Diesel Fuel and Bio-Diesel puification systems and fuel tank cleaning machines.

SunStar Solutions

SunStar Solutions specializes in solar home products! Affordable & Energy Efficient passive solar home designs which INCLUDE solar electric PV systems systems, solar water distillers, solar hot water heating system for all domestic hot water and home heating with standard furnace back-up, $5 How-To booklets. More....

Systems and Technology

Systems and Technology is a supplier of engineering equipment that serves a wide range of industries all over Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East. SAT is the sole distributor for Serfilco Ltd., which has been manufacturing and supplying quality equipment for fluid handling and surface finishing applications and industries for over 40 years. We meet the need for high quality equipment for a variety of industries, including metal finishing, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and water and waste water treatment. In addition to sales of equipment, we are particularly proud of our highly qualified staff. SAT works with several technical applications experts in the areas of electroplating, metal finishing, chemical processi...


Self-Contained Solutions

Shenzhen Angel Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Angel is a long-established manufacturer and supplier of automatic bottling machines and reverse-osmosis (RO) water purification systems with a range to suit small water stores or larger water bottling factories. Shenzhen Angel is one of the most widely recognised and respected names in China, and for good reason. Based on a strong network of 20 factories with a multi-million dollar turnover 'Angel' has become a respected name worldwide, renowned for quality, value and service. Our sister company, Angel Water Coolers manufactures home water coolers, office water coolers and water purifiers

Shenzhen J&D Electrical Co., Ltd

Simple Solar Systems

Sistemas Interactivos Ltd.


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