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Your Source for Renewable Energy News! Get the latest renewable energy news from over 4000 news sources worldwide. We search the Internet for the latest solar energy news, wind energy news, photovoltaic news, alternative energy news, hydro energy news, geothermal energy news and renewable energy news. For the latest renewable energy news click on the Today's Renewable Energy News link below.

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March 24, 2012

New York City Has Wind, Solar Power Plans for Old Dump Site   March 24, 2012
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Touts Benefit's of Green Energy Technology At ...
The Star-Ledger   March 24, 2012
Awc Solar Project Garners National Award
Yuma Sun   March 24, 2012
Economic Groups Support Xcel's Bid to Limit Programs in Boulder
Daily Camera   March 24, 2012
Chevron Sponsors Green Technology At Cleantech Open, Invests in ...
VentureBeat   March 24, 2012
California to Gain Ev Charging Stations
Sacramento Bee   March 24, 2012
Business and Environmental Leaders Support Governor Brown's ...
Imperial Valley News   March 24, 2012
Evtv Hosts Organize a Second Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention
Hybrid Cars News   March 24, 2012
Hopes of Victory in Fight to Stop Wind Turbines Being Built Next ...
This is Nottingham   March 24, 2012
Murdo Fraser on the Attack Over Wind Farm Policy
Scotland on Sunday   March 24, 2012
Going Green a Hit At Des Moines Schools   March 24, 2012
Walk About Martinez -- Eetawyomi, the Hot Place   March 24, 2012
Omu Won't Cut Crc's Utility Costs
Mason City Globe Gazette   March 24, 2012
Is Mississippi Ready for Solar-ready Homes?
EarthTechling   March 24, 2012
Nuclear Power Undermines Electric Cars' Green Image
USA TODAY   March 24, 2012
Pakistan Should Move for Wind Energy and Solar Power
REVE   March 24, 2012
Will Dalton Blow Himself Away?
Toronto Sun   March 24, 2012
Solar Energy System to be Unveiled At Ghs
Greenwich Time   March 24, 2012
Rising Gas Prices not as Evil as You Might Think
Minneapolis Star Tribune   March 24, 2012
Weekly Skywatcher's Forecast – March 26 to April 1, 2012
Universe Today   March 24, 2012
Cheney Undergoes Heart Transplant   March 24, 2012
Where Did it All Start?
Sunday Leader   March 24, 2012
Power Felt Uses Nanotubes to Generate Power
San Francisco Chronicle   March 24, 2012
Biometric Registration Begins Today - Power, No Problem   March 24, 2012
Weekly News & Stock Watch: Amrn, Imuc, Fcel, Mcd, Ampe, Kerx, Hgsi ...
Market Playground   March 24, 2012
Spaulding Column: Experts Seek Hydrogen Fuel Supplies, Ways to Pay ...
Charleston Post Courier   March 24, 2012
Santorum Will Win Louisiana, Cnn Projects
CNN   March 24, 2012
Whitbread Plc : Solar-the-century!
4-traders   March 24, 2012
Is the German Government Likely to Compromise on Solar Subsidies?
Wall St. Cheat Sheet   March 24, 2012
E. Thomas Mcclanahan | Let the Wind-power Tax Credit Expire
Kansas City Star   March 24, 2012
Poop-powered Rickshaw Puts Zoo's Greatest Resource to Use
io9   March 24, 2012
Desertification and Biodiversity
Groundviews   March 24, 2012
Industry Threatened by Dec. 31 Tax Credit Expiration Date
Osceola Sentinel Tribune   March 24, 2012
Public Fears of Nuclear Power in the Uranium Mining Industry, in ...
Energy Digital (press release)   March 24, 2012
Jaxport Selects Equipment Manufactured by Ati Systems for It's Mass ...
Virtual-Strategy Magazine   March 24, 2012
Kearns Making His Case for Backup Job   March 24, 2012
Freshmen Power Edwardsville Past Conference Rival Collinsville   March 24, 2012
Cost of New Hospital Included in Fiscal Forecast: Marshall
Western Star   March 24, 2012
Sarawak: a Network for Expansion
The Borneo Post   March 24, 2012
Inhofe's 'greatest Hoax' Blockbuster – $4.95 Today Only!   March 24, 2012
Spain to Hike Power Rates, Cut Subsidies-reports
Reuters   March 24, 2012
Valley Ymca Facilities in Solar Power Partnership
Ahwatukee Foothills News   March 24, 2012
Germany's Fraunhofer Ise Demonstrates the Benefit's of a Solar ...
Hydrogen Fuel News   March 24, 2012
Solar Power Becomes California School District's Main Power
EarthTechling   March 24, 2012
Mirrors in Space for Low-cost Terrestrial Solar Electric Power At ...
Next Big Future   March 24, 2012
One Year After Fukushima: is Nuclear Power Phase-out a Feasible ...
Center for Research on Globalization   March 24, 2012
Energy, Clean Technology Career Opportunities Panel Lines Up All ... (press release)   March 24, 2012
Obama: Pass Transportation Bill
Las Vegas Sun   March 24, 2012
Liquid-like Materials May Pave Way for New Thermoelectric Devices
RedOrbit   March 24, 2012
Enterpoint Offers Fpga Card for Desktop, Mobile Hpc
HPCwire   March 24, 2012
Korea's Atomic Power Industry Faces Challenge
AsiaOne   March 24, 2012
Power Bills Could Increase to Cover New Smart Meter System
Waterloo Record   March 24, 2012
Panama's Indigenous Ngäbes Protest Hydroelectric Green Energy Projects
PolicyMic   March 24, 2012
Ontario Being Led Down Green Garden Path – Vic Fedeli
Net Newsledger   March 24, 2012
Voith Siemens Hydro Power Generation Gmbh & Co Kg Receives Patent ...
Power Engineering Magazine   March 24, 2012
Npr on Electric Cars
Off-Grid   March 24, 2012
Let the Wind-power Tax Credit Expire
Kansas City Star   March 24, 2012
Introducing Long Neck Shores Delaware
WebWire (press release)   March 24, 2012
Dominica Seeks Millions for Climate Change Strategy
Reuters AlertNet   March 24, 2012
Blackout Cripples Zamboanga City Airport
Philippine Star   March 24, 2012
Montana Economy Could Boom
KULR-TV   March 24, 2012
Solar Panels Replace Robots on Campus
The Hindu   March 24, 2012
This is the Church, This is the Steeple, This is the Solar Panel
EarthTechling   March 24, 2012
Berea's Wind Turbine Ready for It's Spinning Class
Plain Dealer   March 24, 2012
Mit Study Indicates that the U.S. Can Store a Century of Carbon ...
Hydrogen Fuel News   March 24, 2012
Pa Delegation in Cairo for Gaza Fuel Talks
Ma'an News Agency   March 24, 2012
Danish Government to Launch Hydrogen Infrastructure Program ...
Democratic Underground   March 24, 2012
How Homegrown Charcoal May Get Your Garden Through a Drought
WAMU   March 24, 2012
Vega Biofuels Completes Interim Funding Package
Energy Digital (press release)   March 24, 2012
St. Marys Paper Union in Talks to Save Members' Benefits   March 24, 2012
Cover Crops a Good Step Toward Soil and Livestock Health
High Plains Journal   March 24, 2012
Gardeners: More Heat Makes Better Biochar
Futurity: Research News   March 24, 2012
Biomass Industry Sets Out to Meet Ny Needs
WNYT   March 24, 2012
Enbridge Buys First Solar Farm   March 24, 2012
Build Group Breaks Ground on Solar Carport Project At Veteran's ...
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)   March 24, 2012
Gamlingay Eco Hub Official Opening
AboutMyArea   March 24, 2012
Esa Renewables Receives Approval on Feasibility Study for 20MW ...
Energy Digital (press release)   March 24, 2012
High-tech Resources to Debut At Army's New Laboratory
Energy Digital   March 24, 2012
Rep. Louise Slaughter Talks About "stock Act"
News 10NBC   March 24, 2012
Embryonic Stem Cells Shift Metabolism in Cancer-like Way Upon ...
Science Daily (press release)   March 24, 2012
Mainstream Media Forgot Climate Change Craze
RT   March 24, 2012
Warmer Planet Means More Severe Storms
New Zealand Herald   March 24, 2012
Global Warming Critic: Obama Internet Birth Certificate 'fabricated   March 24, 2012
Solar Forcing, CO2 Forcing & Global Warming
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)   March 24, 2012
Salamon Group, Inc. (slmu) to Partner with Daystar Technologies ...
Energy Digital (press release)   March 24, 2012
Innovente Announces It's Quarterly Results
Energy Digital (press release)   March 24, 2012
Trina Brings Photovoltaic Solar Energy and Life to Haiti
REVE   March 24, 2012
The Cost of Wind Power is Coming Down
REVE   March 24, 2012
Power Minister to Cut Costs
Sunday Leader   March 24, 2012
Power Surge Ignites the Banking War
BusinessLIVE   March 24, 2012
Judge Hears Arguments Over Hammond Wind Turbine Law   March 24, 2012
Construction on Dte Energy Turbines to Begin in April
Port Huron Times Herald   March 24, 2012
Wind Turbine Debate Rumbles on
Berwick Today   March 24, 2012
Solar Flares Threaten the World's Power Grids, and Common Sense ...
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)   March 24, 2012
Ontario's 'sunshine List' Grows by 10%   March 24, 2012
Tom Murphy Interview: Resource Depletion is a Bigger Threat Than ...   March 24, 2012
Can Byd Build It's American Dream in Los Angeles?
Neon Tommy   March 24, 2012
First Drive in the Electric Vw Egolf
CNET   March 24, 2012
Charging Ahead: Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens Gets New Electric ...
The Daily Sound   March 24, 2012
Lights Out for Earth Hour At Caesars Entertainment
Atlantic City Weekly (blog)   March 24, 2012
Smart Grid Jail Can Create It's Own Power
Windpower Engineering (press release)   March 24, 2012
Puc Denies Idaho Power Request, Allows Small-scale Contract Changes
Twin Falls Times-News   March 24, 2012
Power Station Workers Told Plant Plans to Shut This Year
Cogeneration & On-Site Power Production Magazine   March 24, 2012
Farm Renewable Energy Boost
Power Engineering Magazine   March 24, 2012
Siemens Sees Renewable Energy Unit Back in Black
Reuters Africa   March 24, 2012
Dominion Power Makes Play for Offshore Dominance
The Virginian-Pilot   March 24, 2012
New Wind Power Guidelines Aimed At Saving Birds
Leader-Telegram   March 24, 2012
Work on Africa's Biggest Wind Farm in Kenya to Begin
AFP   March 24, 2012
Wind Farm Regulations from Obama Administration Aim to Lower Bird ...
Huffington Post   March 24, 2012
International Conference on Alternative Energy Kicks Off Monday
Petra News Agency   March 24, 2012
9% of Bulgarian Firms Use Renewable Energy, Report Says   March 24, 2012
Staten Island's Old Landfill to be Home to New Alternative Energy ...
Hydrogen Fuel News   March 24, 2012
Tensions with the Middle East Spark a Bright Future for ...
Hydrogen Fuel News   March 24, 2012
The Eagle's Eye: 10 Ways to Prevent Global Warming   March 24, 2012
Global Warming Could Pose Threat to Fur Seals in Antarctica
Summit County Citizens Voice   March 24, 2012
The Eagle's Eye: Polar Bears—animals Who Suffer from Global Warming   March 24, 2012
Gop's Claims About Obama Puzzle Environmentalists   March 24, 2012
Heavy Infrastructure Construction in the US Industry Market ...
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)   March 24, 2012
Rosendin Electric Receives Photovoltaic Project of Distinction ...
Environmental Expert (press release)   March 24, 2012
Richardsville School Deserved Ribbon Award
Bowling Green Daily News   March 24, 2012
Obama's Energy Trip to the Silver State Nothing More Than a ...
Las Vegas TSG   March 24, 2012
Three-home Community Offers Hill Country Setting in Westlake Area
Austin American-Statesman   March 24, 2012
Menendez Calls for End to Subsidies for Big Oil   March 24, 2012
Wind Energy in Chile: Approved a Wind Farm of Ibereolica
REVE   March 24, 2012
Rep. Slaughter All Business & No Politics
13WHAM-TV   March 24, 2012
Waste-to-energy Remnant Donated to Uconn
Stamford Advocate   March 24, 2012
Plug Power Expects Offering to Generate $13.6m
Albany Times Union   March 24, 2012
Fukushima 1 Year Later: Nuke Panic Vs. Real Disaster
The Militant   March 24, 2012
Uk is Light Years Behind Europe on Renewable Energy Targets
Click Green   March 24, 2012
Obama Administration Announces $35 Million in New Funding for ...
The Cypress Times   March 24, 2012
Navy's First Alternative Fuel Station Opens
Honolulu Star-Advertiser   March 24, 2012
German Solar Deal Unravels as Government Wants Steep Cuts
Reuters   March 24, 2012
Oil Palm Biomass Center Malaysia Launched
FirstScience   March 24, 2012
New Funding for Biomass Research & Development
Domestic Fuel   March 24, 2012
China World's Wind Power Leader: New Figures
China Daily   March 24, 2012
Wind and Solar Energies Need Backup Power   March 24, 2012
Trade Talk: North Dakota Tops Nation in Non-ag Job Growth
In-Forum   March 24, 2012
Small Amounts of Israeli Fuel Entering Gaza, Only Barely Easing ...
Washington Post   March 24, 2012
Bears on the Move in Power Rankings
ESPN (blog)   March 24, 2012
Smitherman Elephant Herd Grows
Bancroft This Week   March 24, 2012
Wind Energy Update: End of Warranty Requirements for Wind Energy (press release)   March 24, 2012
Airport Claims Wind Turbine Plans Would be 'potentially Dangerous
This is Nottingham   March 24, 2012
Difficult to Survive Sans Kbd: Punjab Forum
Pakistan Observer   March 24, 2012
Campaign Aims to Save Historic Killingworth Houses
New Haven Register   March 24, 2012
Instructor Sees Potential for Biodiesel to Fuel the Future Several ...
The Torch   March 24, 2012
Green Means Go: Nascar Promoting Alternative Fuels, Recycling At ...
San Bernardino Sun   March 24, 2012
Oilsands Consultation Gets Underway
Journal of Commerce   March 24, 2012
Obama is Mistaken About Future of Green Energy
The Tennessean   March 24, 2012
Obama's Long Game on Energy
National Journal   March 24, 2012
Today in America Tv Introduces Renewable Energy Sources Series
PR Web (press release)   March 24, 2012
Trina Brings Energy and Life to Haiti
China Daily   March 24, 2012
Pvwizard.Com - Wattminder Rolls Out Free, New Analytic Tools for ... (press release)   March 24, 2012
Agreement Reached on Electric Vehicle Charging Network in California
Sacramento Bee   March 24, 2012
Electric Car Chargers Coming to New Canaan
The Daily New Canaan   March 24, 2012
Nasdaq Stocks Posting Largest Volume Increases
BusinessWeek   March 24, 2012
New Wind Tower Guidelines Aim to Lower Bird Deaths
The Seattle Times   March 24, 2012
Fuelcell Energy Prices $30 Million Public Offering of Common Stock
Review seeker (press release)   March 24, 2012
Vietnam Agencies Say Dam not Dangerous, Despite Cracks
Thanh Nien Daily   March 24, 2012
Committee to Look Into Hydro Plant Proposals
Power Engineering Magazine   March 24, 2012
Consensus on Vermont-scale Energy
Barre Montpelier Times Argus   March 24, 2012

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